The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 2: To Get Strong

Chapter 2: To Get Strong

For the next month or so, Xiaya peacefully stayed in the infant’s training cabin and grew up little by little under the care of training cabin’s nurse, healthy and strong.

Although the Saiyan’s natural disposition is indifferent, their care for newborn children is excellent.

These training cabins are all based on the latest technology of Dada Star, which not only has soft as silk mattresses, lukewarm and comfortable growing environment but also regularly provides young children with special treatment of large doses of nutrient solution to ensure that children grow up even faster and better.

A month later, Xiaya stared at the front of the transparent display, the data shown above shows that his Battle Power has reached 95, compared with a month ago his Battle Power increased by 6. Although this little data is not much, it’s pretty good for a newborn Saiyan infant.

Xiaya knows that his latent talent is excellent among mid-level warriors and, although not as good as a high-level warrior whose exceeds 100 at birth. However, it is pretty good for all new-born babies.

There are almost 10,000 Saiyan children born on Planet Vegeta every year. Only a very small percentage of the high-level warriors are part of these children, not even one hundred in number, and the vast majority of the remaining are low-level warriors and a small number of mid-level warriors.

These low-level warriors will be sent to some lower-level planets to perform missions when the incubation period ends, while mid-level warriors will stay in Planet Vegeta for three years and receive training before they are sent to complete missions.

As for the high-level warriors, they are Planet Vegeta’s prominent and treasured like existence who will receive the best training and best care of Planet Vegeta until they become the best warriors of the Saiyan.

Speaking cruelly, but the Saiyans treat their next generation precisely like this. After the incubation period, the Saiyans hierarchy is highlighted plainly; high-level warriors receive the best care, low-level soldiers are sent out for life and death struggle until enough strength is available to return to Vegeta.

The Saiyan’s are the most brutal for the survival of the fittest; they are an innate Fighting Race, they do not need the weak, only strong can have a place in Planet Vegeta.

During this month, Xiaya also met his parents, a very typical pair of Saiyan couple. The law of the jungle penetrates deep into their bone marrow, so they quickly went out to perform missions after hurriedly seeing Xiaya.

Xiaya just quietly watched, and quietly closed his eyes after his parents left.

However, Xiaya accidentally saw Bardock at that time.

At this time Bardock is still very young, probably less than twenty-years-old, he came along with his comrades to visit his comrade’s newborn children.

Bardock is still very young, which means that there is still quite a long time before Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, at least ten years or more, enough for him to grow slowly and then leave Planet Vegeta.

This discovery made Xiaya ecstatic.

“Heh heh, at least ten years away from the destruction of Planet Vegeta, enough time for me to grow into a powerful warrior.” Xiaya’s immature little face showed a happy smile, his eyes flashing with a confident light.

“Next, I will be training on Planet Vegeta for three years, and then I will be sent to some remote planet to perform a mission. I may be able to take advantage of this opportunity to run to Earth secretly.” Xiaya secretly thought in his heart. However, Xiaya immediately shook his head and rejected the immediate plan to travel to Earth.

Because it is too early to go to Earth now, he will prepare for a few more years and wait for his body to grow up a little.

More importantly, each of the Saiyan spacecraft has a positioning system, and he fears that going to Earth now will shift Frieza’s attention ahead of schedule and increase the risk of exposure to Earth.

Since he came to the world of Dragon Ball, and also very luckily became a Saiyan, Xiaya has not planned to contently settle in a corner, leading a life of mediocrity, and then like a typical Saiyan die along with Planet Vegeta under Frieza’s underlings.

He wants to be a strong man, a strong man who holds his destiny in his hands.

Frieza, Androids, Majin Buu, all of them will be his stepping stone, the stone which he must kick off from his path of success, and he will surpass the original, becoming more powerful than Son Goku and Vegeta.

At the moment, Xiaya needs careful planning, so that his growth can be continued more steady and smooth.

Among the Saiyans, those born with a Battle Power below 30 belong to the low-level warriors, those between 30 and 100 belong to the mid-level warriors, and over 100 are the high-level warriors.

To a large extent, A Saiyan born is limited by a significant degree for what they can achieve in the future. After the low-level warriors grow, their Battle Power is generally below 2000, while mid-level warriors are between 2000 and 5000, and only high-level warriors can achieve or exceed Battle Power of 5000.

Therefore, the high-level warriors are particularly honored among the Saiyan people. They are prominent people of the entire Saiyan family and are the highest combatant of the Saiyan people.

Currently, there are no more than 20 warriors whose Battle Power exceeds 10,000 in Planet Vegeta, and none of them are exceptionally outstanding among the Saiyans.

Xiaya does not deny the importance of latent talent, excellent latent talent can make training more efficient by getting twice the result with half the effort, under the same great effort people with good latent talent will get several times the harvest compared to people with inferior latent talent! If you do not have the right guidance and thoroughly strive with your primitive instincts, it will be the biggest shackle on the road to becoming strong; a person with good latent talent certainly has to be better than a person with poor latent talent.

But similarly, he also understands that latent talent is by no means the only criteria of a person’s future success, especially the Saiyans.

There are many examples of this.

Son Goku’s father, Bardock, is a low-level warrior, but the Battle Power shown at the time of the destruction of the Planet Vegeta far outweighs that of other high-level warriors, which are the achievements Bardock got by continuously breaking his body’s limits through years of fighting.

There is also Son Goku, a small, low-level warrior, but able to exceed his limits again and again, and even became one of the strongest people in the whole universe.

Is this just a matter of latent talent?

No, latent talent may be able to measure the achievements of an average person, but not a decisive factor, which only plays a crucial role in the growth environment.

Why can Son Goku time and again break his limits, the Saiyan blood certainly played a specific role in this, but in the universe, Saiyan blood does not outstrip everything. Before Son Goku, Saiyans were called a Fighting Race, and can be regarded as a one of the top-class warriors. But, I am afraid that even if Frieza didn’t raise his hands, Captain Ginyu’s team alone was enough to destroy the entire Saiyan clan.

It could not be said that by having the Saiyan blood you can dominate the universe. As by relying on concrete details, Xiaya thinks that training methods of earthlings are very advanced, and compared to the crude and mad energy attacks of the majority of races in the universe, the earth’s training methods are more restrained, and more suitable for training of the strong.

Saiyan blood plus Earth’s training method may be a more suitable method and prepares well for continuing to exceed the limits.

“After the body has fully grown up, I have to find an opportunity to go to earth to learn the training method.”

Thinking of that, Xiaya gradually went to sleep.

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