The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 522: Annan: I Will Do It Myself

Chapter 522: Annan: I Will Do It Myself

After meeting with the players, Annan did not follow Nieusel to meet Nefertari first, nor did he purify Suuankou’s alarming erosion rate immediately.

“Let me show my sincerity first.”

I will do it myself.

Saying so, Annan followed the three players back to their residence.

Since Annan’s arrival was quite sudden, Suuankou and Lin Yiyi had not tidied up their room. Thus, both their rooms were in a mess. From this point of view, even though they did not look similar, they shared a similarity.

So, in the end, Annan could only be invited to Jiu Er’s room.

Lin Yiyi and Nieusel exchanged pleasantries in the living room, which could also be treated as a friendly and mutual probing session.

Suuankou initially thought that it would be inconvenient for Jiu Er to look after Annan since she was a girl. However, under Jiu Er’s deathly stare, Suuankou was quick-witted and silently left without saying a word.

Suuankou was not sure if it was an illusion, but the people around him would tend to give him the “death stare”.

It could also be that only he would subconsciously trigger the gaze of others.

In the end, he chatted with Doreen.

Let’s see if I can collect some information or get some mission clues…

It’s definitely not because I’m curious about that animal ear and want to touch it!

“This is the black tea I brewed, Your Excellency. Please drink some to warm yourself first.”

Ah, thank you.”

“Ghirlandaio” took the cup of black tea, which should be called milk tea, with both hands, and thanked with a slight nod.

He tried a sip.

It tastes good…or rather, fantastic.The aroma ratio of milk and tea is just right, and the taste is dense and smooth. It’s at the right temperature for a leisurely drink that warms my stomach without burning my mouth.

“You just drank some wine. Although it’s not much, taking it after drinking may damage your kidneys if the black tea is too strong.” Jiu Er stood aside and said softly, “You just came down from above, going through the barrage of the cold wind. You may have caught a cold. But, I don’t know if you can accept the taste of ginger, so I didn’t make ginger tea.

“Considering that you may be a little tired after traveling for so long, I added milk and sugar without consulting you first. It may warm your stomach and replenish sugar in your brain.”

After all, purifying nightmares could be regarded as mentally strenuous.

Jiu Er showed a cute smile and offered cookies.

“It’s a pity that there is no oven here.” She shook her head regretfully, “I even know how to bake desserts.”

Jiu Er knew about heart cookies when she read comics. She also learned from the chef at her home, so she could at least bake cookies well.

However, it was a pity that she had not met anyone to whom she wanted to give homemade biscuits.

It was a rare opportunity to make cookies for Annan, but there was no oven in this world.

This undoubtedly alerted her that they were not in the same world.

Although Jiu Er’s tone was gentle and polite, Annan could tell she was not in a good mood.

“There’s also citrus and honey here. Would you like honey citrus tea? It’s a hangover fix.”

“That’s not necessary, Jiu Er.” Ghirlandaio chewed the biscuit, and the incomparably bright smile on his face faded a bit. Although the smile faded a lot, it gave Jiu Er the feeling that it was more real.

“This body of mine cannot get drunk.”

“Is that so? Then…”

“But I still want you to make one for yourself.” Ghirlandaio looked at Jiu Er with deep eyes, “Honey citrus tea is delightful.”

Eh? Yes, it is. What’s wrong?”

“Sweet things can soothe the spirit, easing a bad mood.” Through the golem’s body, Annan stared at the petite black-haired girl.

Her hairstyle was a slightly long pure black lotus shape, and her bright eyes were like the morning stars.

Annan’s eyes were as warm as black tea.

His voice was cheerful and steady, “You can treat it as brewing it for me, and then I will offer it back to you.”

“How can you blatantly say this out in advance?” Jiu Er was amused.

If it is prepared for Annan, and Annan feeds it to me or gives it to me, it can barely be considered romantic.

If I make it for myself, that feels inexplicably empty.

—It’s a feeling of nothingness.

But did he notice that I’m not in a good mood?

Jiu Er’s heart skipped a beat.

She opened her mouth. Just as she was about to say something, Annan reached out and pressed her hair.

Feeling the warmth passing through her hair, Jiu Er was stunned.

“Just think of it as doing it for me.” Annan said softly, “Be nice to yourself, thank you.”


Jiu Er was silent for a long time, then suddenly let out a cry, turned around, and ran out of the room, “Hold on, I’m sorry!”

She closed the door and leaned against the room door, trying to rub her flushed face.

There was still a mix of shock and smirk on her face. She rubbed her face hard, trying to change it to normal, but the warmth lingered.

What’s happening?!!!!!!!

Isn’t Annan an ignorant and pure cute boy?

Why does it feel like Ahjussi when he becomes older?!

[TN: Middle-aged male in Korean.]

Jiu Er always thought that she was a few years older than Annan and should be the one teasing him. She was unprepared when Annan teased her in the “Ahjussi” state and felt her face burning.


It was like having a fever.

She moaned silently.

Do I have an Ahjussi-complex?!

Shut up. I’m Annan complex!

It took her a while before she finally calmed down.

The temperature on her face did not drop, and even the temperature on her palm also went up.

She carefully opened a crack in the door and peered inside.

For some reason, she expected to see Ghirlandaio standing in front of the door the moment she opened it, and then suddenly startled her.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Ghirlandaio did not go to bed, let alone lie under her covers. Instead, he took a blanket and slept on the sofa without taking off his clothes.

He fell into a deep dream with a rope tied around his ankle.

Tsk.” Only then did Jiu Er slowly react.

Why did Annan suddenly make such a move?

He did not want to take the liberty of lying on her bed and sleeping under her quilt. After all, Ghirlandaio was an adult male in appearance. He did not think it was appropriate, even if no one would find out about it.

However, he did not want to reject Jiu Er repeatedly because of this. He did not want her to be disappointed by this.

Jiu Er was certain she would pester Annan to sleep in her quilt. Or rather, she had been tidying up the room quietly without reminding Lin Yiyi, which was the little scheme of adolescent girls.

However, Annan’s keen eyes noticed it. He drove Jiu Er out of the room in this gentle way and immediately lay on the sofa and entered the nightmare. Jiu Er could not force him to her bed, and it was even more impossible for Ghirlandaio to stay here all the time.

There was only one chance, and she accidentally missed it.

“Is this a rejection? But it’s so tactful… that means, do I still have a chance?” She muttered softly and approached Ghirlandaio’s sleeping face.

After a long time, she gently shook her head with complicated emotions.

Picking up the citrus prepared on Annan’s bedside, she peeled it open and bit off a piece.

Obviously, it was very sweet.

It’s a pity I didn’t get you to eat it this time.

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