The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 287

Chapter 287

Xiao Feng’s face changed drastically. He never expected that this person would be so bold, and his punch would be so powerful. He snorted and circulated the origin energy within his body and threw out a punch.

When the two punches collided, a thunderous booming reverberated throughout the forest. Even the leaves that were falling down were reduced to ashes.

Xiao Feng’s face twitched from the pain. But he still gnashed his teeth and threw out another punch. This punch which contained his origin energy was emitting a radiating brilliance. His fist was brilliant like flames, which burned incessantly. It was a famous transcendent profound martial technique in the Sword Firmament Pavilion, the Firecloud Fist.

It might only seem like a simple punch, but it was fused with Xiao Feng’s violent origin energy. There was a reason why Xiao Feng could be ranked on the twenty-ninth. Aside from his deep and profound sword technique, Xiao Feng also relied on the Firecloud Fist that was in greater mastery.

“Zhong Yunxiao, watch out!” Lin Qiushan and the others had a huge change on their faces when they saw this scene. It was rare for a fist technique to reach greater mastery, not to mention that it was the transcendent profound martial technique, Firecloud Fist!

Lin Qiushan, Gu Beixuan, and Chen Ling had suffered from this martial technique in the past. So they couldn't help feeling worried when they saw Xiao Feng bringing out this trump card.

Everyone exclaimed when they saw Xiao Feng’s punch shattering Lin Yun into pieces. But they only realized that Xiao Feng only destroyed an afterimage when they blinked their eyes.

“How naive! There’s no way to dodge the Firecloud Fist,” laughed Xiao Feng. He roared and redirected his punch in Lin Yun’s direction. In that split second, the momentum created by the Firecloud Fist caused the surrounding temperature to increase.

This was how terrifying the Firecloud Fist was. When it was dodged, the momentum would continue to increase like a blazing fire. When it reached the pinnacle, this fist could link the clouds that even elites in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm wouldn’t dare to take it head-on.

There were no changes to Lin Yun’s face under the mask. It was rather troublesome for him to deal with this attack without using the Dragon-Tiger Fist. But his identity would be revealed if he exposed the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

In the end, Lin Yun decided to treat this as an opportunity for him to train the Dracophant Battle Physique. It would only be somewhat troublesome in the end.

He then combined the Dracophant Battle Physique and Seven Profound Steps together to fight with Chen Ling. He was like a viper, waiting for Xiao Feng to reveal his weakness.

“Senior Brother Xiao, kill him!”

“A mere nobody in the fourth stage dares to display his skills before Senior Brother Xiao? This idiot is simply courting death.”

“Let’s see how long you can last!”

Xiao Feng became even more berserk, while the Fire Alliance’s disciples started cheering out of excitement. Lin Qiushan and the others frowned when they saw that the situation wasn’t going well. They wanted to help, but they could see Wei Hansong looking at them with a sneer. It was as if he was waiting for them to attack.

“Why is this fellow trying to show off for nothing…” Lin Yan looked at Lin Yun with a complicated gaze.

“This is the end!” Xiao Feng clenched his fist together as he was shrouded in flames in the surroundings. The flames even produced a crackling sound from the surrounding. The fist had displayed a terrifying momentum even before he reached.

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered beneath the mask. He knew that his opportunity was right now. He executed the Seven Profound Steps — Seven Punches in One Step. The Golden Crow Seal flickered behind him and Lin Yun suddenly took a step forth, creating seven afterimages in that split second with afterimages throwing out a punch.

Every single punch contained one cauldron’s worth of strength, accompanied by seven saintly music. It sounded like a war song, which arrived before Xiao Feng could even throw his punch out.

In the next second, the invincible Xiao Feng was blown away. The Firecloud Fist didn’t even have an opportunity to unleash its brilliance before he suffered a backlash. Although Xiao Feng tried to endure it in, he still couldn’t help throwing out a mouthful of blood.

This caught everyone by surprise. No one had expected that the tables would overturn so quickly.

“What fast speed!”

“That’s the Seven Profound Steps!”

“The Firecloud Fist actually lost before it could even discharge. How did this Zhong Yunxiao do it?”

Lin Qiushan and the others had a shock in their eyes. Only a few people had cultivated the Seven Profound Steps, and those who could reach lesser mastery were few in numbers. So they had never seen people reaching Lin Yun’s level of mastery. Aside from the movement technique, the power behind Lin Yun’s punch also shocked them.

Was he really in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm with that strength? The Fire Alliance’s disciples who were yelling out to Xiao Feng to kill Lin Yun all had an unsightly expression on their faces. They were all dumbfounded.

“Who are you!” Xiao Feng stepped forth and looked at Lin Yun. He no longer dared to underestimate the latter at this moment.

There were no rules in the Burial Sword Peak, and everything had to be spoken with strength. The strength that Lin Yun had displayed at this moment was worthy of their respect.

