The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

Chapter 31 - Her Braids Were Pulled

Chapter 31: Her Braids Were Pulled

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Looking at the delicate and cute little girl in her hand, Teacher Xiao Zhang couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

Just a few days ago, her immediate superior had contacted her, wanting to “take special care” of a little girl called Su Su who had recently entered the school. If she did well, she would receive a lot of bonuses. But, on the other hand, if she did not do well, she would immediately pack up and leave.

This kindergarten was one of the Bai family’s businesses. The immediate superior who contacted her was a member of the Bai family. He had specially contacted her, which was enough to explain the importance of this matter. Before money and conscience, Teacher Xiao Zhang chose the former in the end.

“Little friend Su Su, you will be studying with everyone in class C from now on.” Teacher Xiao Zhang pointed to a classroom in front and led Su Su into the door.

Once Su Su entered the classroom, she saw a bunch of four or five-year-old kids curiously sizing her up. Some of them even had snot on their nose. She could not help but frown in disgust.

“Alright, everyone, be quiet. This is our new classmate. Come, Su Su, let’s make an introduction to everyone.” Teacher Xiao Zhang looked around the class, turned his head, and said to Su Su.

Su Su was not afraid at all. She said gracefully, “Hello, everyone. My name is Su Su.”

Teacher Xiao Zhang nodded. When she saw a chubby little boy sitting alone in the first row, she suddenly had an idea.

This chubby little boy was not an ordinary person. He was the grandson of the Bai family’s overlord, Bai Xin. He was mischievous and liked to cause trouble. He often bullies the other children. Even the kindergarten teachers did not dare to provoke him, so they could only let him sit alone.

Since the Bai family had given her the task of “taking special care” of Su Su, then let the little overlord of the Bai family take care of her!

Thus, Teacher Xiao Zhang pointed and said to Su Su, “You go and sit at the same table as that child. He just happens to have an empty seat there.”

Su Su saw that it was not a child with snot on his face, but a chubby little boy with clean clothes and a round head that looked a little likable. She immediately calmed down, obediently carried her school bag, and sat next to the little fat boy.

From the moment Su Su entered the classroom, the chubby little boy had been staring at Su Su in a daze. He did not even look away.

When Teacher Xiao Zhang saw that Su Su was sitting properly, she was relieved and left the classroom.

When the teacher left, the children immediately started a heated discussion. Su Su vaguely heard a few mosquito-like sounds.

“Why is she sitting together with the little overlord!”

“What bad luck, her braids will definitely be pulled by the little overlord!”

Little overlord? Su Su turned her head to look at the chubby little boy who had been staring at her. Then, she looked at the workbook that he had placed on the table and realized that there were two exaggerated words written on the column of his name— Bai Xin.

This chubby little boy was actually from the Bai Family? What a coincidence.

Su Su smiled slightly. She was worried that she did not have any spies in the Bai family. This chubby little boy, Bai Xin, could actually be used under her orders.

Seeing Su Su smiling, the chubby little boy, Bai Xin, was almost stunned until Su Su turned around and said directly, “Don’t look at me!”

Bai Xin then straightened his head and stared at the blackboard in a daze.

Before Su Su time traveled, the welfare home she stayed in was too poor, so she hadn’t been to kindergarten yet. Therefore, she felt that everything in kindergarten was very novel.

After putting the picture books, watercolor pens, and other stationery that Su Jun had bought neatly on the table, Su Su began to sing nursery rhymes seriously with the kindergarten teacher.

However, after singing for a while, she felt a pain in her scalp. The two cute braids that the nanny had tied for her in the morning were pulled hard.

Su Su turned her head unhappily and saw that Bai Xin was retracting his hands from the crime. When she saw him, he even smiled at her proudly.

Just how old was this chubby little boy for him to like to bully female classmates? Su Su glared at him with a warning look, then continued to sing nursery rhymes seriously to the melody of the teacher’s piano.

Not long after, Su Su’s braid was pulled heavily again. It hurt so much that Su Su subconsciously cried out, “Ah! It hurts!”

Hearing the little girl’s cry that suddenly appeared in the classroom, the entire class instantly quieted down. Then, the little followers of the little bully Bai Xin immediately laughed out loud.

“Are you insane?” Su Su held her braid that was pulled in pain and glared at Bai Xin as she scolded angrily.

Bai Xin looked indifferent and explained, “What’s wrong with playing with your braids?”

When the teacher who taught singing saw that it was the Bai family’s grandson, the little overlord Bai Xin, who had committed a crime, he did not dare to scold him.. He only patted the podium and coughed to remind the children, “Children, focus on the class.”

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