The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 41: Frieza's formidable strength

Chapter 41: Frieza’s formidable strength

“It’s not wrong. Captain Ginyu’s Battle Power is precisely 120000!” Xiaya said with certainty in his voice.

In Namek Saga, Ginyu Force member Jeice has clearly said that Captain Ginyu’s highest Battle Power is 120000! Although this matter would happen twenty-some years later and the current Battle Power may not be so high, it shouldn’t be low by much.

Seeing Xiaya’s confident manner, everyone became silent.

Adri’s complexion suddenly turned gloomy.

If the Captain of Ginyu Force is already so formidable, then how strong would its leader Frieza be?

The weak obey strong, and strong dominate the weak. This is the forever unchanging rule of the universe.

Thus, it is clear that Frieza’s strength is above Captain Ginyu.

The people present were not stupid, so this thought quickly came to their mind. Therefore, they all couldn’t help but shiver, feeling cold on their back while perspiring with cold sweat.

At this time, they weren’t even able to ask him about his source of information, immediately a strange silence filled the living room.

The silence lasted for a while before Adri sighed and said: “Xiaya, how much do you know, say it……”

Nodding his head, Xiaya swept his eyes over everyone and calmly said.

“Frieza is from a very rare race of the universe—–Frost Demons! There are very few members of this race. After they are born, they immediately cover themselves in cold ice until maturity period and only then will defrost. As far as I know, there are only three Frost Demons in the North Area, that is Frieza Family and each of their members are formidable enough to be a hegemon in the universe.”

“Since Frost Demons have too much strength in their body which they couldn’t easily control, they usually have to decrease their Battle Power via body transformation, similar to the Saiyan’s Great Ape Transformation.”

“However, Saiyan’s use Great Ape Transformation to increase Battle Power while Frost Demons use body transformation to suppress their Battle Power.” Xiaya shook his head with a sigh.

What a waste of body transformation ah!

Adri and others revealed a dumbstruck expression.

In the universe, other lifeforms use every possible means to increase their Battle Power and need body transformation ability for transformation in special circumstances. But Frost Demons actually wants to suppress their Battle Power because their strength is too strong. It is simply astonishing.

Looking around at everyone’s expression, Xiaya continued speaking. He knew that his next words would bring a heavy shock to them. But if he didn’t tell them the truth, then because of a Saiyan’s pride, Adri and everyone would certainly not agree to his next plan.

“Altogether, Frieza has three body transformations! After releasing every transformation, his strength will be several times of before. And under Normal State, his Battle Power is 530000!”

“Hold on, just now how much Battle Power did you say Frieza has in Normal State?” Lisa asked in shock.

“I said… Normal State Frieza’s Battle Power is 530000!”


Sounds of inhaling could be heard in the room. No matter whether it was Adri or Brook, all were frightened from the number spoken by Xiaya.

If after hearing of Captain Ginyu’s Battle Power had already caused them to feel powerless to rebel, then now Frieza’s Battle Power has caused them to completely to give up hope.

“Battle Power is 530000 in Normal State and in the first transformation has several times of previous Battle Power. Moreover, he unexpectedly has 3 body transformations! Damn it, how can this guy be so abnormal? Then wouldn’t the whole universe become Frieza’s? ” Lise sighed.

“Get lost, then are you saying that Saiyan’s will have no hope?” His disposition somewhat violent, Palladi who had nowhere to vent his anger glared with wide eyes which were as round as a ball while blue veins appeared on his body, his bones making “ka ka” sound.

Brook’s face also hardened and icily remained silent, not saying a word, presumably he is also not feeling good in his heart.

“This is not the worst yet. In Frieza Clan, Frieza is not the most formidable! His father King Cold and older brother Cooler who dominates the eastern and northern part of North Area are the most formidable. Compared to them Frieza is just a child who has not grown up, although has potential but has not yet matured.”

“He still has a father and older brother?” Alice cried out in alarm.

“Yes, I have heard he really has a father called King Cold and an older brother called Cooler.” Adri was experienced and knowledgeable, as he has really heard of such a rumor when he was captain.

Xiaya nodded his head and spoke: “There is no need to say anything about his father, as even his elder brother Cooler has the ability to transform his body 4 times!”

“So, I think King Vegeta’s rebellion is doomed to fail! And the future of the entire Planet Vegeta is bleak. As for the reason why Frieza hasn’t attacked yet, it may be because he thinks the time is not ripe yet and when he thinks the time is ripe, Saiyan’s will certainly not be able to escape destruction!”

“Ai, what’s to be done then?” Who would have thought that the Saiyan’s who were looking towards a bright future before would suddenly be on the brink of destruction? It was hard to accept for the members of the former Adri Squad.

“So, I am thinking…we must make preparations to evacuate a portion of the Saiyan’s.” After the foreshadowing, Xiaya presented his plan.

Saiyan, this race is very magical. Their bloodline could cause them to become strong after fighting with strong people, continuously surpassing body’s limits. Although not every Saiyan talent has this type of talent, it is already quite rare and precious.

If this kind of bloodline gets destroyed from the universe with the destruction of Planet Vegeta, it would be quite a pity.

Xiaya doesn’t dare to speak about his huge ambitions, but he knew that for a better survival in the universe, he cannot do without establishing a force belonging to himself, and Saiyan’s will precisely be his foundation for future.

“But the question is…since Frieza is so powerful why was he vigilant towards Saiyan?” Alice asked, puzzled.

“Frieza Clan was always afraid of a Golden Super Saiyan appearing among Saiyan. This shows that Super Saiyan is able to fight Frost Demons head on. As they are afraid of Saiyan’s, they want to exterminate!”

“We must preserve Saiyan Bloodline, and cannot let Saiyan’s disappear from the universe.”

Xiaya directly presented his thoughts, after knowing Planet Vegeta’s situation, he already has this plan.

He had already explained everything regarding Frieza. With enemies pressing in front, Xiaya feels Adri and others should be able to understand his words.

Although Saiyan’s are arrogant, even to the point of conceit, after knowing that they have no chance of winning, they certainly will not still foolishly rush ahead to court death….right?

Of course, he still couldn’t rule out the possibility that a person like that also exists.

But these people will obviously not act like that, and Xiaya also doesn’t wish for such stubborn people to join his group.

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