“Zhong Yunxiao.” Xiao Feng and Wei Hansong exchanged a glance. They could see the doubt in each other’s eyes. Not only them, but even the Fire Alliance and Upstream Alliance’s disciples also hadn’t heard of this name.

When their gazes turned to Lin Yun again, Xiao Feng asked, “Zhong Yunxiao? I’ve never heard of your name. I believe you must not be a member of the Shatterlegion, Will-o'-Wisp, and Flamemoon Alliances, right? Then why are you interfering in our affairs?”

“I will naturally do my best since I’ve given my promise. As for my identity, there’s no need for you to worry about it,” replied Lin Yun. He was only looking at Xiao Feng indifferently.

What an arrogant brat! The Fire Alliance’s disciples were shocked. They were shocked that Xiao Feng didn’t draw his sword when someone was talking so arrogantly to him.

Even those in the top ten wouldn’t be so disrespectful to Xiao Feng. Everyone could then sense the surrounding intense atmosphere, and Xiao Feng also had a smear of murderous aura flashing across their eyes.

Lin Qiushan stepped forth along with Gu Beixuan and Chen Ling to stand beside Lin Yun. Wei Hansong of the Upstream Alliance also took a step up. He gently patted Xiao Feng’s shoulder and smiled, “Your identity naturally has nothing to do with us. But not everything can be easily promised. You should be careful to lose your life.”

His words contained a blatant threat. Han Weisong was ranked in the twenty-eighth on the Mortal Ranking, so he was stronger than Xiao Feng.

Lin Yun sneered beneath the mask, “People die for wealth, while birds die for food. There will naturally be death in the competition for the Imperial Sword Herb. But…it’s uncertain who will be the one dying.”

“Then we’ll wait and see!”

Wei Hansong and Xiao Feng were both unhappy because there were many alliance-unions in the surrounding, but they weren’t in the position to act out. After all, it would be troublesome if something went wrong before the competition for the Imperial Sword Herb even began.

Seeing that there was no way for them to convince Lin Yun, they decided to leave to seek another location as their camp to wait for the poisonous mist to dissipate.

“Brother Wei, I want to kill that brat after we obtain the Imperial Sword Herb!” said Xiao Feng. His chest was still aching at right now.

“ Don’t worry about it. I guarantee that we will take his life before heading to the Sword Tomb. Nobody like him is actually considering becoming someone now?” Han Weisong was also unhappy with Lin Yun.

“Zhong Yunxiao, I’m afraid you’ve offended the two of them now,” said Lin Qiushan as she pulled her gaze away from Han Weisong and Xiao Feng.

“So be it. I’ll naturally do my best to help out since I’ve already given me promise,” replied Lin Yun. There wasn’t any trace of panic in his tone.

“But they’re ranked in the top thirty. Zhong Yunxiao, aren’t you treating it a little too lightly?” Lin Yan sounded her unhappiness. After all, her elder sister was just showing her concern for Lin Yun.

Top thirty? Even Zhang Lie who was in the tenth on the Mortal Ranking was nothing in his eyes, not to mention two clowns in the top thirty. Lin Yun had no fear unless everyone from the top ten comes at him at the same time.

“Cut it out.” Lin Qiushan glared at Lin Yan. She reprimanded, “If it’s not for Brother Zhong, do you think Xiao Feng will let you off? Why are you so forgetful so quickly?”

“Brother Zhong’s strength has opened my eyes. I’m surprised that you can force Xiao Feng to take a step back when you’re only in the fourth stage,” said Gu Beixuan with his hands cupped together.

“I’ve already said that there’s no problem with Brother Zhong’s strength, and him joining us will only make our team stronger,” laughed Chen Ling.

No one doubted Lin Yun’s strength anymore. Lin Yan wanted to apologize, but she felt uneasy when she recalled how Lin Yun slapped her.

The other alliance-unions hidden in the dark were disappointed. They initially thought that they could take advantage of the situation, but someone by the name of Zhong Yunxiao came out of nowhere. They couldn’t help to wonder about Zhong Yunxiao’s identity. Since when were there so many experts in the outer sect?

Suddenly, a brilliant sword ray burst out from the center of the lake, and everyone within ten miles of radius could see it clearly. They could see the poisonous mist shrinking swiftly. Seven brilliant rays shot out from the outer forest into the horizons.

“The Imperial Sword Herb is appearing soon!” This scene made all the disciples and elders on the observation platform excited. After all, almost all of them had placed their bets on the person who will be taking the Imperial Sword Herb first.

Lin Qiushan and the others also had their eyes lighting up with excitement. They exclaimed out, “The poisonous mist has weakened! We’ll be able to go through it in another moment.”

Not only Lin Qiushan, but the other alliance-unions hidden in the forest also became excited. The fight for the Imperial Sword Herb was finally starting.

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