The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 288

Chapter 288

Before the mist completely dissipates, people have already started to make their moves in the forest. Voices of people shuttling through the forest could be heard. Everyone was heading towards the ray of light with excitement in their eyes.

“How impatient…” commented Lin Yun as he looked at everyone heading over. Weren’t they afraid of running into demonic beasts since the poisonous mist still hadn’t dissipated completely? The poisonous mist might be weakened, but it was still dangerous to take too much of it into the body.

“Who can resist the temptation of the Imperial Sword Herb?” Lin Qiushan sighed, “It can further refine the sword intent and even help to make a breakthrough in sword technique. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to make a breakthrough in your cultivation.”

No one could resist the temptation of the Imperial Sword Herb, not even Lin Yun. He could sense the Iris Sword Sutra’s bottleneck loosening up when he refined the Swordcloud Core. If he was to refine it together with the Imperial Sword Herb, he was confident of making a breakthrough in his cultivation technique. At that time, he would have no fear even if Chu Haoyu, Jiang Feng, Ye Xiu, and those in the top ten came after him.

“Let’s go. The poisonous mist might still be around, but it shouldn’t pose any hindrance to us with our cultivation,” said Chen Ling excitedly. They were racing against time.

Gu Beixuan turned to look at Lin Yun, “Brother Zhong, what do you think?”

Everyone turned to look at Lin Yun, including Lin Qiushan. Suddenly, Lin Yun’s position rose to the pinnacle in the group that there was nothing Lin Yan and Tian Fei could do even if they were feeling reluctant.

“Let’s go.” Lin Yun could see that everyone was getting impatient. He went along with their decision as he was confident of ensuring his safety in the poisonous mist.

“Let’s go!” Lin Qiushan waved her hand and charged into the poisonous mist with everyone following behind her.

Aside from cultivators, demonic beasts were also after the Imperial Sword Herb. It didn’t take long for a battle to break out between cultivators and demonic beasts. The battle dyed the scent of blood in the air with corpses starting to appear on the ground.

This scene left a deep shock in everyone’s heart, but it couldn’t deter them. Lin Qiushan’s party had also encountered many demonic beasts, but the demonic beasts didn’t manage to inflict any casualties in their party. All the demonic beasts did was slow them down.

Suddenly, an enormous ape descended from the sky with its claw brandishing at Lin Yan. This scene had shocked everyone when they had just let their guards down after killing all the demonic beasts in the surrounding.

“Lin Yan!” Lin Qiushan’s face changed when she saw this scene. It was already too late for her to render her assistance. When a figure suddenly appeared in his mind, Lin Qiushan immediately turned to look in Lin Yun’s direction. With the Seven Profound Steps, only Zhong Yunxiao could rush over in time.

But when she turned around, Lin Yun had already taken a step out. The dracophant energy circulated in his body like a violent volcano. Like a wild beast, Lin Yun threw out a punch. The collision between his punch with the ape produced a huge commotion, and the fluctuation sent everyone in the surrounding flying away including Lin Yan.

“A demonic beast in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm!” Lin Yan’s face was pale with lingering fear.

After Lin Yun blew back the ape, the ground trembled as the ape released its demonic aura along with sword intent. It wasn’t only a sixth stage demonic beast, but it was also one that had formed its Swordcloud Core.

“This…” Their faces changed, but it was fortunate that Lin Yun held his ground. Otherwise, who knew how many people would to the ape. But before they could recover from their shock, another colossal figure leaped out from the forest. It was a tiger demonic beast that was also emitting an aura in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“Another one!” It was rare to encounter two sixth stage demonic beasts at the same time, and there would surely be casualties if that happens.

Lin Yun raised his head to look at Lin Qiushan, “Lin Qiushan, leave with everyone first. Don’t get slowed down. Leave these two beasts to me.”

Lin Yun flicked his finger, unleashing several rays of sword gleams that attracted the Blackblood Fiendtiger over.

Lin Qiushan was also a decisive person as she took a deep glance at Lin Yun before she replied, “Take care of yourself.”

