The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 23: Eating

Chapter 23: Eating

Of course, Kami couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, as only some days had passed and their strength now couldn’t even be compared. Could it be that alien’s talent is so good, just how many days have passed, and their strength has actually improved so fast, frightening ah!

“Haha, it’s all thanks to Mr. Popo’s guidance these days, or we would not have improved so fast.” Xiaya said heartily, and then he looked at Xiling on his side and said: “Oh, and I need Kami to help deal with Xiling’s tail! ”


Seeing that Xiaya mentioned tail, Xiling shifted her gaze to Xiaya’s back and was surprised to find his tail had disappeared somehow.

Xiaya explained: “Kami’s magic is very mystical, just like a switch which would be used to seal the tail. Moreover, according to our current training philosophy, “everything should be simple”, having a tail will instead be a burden, so it is better to seal the tail.”

“Oh!” Xiling blinked her eyes to express understanding, but wouldn’t it hurt to cut the tail?

Xiaya smiled and grabbed her hairy tail, and waved it around for cutting.

It made Xiling slightly wrinkle her brows while looking at her back. Kami then went on to seal Xiling’s tail using the same magic which he used on Xiaya.

Kami was actually very happy to help since he doesn’t have to put much effort into it. Besides, he knows that the more the other side accepts his help, in the future when Earth faces any difficulty then will surely help out with all their effort.

The earth still has many things in which will have to rely on them in future.

After the tail was sealed, Xiling somewhat curiously moved around and found that her strength was not affected at all, and her movements had become even more agile. So she laughed with a peace of mind.

“Well, then we should go …”

Converging his Aura, and compressing the Battle Power to 800-900, Xiaya said goodbye to Kami and Mr. Popo and then jumped out of Lookout while pulling Xiling’s hand.

After passing through the dense layers of clouds and greeting Korin upon reaching the Korin Tower, they continued down the small tower. And very quickly, the Sacred Land of Korin which was spread out along the horizon, immediately appeared before their eyes.

“Where are we going now, are we returning to Planet Selma?” Looking at the dense forest which was spread out in the horizon, Xiling’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled and turned around to asked.

Xiaya black eyes looked into the distance, his distant look exuding a trace of distinct expression.

He shook his head: “No, life still needs to balance between work and rest. We will not become strong just by blindly training. As we have trained alone for so many years, we should now also experience the social livelihood of humans. Perhaps it will be beneficial for the growth of Ki. And I have also heard that the food on Earth is very delicious, so I intend to live here for some time, what do you think?


Since Xiaya said so, Xiling naturally has no objection. Speaking of which, as they had lived on Planet Selma for so many years they had no interaction with civilization.So it would be better to take some time to properly experience the life on Earth, uh, and delicious food.

In fact, the latter is the most important, but before that, they need to get some money for daily use, and Xiaya just happens to know of a place where a large number of treasures are buried. When Son Goku had encountered Red Ribbon Army, he had entered a Pirate Cave together with the General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army.

Although it is still many years away from this part of the storyline, those hidden treasures should have already started to accumulate!

He immediately held Xiling’s hand and used Instant Transmission, the two people disappeared from the Sacred Land of Korin.

After Xiaya’s strength increased, his spatial ability has also strengthened along with it. So, it became even more easy to use Instant Transmission. Although his Time superpower had awakened the earliest, it was still at a standstill and had failed to make any breakthrough. It could be because his time ability is much more mysterious!

Northern Hemisphere, Earth, above a blue ocean, Xiaya and Xiling’s figure appeared in midair.

“Did you said that there is hidden treasure here?” Before the surging waves of the vast ocean, Xiling asked doubtfully.

“Of course, I clearly saw it from the top of Lookout, it should be somewhere around here,” Xiaya spoke random nonsense, and started looking around according to his memories.

Looking around the sea area while flying for a few weeks, he roughly determined the location and then his body dived down, swimming towards the seafloor. He quickly found the entrance to the hidden treasure trove by relying on his memory.

