The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 42: A desolate planet

Chapter 42: A desolate planet

Adri couldn’t help but frown, his originally dark face becoming even darker.

He clearly understands Xiaya’s meaning, preserving Saiyan bloodline will mean abandoning the majority of the Saiyan’s similar to a gecko severing its tail for survival and Xiaya mean to abandon the main part of civilization. Giving up on the majority for the minority. Only doing this will let a part of Saiyan’s survive.

But for Adri and others, this kind of decision was very unpleasant as it is contrary to their childhood teachings and their Saiyan spirit couldn’t agree with such an idea.

However, they also have no choice but to admit that Xiaya’s words indeed makes sense. Since, Freiza is a strong enemy, who not only haven’t trusted them from the very beginning but also has the power which causes other to despair.

“Could we only choose to run away? It’s clearly a cowards behavior!” Brook’s face continuously alternated between blue and white.

“No, temporarily avoiding a spearhead is in no way a cowards behavior. On the contrary, acting brave with no strength is what a boorish person do. If you clearly knew that you are going to lose then why do you want to make such an unnecessary sacrifice? Just so as to fulfill the so-called Saiyan Spirit?” Xiaya sneered, “Foolish! The entire Saiyan race’s future is at stake but you want to sacrifice the entire Saiyan race’s future for your righteousness!”

“This kind of righteousness, does it have any significance?”

“No, it doesn’t! Not only it doesn’t have any significance, it is also a very selfish behavior!”

Now is not the time to heroically fight back against the enemy. When you should stand out and fight back against the enemy is when the disparity between both sides, the enemy and us is not especially large. But the disparity between Saiyan’s and Frieza is too big, big enough that Saiyan’s absolutely doesn’t stand a chance. Therefore, in Xiaya’s opinion, insisting on doing what is impossible is foolish!

As he has spare time to do this, he might as well take as many as Saiyan’s along to escape. In any case, let them survive first!

The complexion of the members of Adri Squad suddenly changed. They looked at Xiaya incredulously and found that his little face although immature was glaring at them with a fearless expression, their heart couldn’t help but tremble, and a good while later heavily sighed.

“Fine, maybe your words are reasonable….” Nodding, Adri retreated in defeat. For the sake of Saiyan race’s continuation, he can only betray his own honor.

“Speak your plan!” Both hands wrapped around his chest, Brook inquired about his plan.

Now the scene has become very funny. Several adult Saiyan’s were actually asking for instructions from a young child. But no one was looking at him as a child since he spoke out those words just now.

“Evacuate! Take along several Saiyan’s with good potential and who can be trusted and flee from Planet Vegeta! We will look for a safe place to develop our headquarters. After that, we will slowly plan to make our comeback one day and make Frieza pay the price!”

“But if Frieza can install a tapping device on our energy detector then it’s hard to say if he also hasn’t installed tracking devices on our spaceships. Then where can we flee to?” Alice said with a worried face.

“No need to consider, the spaceship was definitely also rigged! ”

Brook coldly laughed, there is no need to waste too much brain cells to answer this question.

“Ah, and there are also many Aliens on Planet Vegeta….it would be really impossible to escape!” Alice cried, her delicate breasts slightly trembling due to anger.

At present, it can be said that Saiyan’s were currently in a dilemma of internal troubles and outside aggression!

Outside, Frieza can launch an attack on them anytime; And inside, King Vegeta is also in a hurry to launch revolt while the majority of Saiyan’s highly worship Frieza.

Just relying on the several of them to save Saiyan’s is really too difficult….too difficult ah!

“That’s right, Little Ya, how can you know so much? ” Rebecca asked in doubt.

Everyone also recovered their senses.

Yeah, everything Xiaya has said so far may not necessarily be accurate!

“Because I have superpowers!” Lifting his head, Xiaya smiled at them and gave his reason which he had prepared early on.

Superpower, nothing more than this is needed to convince them. In the book of Dragon Ball universe, it also had superpowers and among which there were also many races who had abilities to predict future. Only the efficiency and reliability of prediction is different, that’s all.

“You can predict future?” The member of Adri Squad looked at him with a skeptical face.

