The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 283

Chapter 283

Chen Ling smiled bitterly. This was the first time he was being disregarded. He wasn’t being humiliated, but completely disregarded. Just a moment ago, he took the initiative to offer 30% to Lin Yun, but he didn’t realize that he still held onto the pride of being in the forty-eighth on the Mortal Ranking when he said those words.

But he had no idea that he was speaking in an aloof manner. It was as if he was performing charity by offering it to Lin Yun. However, he had no idea that he was courting death in that manner.

He was only in the forty-eighth on the Mortal Ranking, even Zhang Lie who was on the tenth had to kneel before Lin Yun obediently. So where did Chen Ling get his confidence to make use of Lin Yun?

“Are you sure you know now?” Lin Yun asked coldly. At the same time, an immense pressure crashed down on Chen Ling, which made him tremble.

“I really do.” The last layer of defense in Chen Ling’s heart collapsed, and he no longer put on any airs before Lin Yun.

“Then I’ll join your Shatterlegion Alliance for the time being. Now, tell me more about the Imperial Sword Herb.” Lin Yun nodded his head.

Chen Ling felt relieved, and he even had joy written on his face when he heard that Lin Yun was willing to join the Shatterlegion Alliance temporarily. He replied, “Great! With Brother Zhong joining us, the Imperial Sword Herb is practically in the bag!”

The two then began to discuss the Imperial Sword Herb. A brief moment later, Lin Yun was finally educated with the Imperial Sword Herb. There were designated locations where the Imperial Sword Herb would be born. Those locations might be mysterious, but there were many of them. After all, the Burial Sword Peak was one of the four great lands in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. So there were some traces no matter how mysterious it was.

Knowing was one thing, and able to retrieve it was another. Demonic beasts would be alerted in the birth of the Imperial Sword Herb, and retrieving it was troublesome. The Shatterlegion Alliance knew about this secret before the Alliance-Union Battle, and they had allied themselves with two other alliance-unions.

“We’re all randomly transported, so how do you find each other in the Burial Sword Peak? Can it be that there’s a map?” Lin Yun asked.

“There’s indeed a map.” Chen Ling took out a map from his interspatial pouch.

Lin Yun took it over and looked at the various symbols marked on the map. The undiscovered regions were marked black, and the designated locations for the Imperial Sword Herb were marked with a sword symbol.

The Imperial Sword Herb was one of the more precious herbs found in the Burial Sword Peak, and it would have a better effect if it was consumed with the Swordcloud Core. But the effects could surpass the value of most treasures marked on the map, and it was extremely tempting to everyone.

Lin Yun memorized the map quietly. At this moment, Chen Ling asked, looking at the map bitterly, “Brother Zhong, what should we do now?”

“Let’s stick to the plan. You’re the leader of the Shatterlegion Alliance, and I’m only a member,” replied Lin Yun, without having any expression on his face.

“Then let’s go.” Chen Ling nodded his head and sheathed his sword before telling his arrangement with Lin Yun to the other four disciples. The four were briefly surprised before they continued their journey to meet up with the Will-o'-Wisp Alliance and Flamemoon Alliance.

Along the way, they encountered another demonic beast that possesses a Swordcloud Core, but Lin Yun didn’t make his move to take it. But he was decisive in killing when he made his move. Even if he was encountering sixth stage demonic beasts, he could easily kill it without any injuries.

He didn’t even need to use the sword in his sword box. He was only using his physical strength and punches, which left the five from the Shatterlegion Alliance dumbfounded. They couldn’t imagine that there would be a monster like Lin Yun in the outer sect, and they speculated that his strength wasn’t any weaker compared to the top ten.

Just when the Shatterlegion Alliance continued their journey, a figure descended before them without any signs. His appearance made Chen Ling’s face change. Chen Ling immediately went up and talked to that person in a soft tone. That person swept a few glances at Lin Yun, while Chen Ling seems to be trying to explain. But a moment later, that person left.

“Senior Brother, who’s that person?” The four from the Shatterlegion Alliance asked. They were curious about that person’s identity.

