The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 284

Chapter 284

Lin Qiushan belonged to one of the four prestigious clans in the Great Qin Empire, the Lin Clan. She was a direct descendant, and she was also ranked in the thirty-ninth on the Mortal Ranking. Not only was she talented, but she was also blessed with a delicate appearance.

She was returning with Gu Beixuan. The two looked to be in a good mood because they just killed a sixth stage demonic beast together and obtained a second-grade Swordcloud Core. But their faces changed when they saw the scene before them, especially Gu Beixuan. Gu Beixuan’s head was buried in the ground by Lin Yun’s feet. Although a Profound Martial Realm cultivator wouldn’t die so easily, it was still a little too ruthless.

“Big Sister, that bastard slapped me!” Lin Yan immediately ran over when she saw that Lin Qiushan was back.

Lin Qiushan didn’t see her face because Lin Yan was covering it earlier. But when Lin Qiushan caught a clear glance of her younger sister’s face, her face turned ugly. Lin Yan was a beauty, and her face was swollen like a pig right now.

When Chen Ling saw Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan coming over, he smiled bitterly. He knew that the matter today had blown up. He immediately went up and begged, “Brother Zhong, please let go of Tian Fei for now. These two are Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan, the leaders of the Will-o'-Wisp Alliance and Flamemoon Alliance.”

Although Lin Yun removed his leg, he didn’t say a word. But this still made Chen Ling feel relieved as he toughened his scalps and headed towards Gu Beixuan and Lin Qiushan.

“Chen Ling, this is someone from your Shatterlegion Alliance?” Gu Beixuan frowned. His voice was cold, and he would’ve already attacked if Chen Ling wasn’t here. But even so, there was no way he would let this matter go so easily if Chen Ling didn’t give him an explanation.

On the other hand, Lin Qiushan stood quietly at the side while she comforted Lin Yan. However, her gaze was on Chen Ling. Clearly, she was also waiting for an explanation.

The atmosphere suddenly became peculiar. The Will-o'-Wisp Alliance and Flamemoon Alliance’s disciples quietly spread out and looked over with ill intentions. This made the four from the Shatterlegion Alliance nervous.

Chen Ling gnashed his teeth. He didn’t know how to explain this situation. In the end, he could only speak out, “He’s my friend, and he’s joining the Shatterlegion Alliance temporarily. But it’s a little troublesome to explain this situation. It’s not like what you guys have seen.”

“Then I’ll ask this friend of yours personally.” Lin Qiushan headed towards Lin Yun after throwing a glance at Chen Ling. She was clearly unhappy with Chen Ling’s reply.

Gu Beishan also shoved Chen Ling aside and stepped forth. The two looked at Lin Yun, and they seem to be trying to see something. But they couldn’t see anything at all.

Lin Qiushan asked in a solemn voice, “How may I address you>?”

“Zhong Yunxiao.”

“Zhong Yunxiao?” Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan exchanged a glance. They could see the doubt in each other’s eyes because they’ve never heard of this name.

“Shouldn’t you explain yourself?” Lin Qiushan looked at the deep eyes beneath the mask.

“There’s no need for me to explain myself,” replied Lin Yun.

“You!” Lin Qiushan immediately became furious because no one had ever spoken in such a tone to her.

“You slapped Lin Yan and even stepped on a disciple of my Flamemoon Alliance. Brother Zhong, it looks like you have no intention of resolving this matter peacefully?” Gu Beixuan laughed with his eyes narrowed into slits. His eyes were deep and profound.

But just when the atmosphere became intense, Chen Ling immediately came out. However, he was stopped by Lin Yun, who looked at Lin Yan, “Why don’t you ask the person involved if you want to know the truth? What are you guys trying to do by questioning me? As for you…”

Lin Yun turned to Gu Beixuan and also smiled beneath the mask. However, his smile was chilling. He spoke out, “Do you really want me to resolve this issue, not the ‘peaceful’ way? I advise you against it. Otherwise, this might be the last time you wish for something.”

As Lin Yun spoke, he unleashed his aura into the surroundings. Gu Beixuan and Lin Qiushan immediately felt pressured with a trace of panic in their hearts

Lin Qiushan then turned to look at Lin Yan coldly and questioned, “Tell me everything. What did you do?!”

Facing her elder sister’s gaze, Lin Yan started to panic as she spoke in a soft tone, “I-I only want him to remove his mask. I didn’t do anything else…”

“She drew her sword,” interrupted Chen Ling.

Lin Qiushan’s face changed when she heard that. It was common knowledge not to pull your sword unless you were going to engage in a life and death battle. Even if Lin Yun killed Lin Yan, it was fully justified and he couldn’t be blamed for that.

As for the mask, Lin Yun naturally had a reason for wearing it. And Lin Yan was asking for a beating by wanting to remove it of her own will.

“That’s not the case. Big Sister, this person is too hateful! He’s just a nobody, and he actually dares to rebuke me when I asked him to remove his mask. He said that I’m not qualified to do so,” Lin Yan immediately tried to explain for herself.

“That’s enough!” Lin Qiushan’s face sank. She rebuked Lin Yan and turned to look at Lin Yun. This time, her gaze softened, “I apologize on my younger sister’s behalf. It’s her fault for being disrespectful.”

“It’s fine.” Lin Yun replied without any emotion in his tone. On the other hand, Gu Beixuan also got to know what was going on from Tian Fei. His face immediately turned dark when he heard that. It was fine if Tian Fei could defeat Lin Yun if he wanted to protect the beauty, but he had his head stepped into the ground with one move. Tian Fei was simply the humiliation of the Flamemoon Alliance. In the end, Gu Beixuan still had to apologize to Lin Yun on Tian Fei’s behalf.