“No, I can’t predict future!” Xiaya shook his head and said, ” But I have an Instant Transmission ability and there are many races in the universe which can predict future, I had only gone to look for them and asked! ”

“To be precise, they predicted some scenes of my future and let me know the limited future! ”

Well, this reason is big enough!

The key is who would know whether what he said is nonsense or not. Because no one can verify it!

Moreover, Instant Transmission sounds quite a high-end ability!

“Xiaya is saying the truth!”

At this moment, Xiling who has been eavesdropping while hiding inside the room ran out and stubbornly lifted her head, resolutely standing beside Xiaya.

Xiaya really have a superpower, she had personally experienced it!

As for the matter of Xiaya looking for Aliens who can predict future, since he said so, then he must have done so, this also can explain why he acted like a know-it-all.

“Uncle Adri, do you have any detector here which is not equipped with the tapping device?” Xiaya suddenly asked.

Adri didn’t expect Xiaya to suddenly ask this, he nodded his head and looked towards Rebecca.

Immediately, Rebecca stood up and went to the next-door room and brought out a glass monocle-type energy detector from inside: “This is detector we had recently looked for someone to modify, the wiretapping device on it had already been removed. Little Ya, what do you need it for? ”

“Just like what Xiling said so now, I had accidentally awakened a superpower while carrying out the mission on Planet Selma, and after some development, I can use a type of skill called ‘Instant Transmission’ !”

“Everyone, please hold your hands together and don’t let go no matter what!” Xiaya loudly shouted towards everyone who were in a dumbfounded state.

Although the Adri Squad members were not clear, they still obeyed and held their hands together. Adri held Rebecca’s hand and then Brook, Palladi, Alice, Lise one after another also held hands together. Xiaya also held Xiling’s hand, the eight people formed a circle linking hands.

“I am launching the Instant Transmission. No matter what, don’t let go!”

After finished speaking, Xiaya closed his eyes and started moving the Space Superpower. Huala! A whirlwind appeared from the void, and the smooth space instantly shimmered with a glaring light as if it was adorned with innumerable lamps.



With a thought from Xiaya, Instant Transmission immediately activated and the several people disappeared into thin air from the room.

The next second, on a desolate planet very far-away from Planet Vegeta. An icy whirlwind caressed the earth, tiny granules of yellow sand were swept everywhere fluttering in the sky. Since the planet had experienced the baptism of a strong windstorm just now, it was in the midst of a chaotic disorder.

This is a barren, lifeless planet where strong windstorms can suddenly appear anytime. But what is strange is that even though there was no life on this planet, a thick layer of the atmosphere was wrapped around the planet.

On top of a towering hill.

The fierce winds had battered the ground flat. Since the air temperature was below freezing point, the surface of the ground had turned hard as steel. The rocks had gradually cracked and loosened under the erosion of wind and frost. They only need a slight shock and a large piece of rock will come off, tumbling down the mountain.

A glossy and noiseless ray of light suddenly appeared on top of the hill. And then eight figures appeared in place of the disappearing light.

Alice only felt a bout of dizziness for a brief moment after which she opened her eyes, in which unexpectedly was reflected a blurry scene of a desolation.

“Ah, where are we and how did we suddenly arrived here?”

This was not a familiar scenery to her!

Even more, it was not Planet Vegeta, could it be they have already left Planet Vegeta?

“It is a desolate planet which is at least ten days away from Planet Vegeta.”

Brook observed the surroundings and based on his past experience roughly determined where they were.

This desolate planet which is more than ten-day journey away from Planet Vegeta was a lifeless planet. Although there is air on it, because of nasty conditions it frequently has planet-grade windstorm attacks. So, it doesn’t have much value to Saiyan’s even as a Transfer Station. Therefore, it has been abandoned with no one living on it.

“Is this the Instant Transmission ability, it was able to suddenly bring us here!” Rebecca found it hard to believe.

Just now they were still chatting on Planet Vegeta, and the next second, they appeared on a faraway planet. It must be known that even by riding on a spaceship, it would at least take more than 10 days to fly here. Instant Transmission is unexpectedly such a magical ability!

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