“He’s from the Gentlemen Union. With Chu Haoyu joining the Gentlemen Union, no one dares to offend them in the Burial Sword Peak,” Chen Ling smiled.

“Why did the Gentlemen Union come?” Lin Yun asked.

“Brother Zhong, you must be unaware of it because you’re outside the sect throughout the years. The Sword Firmament Pavilion recently had a monster that embarrassed everyone in the top ten on the Mortal Ranking. So the Gentlemen Union is taking the lead in this Alliance-Union Battle to hunt for him,” Chen Ling explained.

“The various alliance-unions even put out an offer of 50 second-grade spiritual jades to anyone who discovers Lin Yun’s tracks, and 100 spiritual-jades to those who can hold him back. As for anyone who’s able to injure him, the reward is 200 second-grade spiritual jades.”

“What a huge price. It’s too extravagant to take out second-grade spiritual jades as a reward,” sighed the four disciples.

“The reward is offered by the eldest direct descendant of the Wang Clan, and this Lin Yun is probably doomed this time. But let’s not dip our hands in this mess. There’s no need for us to provoke Lin Yun. But…” Chen Ling turned to look at Lin Yun, and he smiled, “There’s nothing Brother Zhong has to fear if you run into him. You’re fully capable of holding him back with your strength, and you might even be able to injure him.”

“I’m not interested,” replied Lin Yun. Now he knew why many people were paying attention to him when he entered the Burial Sword Peak. They must be going to rat off his location, and he was lucky to have the mask. Otherwise, he would be dragged down by a whole mess right now.

Three days later, the Shatterlegion Alliance met up with the Will-o'-Wisp Alliance and Flamemoon Alliance. When they saw the leaders of the two alliance-unions, Lin Yun finally knew why Chen Ling wanted him to join Shatterlegion Alliance temporarily.

The one leading the Will-o'-Wisp Alliance was a rare beauty, Lin Qiushan, ranked thirty-ninth on the Mortal Ranking. On the other hand, the one leading the Flamemoon Alliance was Gu Beixuan, ranked on the thirty-sixth on the Mortal Ranking. They were both stronger than Chen Ling.

So the Shatterlegion Alliance probably didn’t have any authority of speech in this alliance. But Lin Qiushan and Gu Beixuan weren’t around right now. The two had discovered a demonic beast with a Swordcloud Core, and they had gone hunting it.

Chen Ling felt relieved and turned to the second-in-charge of the two alliance-unions, and he smiled, “Sorry to keep you guys waiting.”

The Flamemoon Alliance’s second-in-charge was Tian Fei. But he didn’t have much respect in his tone for Chen Ling, and he faintly replied, “It’s alright. We didn’t wait for long.”

“Who’s he?” A lady in the Will-o'-Wisp Alliance looked at Lin Yun. She spoke out, “There are only five people participating from the Shatterlegion Alliance, and I don’t seem to remember someone like him around.”

The mask that Lin Yun was wearing looked horrifying, which made him stand out. So it was hard for anyone not to notice him. However, the rest were concerned about Chen Ling’s face and didn’t question it aloud. But the lady who spoke was Lin Qiushan’s younger sister, Lin Yan. She had always been doing whatever she liked and disregarded everyone.

Chen Ling started to sweat in his heart. He was worried that Zhong Yunxiao would teach her a lesson, and he immediately spoke out, “Junior Sister Lin, this is Zhong Yunxiao. He’s someone we met along the way and joined the Shatterlegion Alliance upon my invitation to participate in this mission.”

“Zhong Yunxiao? Senior Brother Tian, is there such a figure like him amongst the top hundred?” Lin Yan examined Lin Yun. She was unhappy with how Lin Yun covered his appearance with a mask.

Tian Fei’s eyes flashed with a playful gaze. He examined Lin Yun before he smiled, “Not only the top hundred. I’ve never heard of this name even in the top five hundred. Zhong Yunxiao? When did the Sword Firmament Pavilion have such a person?”

