The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

Chapter 32 - Who Dares to Hit My Son

Chapter 32: Who Dares to Hit My Son

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Seeing that the teacher was also trying to protect this chubby little boy, Su Su clenched her fists and said in a low voice, “Be careful, or I’ll beat you up.”

Bai Xin looked at Su Su’s angry look, and not only was he not afraid, he even chuckled a few times.

After class, Bai Xin wanted to reach out and pull Su Su’s braids once the teacher left. He had just turned his head halfway when he saw a fist coming in front of him.

Then, he saw stars and his head was dizzy. After that, he could not sit properly, and Bai Xin fell to the ground.

Su Su first used all her strength to punch the chubby little boy’s eyes, then kicked over his stool, causing him to fall to the ground.

Then, before Bai Xin could react, Su Su pounced on him again and pulled his short hair fiercely. She scolded, “You dare to pull my hair, chubby little boy! You dare to pull my hair!”

The classroom was suddenly in chaos. Some timid children even cried.

Su Jun drove to the company absent-mindedly and held a report meeting as usual. However, sitting at the head of the meeting table, Su Jun’s heart was filled with thoughts of the little girl.

Su Su should have started eating snacks by now, right? Would she miss her brothers? Would she not get used to it?

“President Su, President Su,” a staff member called out to him fearfully, interrupting his thoughts.

Seeing Su Jun come back to his senses, looking over with a frown, the staff member smiled even more unsightly than when he was crying. Then, under immense pressure, he said, “President Su, our team’s report for Monday has been completed. You see…”

When Su Jun heard this, he tilted his head and glanced at the PowerPoint on the screen. He listened to a few notifications as he was about to give his opinion. He immediately asked unhappily, “Whose phone is not on silent during meeting time?”

The middle-level and senior employees of the Su Corporation were sitting below all turned their noses up and down, not daring to make a sound.

Everyone knows no one would dare to have their phones not on silent during a meeting. The only thing that might make a sound was their boss, Su Jun’s phone.

Seeing that Su Jun had already shifted his gaze to the only employee standing in the room, the employee said in a low voice with a sad face, “President Su… It’s your phone…”

Only then did Su Jun look at his phone in the drawer. There were several messages on the screen. The first message was, “Mr. Su, Su Su got into a fight at the kindergarten. Please come over quickly!”

Su Su got beaten up at the kindergarten? Su Jun stood up abruptly. He was so anxious that he picked up his phone and wanted to leave. But, looking at the dozens of people in the meeting room who were silently looking at him, Su Jun said coldly, “Do it all over again!”

After saying that, he strode away.

Waves of wails immediately came from the meeting room.

As Su Jun rushed to the kindergarten in a hurry and anger, he strode into the office and saw Su Su standing there. Her tiny hands were playing with her braids.

“Su Su! Are you hurt?” Su Jun hurriedly ran to Su Su and nervously looked at her.

Su Su shook her head, then blinked and said, “No, Big Brother, don’t worry.”

After Su Jun confirmed that Su Su was fine, he asked coldly. “Why is my sister being beaten up? You’d better tell me!”

This awe-inspiring aura was like he would tear this place apart if they didn’t tell him.

Teacher Little Zhang wiped the sweat on his head and explained, “No, Mr. Su, it wasn’t Su Su who was beaten up. To be more precise, she beat someone up…”

Su Su beat someone up? Su Jun was stunned for a moment. Then, he looked at Su Su, blinking her big eyes. Then, instead of being angry, he laughed, “Who did she beat up? I want to have a look.”

How could such a cute little child hit someone? He would never believe it!

“She hit me! Sob sob sob…” Bai Xin, hiding in the corner, couldn’t help but sob. Su Su had been threatening him fiercely since just now, and now he was being threatened by Su Su’s brother. He was aggrieved.

Looking at the chubby little boy whose eyes turned black and covered the top of his head with an aggrieved expression, Su Jun said with some surprise, “She beat you up?”

“Yes… Su Su hit him in his eye and even pulled his hair.” Teacher Xiao Zhang was so nervous that his forehead was covered in sweat. The biological grandson of the Bai family was beaten up in the kindergarten, and she might have to pack up and leave immediately.

At this moment, a chubby middle-aged man also rushed in from outside the door. He said sternly, “Who dares to beat up my son?”

Su Jun’s expression became even worse when he saw who the man was.

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