“Big Sister…that’s two sixth stage demonic beast we’re talking about!” said Lin Yan anxiously.

“Let’s go. You should be concern about yourself before being concerned with others. Even if Brother Zhong can’t kill these two demonic beasts, he can at least protect himself. He won’t put himself in a dangerous position.” Lin Qiushan turned to look at Lin Yun before leaving with everyone else.

“They really left…” smiled Lin Yun mockingly beneath the mask. Then again, he could only exhibit all his strength with them gone.

The Blackblood Fiendtiger and Black Fiendape roared and soared into the sky.

“Great!” Lin Yun circulated the Dracophant Battle Physique and Iris Sword Sutra, combining his strength and origin energy together. When his strength and origin energy combined, Lin Yun’s eyes flashed. He looked at the two beasts heading in his direction with a cold sneer.

These two were trying to compete momentum with him? But it was a pity that they weren’t enough! Lin Yun took a step forth and unleashed the Dragon-Tiger Might.

When the three momentum clashed together, Lin Yun’s momentum crushed the two demonic beast’s demonic aura. Then, he formed the Undying Vajra Seal and pushed his palms forth. A golden ray flashed past and the two massive beasts were sent flying away.

“Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger!” Lin Yun grinned beneath the mask. Lin Qiushan and the team would be shocked if they were here. Not only was Lin Yun didn’t fall in a disadvantageous position by facing two demonic beasts, he even suppressed them.

Lin Yun was emitting the aura of an ancient beast, and the Dragon-Tiger Fist’s power had grown several times when it was further strengthened by the Dracophant Battle Physique. But the two demonic beasts were tougher than Lin Yun had imagined. The two demonic beasts’ bloodlines had already undergone a transformation after forming the Swordcloud Core. If this continued, Lin Yun might not be able to kill them even when the sunsets.

It was easier for Lin Yun to lure them away, but Lin Yun didn’t want to give up on the Swordcloud Cores so easily.

“Let’s finish this quickly then.” The Iris Flower blossomed in Lin Yun’s Dantian. Lin Yun’s expression turned grave and he started to circulate the flower. In the next second, a terrifying aura surged from Lin Yun’s body, This entire region seemed to be enveloped by an Iris Flower, and even the atmosphere became heavy under Lin Yun’s cold gaze.

The two demonic beasts also became quiet as they looked at Lin Yun. They could feel an uneasiness rising from their hearts. Without any hesitation, they turned around and ran.

“Do you think that you can escape?” Lin Yun sneered. “Die!”

A dazzling violet brilliance blossomed from Lin Yun which exhausted all his origin energy. Along with the whistling sound of two sword gleams piercing through the air, the sword gleam pierced through the two demonic beasts. Their defenses were nothing before the Iris Flower when it revolved.

The Black Fiendape and Blackblood Fiendtiger then collapsed onto the ground. With his origin energy fully exhausted, Lin Yun let out a long breath. It wasn’t easy killing those sixth stage demonic beasts. A brief moment later, two beast cores with three cloud patterns appeared on Lin Yun’s hand.

“I now have four Swordcloud Core after including the two I already have… If I can gather ten and refine them with the Iris Sword Herb, I’m confident of making a breakthrough in my Iris Sword Sutra!” Lin Yun was filled with expectation as he tightened his grip on the Swordcloud Cores.

He knew that he had to obtain the Imperial Sword Herb no matter what. The Iris Sword Sutra would undergo a huge transformation upon reaching the eighth stage, and at that time, he wouldn’t have to fear anyone in the Burial Sword Peak.

“Let’s wait for my origin energy to recover before joining up with them. They won’t be that unlucky to bump into another sixth stage demonic beast, right?” muttered Lin Yun.

Sixth stage demonic beasts were powerful, but they were rare. As long as it wasn’t another sixth stage demonic beast, Lin Qiushan and her team should be able to kill them.

Lin Yun took out two spiritual jades and started circulating the Iris Sword Sutra with his legs crossed. With the intimidation of the Black Fiendape and Blackblood Fiendtiger’s intimidation, no demonic beasts dared to even come near Lin Yun.

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