When Lin Yan heard those words, she burst into laughter, “So he’s a nobody? Chen Ling, you’re at least ranked on the forty-eighth on the Mortal Ranking. So why are you bringing a nobody with us? Have you forgotten to take medication for your mental illness?”

How noisy! Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with a wisp of rage beneath the mask.

Chen Ling could clearly sense Lin Yun’s rage. He immediately smiled, “Junior Sister Lin, we’ve already said that we will distribute the Imperial Sword Herb based on how much we contribute. We’ve said nothing about not getting a helper. Can’t you give me some face?”

Lin Yan had directly disregarded his words, and she replied coldly, “Let’s remove his mask first. What is he trying to do by wearing a mask? Pretending to be cool? I hate someone like him the most.”

“I’m afraid you’re not qualified to get me to remove my mask.” Lin Yun’s indifferent voice rang out from beneath the mask.

Lin Yan’s face immediately sank with a murderous aura flickering through her eyes. She spoke out coldly, “Chen Ling, this friend of yours must be courting death, right?”

Chen Ling was feeling bitter in his heart. Yeah, someone is courting death. But it’s not him, Zhong Yunxiao, but you, Lin Yan.

“It just so happens that I insist on removing your mask today!” Lin Yan snorted and reached out to Lin Yun’s mark. However, Lin Yun easily avoided her. Seeing that her grab missed, Lin Yan immediately flew into a rage, and she roared, “A nobody like you dares to dodge? Behave yourself!”

Her origin energy fluctuated and she made her move again. But Lin Yun merely folded his arms together. He wasn’t even interested in retaliating, but merely looking at her with indifference.

“Damn it! I’ll kill you!” Lin yan lost it and wanted to draw her sword. Chen Ling immediately panicked. His face was turning pale. It was fine if she tried to grab Lin Yun’s mask, but it was a whole new different matter if she drew her sword. Because Lin Yun would have a reason to kill her.

When she drew her sword out by half an inch, Lin Yun frowned his eyebrows beneath the mask and executed the Seven Profound Steps. He took a step out and suddenly appeared before Lin Yun. Before she could even respond, he gave her a slap that sent her flying away.

With a resounding slap, Lin Yan flew out. This scene had shocked everyone. The disciples of the Will-o'-Wisp Alliance had a drastic change on their faces. They immediately stepped forth to catch Lin Yan.

Tian Fei was also briefly stunned before he started rejoicing in his heart because Lin Yun was too bold. He was just troubled about finding a reason to get close to Lin Yan, and Lin Yun had given her one.

“You bastard, you must be courting death to even dare to touch Lady Lin!” Tian Fei leaped forth and threw his punch forth. Most swordsmen would practice palm or fist techniques. After all, they would engage in close-combat often, and sometimes, there was no need for them to draw their swords.

The fist technique that Tian Fei was using was the famous Flamepeak Fist in the Sword Firmament Pavilion. When he threw his punch forth, it was accompanied by flames that descended like a fiery mountain.

“Bravo!” The Flamemoon Alliance’s disciples cheered when they saw that. Chen Ling covered his face because he didn’t even have to see to know what the outcome to be like.

Facing the Flamepeak Fist, Lin Yun merely threw a casual punch forth. When his fist collided with Tian Fei’s punch, the latter was blown away, throwing out blood with his fist shattered. But before he could fly out, Lin Yun suddenly changed from a fist to a grab.

“NO!” Tian Fei yelled out. Before he could even react, he was slammed onto the ground by Lin Yun and threw out another mouthful of blood.

With a gentle stomp, Lin Yun buried Tian Fei’s head deep into the ground. Tian Fei was struggling with his legs, but it was futile no matter what he did. Lin Yun glanced at Lin Yan before he spoke out, “I’ve already said that you’re not qualified!”

Lin Yan’s face was swollen from the slap. She looked at Lin Yun’s cold gaze beneath the mask and trembled with fear rising from her heart. She knew that she had bumped into a monster.

“What’s going on?” Just when everyone was shocked, a gentle voice sounded out. It belonged to Lin Qiushan, who returned with Gu Beixuan after killing the demonic beast.

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