Entering the pirate cave, the various traps arranged by pirates were still very simple and crude. So, after avoiding these traps, they very easily reached the place where treasures were piled up. There were several piles of golden shiny treasure boxes inside which the pirates had robbed and plundered from here and there.

Looking at the piles of treasure in front of him, Xiaya’s mouth curved into a grin. He then waved his hand in the void and a crack appeared, and then he stored away all those treasures in it.

After storing away everything, he clapped his hand and said: “Let’s go, we will go to the city to exchange these gold and silver for money, and then your brother will take you to have tasty food and drinks. I am telling you, there is no place in the universe like earth where people understand what is good food. Earth’s food is very delicious … … ”

“What are you waiting for then, Let’s go!”

Obviously, good food’s temptation has immediately moved the girl’s heart, who hurriedly urged him to go.

Henceforth, there was a rumor circulating in the earth’s Food Circle about a pair of boy and girl who had crazily sweeped over food restaurants until the kitchen chef has fainted from fatigue, and they had to request the two people to leave. It had gotten up to such that in the coming year’s many restaurants had refused to use the buffet’s popular advantages.

However, the two people who initiated all this, at the moment were crazily eating with a satisfied face from a pile of food, the clashing sounds of chopsticks and clanking sound of dinner plates incessantly fell in the ears, and their already were two big mountains of dinner plates.

“Boss, another roast pig.”

“Give me some more fried sauce noodles!”

“I also want a roasted leg of lamb!”

Xiaya held out his dinner plate and shouted, but after hearing their shout the restaurant’s boss trembled. He then walked over and said while sweating: “Two guests, this restaurant doesn’t have anything left. Please, why don’t you have a look at other restaurants … ”

“It’s finished so quickly?”

Xiaya’s complexion sank but seeing the restaurant boss sweating, he waved his hand and said: “Forget it, how can you not even have prepared enough ingredients when you have opened the door to do business!

“Yes Yes!”

The restaurant boss wiped his sweat while speaking obsequiously but thought in his heart: “You have eaten enough food which could have used for seven days in our restaurant.”

Paying the bill, Xiaya and Xiling exited the restaurant. The boss looked at the back of the two people leaving, and finally couldn’t help but collapse on the ground.

On the side, a waiter hurriedly supported him by arm, but the boss removed the waiter’s hand and angrily said: “What are you still doing, quickly tidy up and close the restaurant. I want it to be closed for one week …… No, one month. And I hope this two little devils will go away by then……”

Xiaya and Xiling had been staying in this city for more than ten days and have eaten in all the restaurants here. So as soon as they were seen coming to the restaurant, they would cry as if someone had died.

It’s not that they do not want to make money, but it is too tiring to welcome this kind of customers. And they are also not able to receive other customers and if things go on like this, how will they maintain their restaurant’s business over the long run?

“Xiling, Wasn’t I right? The food on Earth is the most delicious.”

“Uh huh!”

The girl nodded enthusiastically, this recent frenzy of eating and drinking had been the most enjoyable since she was born. “Xiaya, can’t you store things in your dimension space, why not try to store food?

Hearing her reminder, Xiaya reacted. Indeed, his Space superpower can be used to store food ah!

“Then we should quickly go shopping. After we leave earth we will not eat be able to eat such delicious food.”

So for the next few days, they were rushing around to purchase food, and the facts proved that Xiaya’s Space superpower indeed could store food. Moreover, the time inside was almost halted, so the food will no longer get spoiled.

The two people’s desire for food has really increased very much from the time spent here, so the money in their hand was being spent continuously, and finally two months later, all the money from the pirate’s treasure was spent on buying food. In Xiaya’s personal space, enough piles of food were stored for the two people to crazily eat for three or four years.

Knowing that a Saiyan’s appetite is very huge, it’s unbelievable just how much amount it could be as this food would be crazily eaten by them for 3-4 years.

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