“My junior brother was a little too rash, and I was in the wrong for failing to discipline him. But it’s fortunate Brother Zhong isn’t injured, or it’ll be terrible,” said Gu Baixuan as he cupped his hands together.

On the other side, Chen Ling was trying his best to hold back his laughter. How could someone like Tian Fei possibly injure Lin Yun?

“Thanks for your concern, but it’s impossible for him to even harm a strand of my hair,” replied Lin Yun.

When Chen Ling heard that, he finally lost control and immediately covered his mouth because he nearly burst into laughter. Gu Beixuan was just trying to ease up the atmosphere, but no one had expected Zhong Yunxiao to be so honest to give a slap without any hesitation. In the end, Gu Beixuan could only chuckle dryly.

“You can have this Swordcloud Core as an apology.” Lin Qiushan knew that her younger sister was at fault and she took out a Swordcloud Core without any hesitation. This scene made Gu Beixuan widen his mouth, but he ultimately didn't say anything.

They obtained this Swordcloud Core with great difficulty by killing a demonic beast together, but it was also worthed it if they could resolve the conflict with it.

Lin Yun merely glanced at Lin Qiushan before he took the Swordcloud Core without saying a word. With that, the conflict had finally come to an end. At the same time, the four from the Shatterlegion Alliance’s eyes changed when they looked at Lin Yun.

They only knew that Lin Yun was strong, but they didn’t know that Lin Yun was so domineering. Both Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan were famous figures in the outer sects, but they suffered a loss in Lin Yun’s hands. They even started to wonder if everyone else from the three alliance-unions were extras in the team. After all, Lin Yun was probably enough by himself.

They never expected that the strongest from the two alliance-unions would actually take a loss before Lin Yun. Lin Yun slapped Lin Yan, trampled Tian Fei, and the other party even had to give him a Swordcloud Peak as compensation? Was there anyone more domineering than Lin Yun?

When night fell and everyone planned to rest, Chen Ling pulled Lin Yun to the side. He spoke with an insightful expression, “Brother Zhong, I’ve told them that you will be joining us in this mission, but I’m not too confident about it since Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan didn’t give me a reply.”

“Go and sleep. They will definitely agree to it,” replied Lin Yun confidently.

“Why?” Chen Ling was confused. Lin Yun wasn’t willing to remove his mask and injured Lin Yan and Tian Fei. Furthermore, he even embarrassed Gu Baixuan and Lin Qiushan in the day. So even if the two had a wide breadth of mind, how could they possibly allow Lin Yun to follow them?

Lin Yun merely glanced at Chen Ling and closed his eyes. He didn’t say anything more because it was tiring to talk to someone so stupid. Four people sat around the campfire, Lin Qiushan, Gu Beixuan, Lin Yan, and Tian Fei.

“Senior Brother Gu, what do you think about it?” The bonfire’s light illuminated Lin Qiushan’s face as she frowned and looked at Gu Beixuan.

“He’s strong. He can defeat Tian Fei in a single fist without using any martial techniques. There’s only one possibility. It’s his cultivation technique. He might be near or he’d already reached complete mastery. This allowed his origin energy to far surpassing ordinary disciples…” replied Gu Beixuan.

“I was merely careless to be defeated,” muttered Tian Fei, but no one paid any attention to him.

“To accomplish this feat, one must either be an inner disciple or someone who cultivated a spiritual cultivation technique. There’s only someone I know in the outer sect that can accomplish this feat.” Lin Qiushan nodded.

“Third on the Mortal Ranking, Jiang Feng!” Gu Baixuan said in a solemn tone.

One year ago, Jiang Feng defeated the disciple who challenged him with a single palm, displaying his profound cultivation technique in greater mastery and even approaches complete mastery.

Tian Fei and Lin Yan both changed as they exclaimed out, “That's impossible!”

“It’s naturally impossible that he’s Jiang Feng. He definitely has some gap compared to the top ten on the Mortal Ranking. After all, his cultivation is only in the fourth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. But it’s undeniable that he’s powerful, just that he’s a little too mysterious. I’ve never heard of his name.” Gu Beixuan shook his head with deep confusion.

“I’ve also never heard of this person’s name. But there are some disciples that aren’t on the ranking. They’re all cultivating madmen who are either going through life and death experiences to strengthen themselves or cultivating bitterly in the Myriad Sword Diagram or the Cloudy Sword Pavilion. They will only pay attention to their strength. Senior Brother Gu, do you think we should take someone like him into our team?” asked Lin Qiushan.

“I already know your answer when you give him the Swordcloud Core. You know that I will never go against your decision. Furthermore…our greatest rivals are the Fire Alliance’s Xiao Feng and Upstream Alliance’s Wei Hansong. Those two have a higher ranking than us, and we’ve also suffered quite a bit because of them,” smiled Gu Beixuan,

When dawn rose, Chen Ling hazily saw two figures walking towards him. They were Gu Beixuan and Lin Qiushan. Before he could even greet them, Lin Qiushan turned to look at Lin Yun beside him, “Brother Zhong, if you can put down what happened yesterday, we’ll be asking for your help with the Imperial Sword Herb.”

Chen Xiao’s sleepiness disappeared. He was shocked that Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan actually agreed to it.

“I’ll do my best,” replied Lin Yun. There wasn’t any expression in his eyes.

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