The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 24: Master Mutaito

Chapter 24: Master Mutaito

Daytime, a towering blue mountain stood erect in the middle of a beautiful island, surrounded by a densely congregated range of small mountains.

The island was a modern city where sea breeze had the characteristics of sea’s humidity.

The blue and clean sea joined with the sky, revealing the scenery of shining ripples and crystalline water and sky merging. Here, you can see the blue sea and blue sky and can listen to the sounds of pounding of seawater.

The peach blossoms were blooming on the bluestone path, and the bright red petals were just like a beautiful girl’s smile, giving a fragrant and serene aura.

Walking on this tranquil and beautiful path, Xiling couldn’t help but smile from happiness, and she yelled at the person beside her: “Look, how beautiful this scenery is. Should we make a house here? In the future, whenever we complete our mission we can come and live here for some time!

The reason why she loved this place so much, is mostly because of earth’s food and the attraction of scenery before her.

“Hehe, then we must make a house here!”

Xiaya spread out his hand, resembling her happy mood. Since Xiling had grown up, she had stopped listening to him. After coming out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, she had not even called him brother since then and was just calling his name.

Oh, children became more and more independent after growing up, sighed Xiaya ruefully.

Standing at the top of the mountain while overlooking the entire island, he suddenly found it familiar as if he had seen it somewhere before.

However, as he came to Earth for the first time, then he must have seen it somewhere in the original work if he found it familiar. Xiaya found a bookstore to buy the map of the island city and finally found the relevant information about it.

“Isn’t this the island where Son Goku followed Master Roshi for training!” Xiaya was surprised.

To say, but this island is actually just a peninsula, where a part of the region is connected to the mainland.

There are not many famous islands in the original work; the first is where the residence of Master Roshi, Kame House is, the second island is where after Son Goku and Krillin became Master Roshi’s disciple they had to train by plowing the field and deliver milk every day, and the third and fourth are respectively the Papua Island where the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament was held, and the Southern Land island where the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament was held, and the South City island where later Androids appeared.

“If this is the island where Son Goku and the team will train in the future, then wouldn’t Kame House be nearby? Such a coincidence ah!”

Xiaya’s mouth inadvertently smiled, he did not think that he would randomly arrive at the island where Master Roshi lives, but he has no intention to go and disturb Master Roshi.

The purpose of his trip to earth has basically been accomplished. He has already gotten many Senzu Beans and training methods, so there is no need to go and meet Master Roshi. And secondly, even if he saw Master Roshi, it will not bring him any benefit as his strength is weak, so he simply ignored him.

Then next, to meet Xiling’s demands, Xiaya cut open a piece of land on the mountainside on the island and used wood to make a simple and small wooden house.

The rising sun was shining brightly.

The warmth of the sun gently sprinkled on the bluestone pathway, grass leaves, and the surging fog, reflecting a multi-colored beautiful scenery. The bright red peach blossoms resembling a girl’s smile caused the entire island to radiate with a charming luster.

On the emerald green smooth mountaintop, a modified bluestone path meandered down the mountain. A stream flowed out from a rock on the mountaintop, and after filtering through the water plants on both sides it converged into a clear flowing stream.

“Ah, I have not come to earth for so many years, did not think that today’s technology has developed so much.”

In the middle of the mountain slope, under a sunshade, a rock bench was placed on which sat a silver-haired and white-mustached old man who wore white martial arts clothes, looking down the mountain with a smiling face at the scene of vibrant life.

In the upper left corner of his white martial arts clothes, there was a red “武” character.

However, what was strange was that on the white-haired man’s head, floated a golden halo, which is the halo of the deceased. This halo shows that the old man is actually a soul from the underworld.

Underworld, it is a very magical place.

It is linked to heaven, hell, and there is also a magical Snake Way connected to the World King Planet in the higher dimension.

The souls who come to the underworld, no matter how strong and illustrious it has been before death after death has to pass through the judgment of King of Hell. And after passing through the King of Hell’s judgment, those who are good will have the opportunity to go to heaven, and the wicked will be driven to hell, and those who are neither good nor evil will be reincarnated immediately.

Only a person who possesses great merit in its life or a person of high moral character will have a halo and have the qualifications to ascend to heaven.

The identity of the silver-haired old man is very extraordinary. He was the greatest martial arts teacher of the entire world, Master Mutaito who defeated and sealed King Piccolo 300 years ago and is the master of Master Roshi and Master Shen.

Three hundred years ago, Master Mutaito had sealed the Great Devil King and afterward, died from exhausting his strength. Originally with his merits, he could have directly ascended to heaven, but he finally chose to stay in the Underworld, and today is the day Master Mutaito has returned to earth, after which he will go for reincarnation.

After returning to earth, Master Mutaito did not go to see his two disciples, Master Roshi and Master Shen, but rather was quietly wandering by himself in various cities, and had unwittingly come to this coastal island city.

Master Mutaito’s heart was full of joy after looking at the peace and prosperity of earth after three hundred years. He was even more relieved to know that his two disciples have opened up their own school and had become great martial arts experts.

At this time, two figures on the mountain path on the other side caught his attention, a boy, and girl, two young children.

From their body, Master Mutaito felt a blood-stirring aura.

“Two little friends, I do not know who is your master and from which school you two are that you have such skills at a young age?

Following the sound, Xiaya turned around feeling surprised and saw a silver-haired, white beard old man looking at them with a smile.

“Who is this old man, his body’s Ki is even stronger than Kami!”

Feeling the opposite party’s body emanating a vigorous force, Xiaya couldn’t help but feel startled. The aura was showing that his Battle Power is actually close to 6000. He didn’t think that there was still such an expert on Earth. Seeing a big “Wu” character on top of that person’s martial arts clothes, as well as an illusionary golden halo on his head, Xiaya’s expression suddenly changed, seemingly speculating the identity of the old man.

“Is he Master Roshi’s master Mutaito? Yes, only Master Mutaito could possess such skills on Earth. He probably did not give up on training when in Underworld.” Xiaya was sure.

If a person can achieve great merit before death, then he will have the chance to get a physical body for training after death, but this is after all just for minority. According to Master Mutaito current situation, Xiaya determined that he has a physical body.

“Master Mutaito?”

This time it was Master Mutaito’s turn to be startled, he did not expect that someone could still remember his name. He was somewhat surprised: “Little friend, you know my name?”

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