The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 3: Three years

Chapter 3: Three years

In an instant, three months have passed, and Xiaya can finally leave the infant training room.

He was carried out from the training cabin, but Xiaya realized that the person who carried him were not his parents, rather two unfamiliar Saiyan couple.

“Little Xiaya, your parents, were killed during the execution of their mission, and it is up to Aunt Rebecca to take care of you from now on.” An attractive female Saiyan picked up Xiaya and whispered.

Rebecca’s husband, on the other hand, picked up another Saiyan toddler and put her together with Xiaya on a movable bed and then they left the infant training room.

At this time, Rebecca’s husband, Adri said: “Although Brent and they died in battle, as their comrade, we will properly take care of their children and just like that Xiling will also have a companion. In the future when they carry out their mission, we can arrange them to go together.”

“Well, I hope the two little fellows can get along! “Rebecca looked at the two little fellows on the bed with a smile on her face.

“It turned out that my parents died in battle while carrying out their mission and the people who are taking care of me now are their original comrades.” Xiaya silently observed that his parents’ death did not bring him too much sadness. Perhaps as they do not have much relation except blood relation.

Rather, Xiaya feels much more intimate towards the Saiyan couple who adopted him.

I turned around and looked at the other child lying next to me and saw a little toddler biting and sucking her little finger, her pair of small bright eyes were staring at me, unblinking. When she saw someone looking at her, the little kid made a boo hoo sound and released the little finger in her mouth, and brought it to Xiaya’s lips while creating a wu wu noise.

“Hey, you fellow, what are you doing!”

Xiaya swatted away the Saiyan young girl’s fingers, but the little fellow seemed very happy to play and stretched out her hand again.

“Rebecca, look, Xiaya does not like small Xiling. I think they surely will get along well.” Adri laughed and said.


Rebecca looked at the two little fellows joyously, and could not help but smile.

“Where do you see us getting along well?” Xiaya cried in his heart.

Rebecca’s home is located in a bustling area of Planet Vegeta, it is only some distance away from the Imperial City. The people living here are generally from above mid-level warrior’s family. Rebecca and her husband are both High-level warriors, so nearby the most luxurious house is also theirs.

To facilitate the implementation of the mission, members of the same team will not live too far. Xiaya’s original home is also in this area, only a few streets away from the Rebecca couple’s home.

In the last mission, Adri’s team was ambushed by a hostile force while performing a mission on a remote planet. After the war, from Adri’s group of thirteen members, seven died, and four were severely wounded, the team suffered a devastating blow while Xiaya’s parents were among the seven dead.

Adri’s team exists in name only.

So after returning to Planet Vegeta and sending consolation money to the bereaved team-mate’s family, Adri dismissed the team and went to the training camp to find a job as a military instructor. At that time, they found out about the existence of Xiaya, so they took him home together with their daughter Xiling to take care of him.

After coming to Rebecca’s couple’s home, Xiaya’s simple life passed comfortably, which would have been better if he was not followed by a small Saiyan.

Don’t know why, but ever since the first time she saw Xiaya, the small Saiyan named Xiling was like she found an amusing toy. Her total interest was in following behind him, and was reluctant to leave even when eating and sleeping, making Rebecca often say that they are two kindred spirits.

After a little while, Xiaya and Xiling’s time to take part in training finally arrived, so the two went into the training camp under the arrangements of Adri. Apart from the High-level warriors, only naturally endowed Saiyans can have independent training place. All Mid-level warriors will share and use the same area.

Xiaya and Xiling’s latent talent is of a Mid-level warrior, so they were assigned to a training camp.

This training camp has altogether 100 Saiyan’s inside in which all of them are Intermediate latent talent children, and their Battle Power is generally between sixty and seventy. Few children, such as Xiaya, have near 100 Battle Power.

These children will be trained under the guidance of an adult Saiyan. The days in the training camp were tough. After a period of training, Xiaya immediately experienced the gap between Saiyan’s and Earth’s training method.

What training is this, it is to simply get together every day, and besides beating is still beating. That adult Saiyan simply do not know what leniency is, no matter who you are, you will be fiercely beaten. They were basically not focusing on giving guidance.

“This is a Fighting Race training method? If it were not for a Saiyan’s physique being strong, what kind of effect can this kind of training produce.”

Xiaya on the training ground helplessly shook his head. During this time his Battle Power did not improve much, but resisting the beating actually improved his ability a lot.

In his opinion, this kind of training is a complete waste of time, thinking of here Xiaya was somewhat feeling regret. Is the training methods in the universe so much backward? No wonder they could not even use Ki.

It is a pity that it will take another three years for such days to pass, which is merely wasting life for Xiaya, who wholeheartedly wants to become stronger.

There were several times that Xiaya asked Adri if there was any other training method, but Adri looked at him very surprised and replied, “This is the best method for Saiyan’s to grow. Many of the lifeforms in the universe grew up through such training.”

It made Xiaya very speechless for a moment.

From this, Xiaya was at last able to see the gap between a Saiyan’s and Earthlings training. The Saiyan’s training method was very clumsy and in a very primitive and uncivilized state. However, this training method is currently the most popular method in the universe.

In contrast, Earthlings training method can be called a religious practice ah.

Strong grind the claws, while the weak fight with wisdom.

Earthlings training method was created due to the long years of struggle in lower-level planets, and their high-level wisdom in training, which is not the same as the people of the universe at the beginning. So, it is no wonder that the vast majority of people in the universe cannot use Ki.

In desperation, Xiaya can only fumble around by himself based on the past experience of watching Dragon Ball animation. He tied a heavy load on his hands, as he does not know any other profound method.

Fortunately, there is ten times gravity on Planet Vegeta, so the effect was immediate, and very soon he exceeded his other Mid-level Warrior contemporaries.

And Little Xiling who was Xiaya’s shadow, saw that he tied a bag on his body, felt it amusing, so she also tied a few on herself, but suddenly she couldn’t even walk, so Xiling’s tear-filled eyes glared with a dissatisfied face at Xiaya.

Towards this Xiaya indicated that this is really not his fault!

Finally, after enduring training for three years, he was close to a one-meter height at the age of nearly 4-years-old. His Battle Power also had a breakthrough to 410 points, which was particularly prominent, as generally, it is only 200 for Mid-level Warriors in a training camp.

It should be known that the Battle Power of 410 compared to Sun Goku in original work when he participated in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and defeated Piccolo is much higher, and right now Xiaya is only less than four years old.

This is due to his Mid-level warrior’s latent talent, of course, Xiaya’s great efforts are inseparable too.

And following Xiaya is Xiling whose Battle Power of 370, similarly exceeds a large number of her peers. The achievements of the two people compared to an average High-level warrior have been excellent.

After the end of three years period, Xiaya and Xiling also received their mission. Under the Adri’s administration, Xiaya and Xiling’s mission was arranged together.

The goal was to locate a remote planet called Planet Selma in the southern part of Northern Milky Way star field.

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