The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 521: Wanting To Be A Hero

Chapter 521: Wanting To Be A Hero

“Don’t you want some more?” The middle-aged man with black hair, black eyes, and facial features as deep as a statue held a wine glass with his right hand and clinked glasses with the werewolf girl beside him.

He whispered gently, “The wine here is pretty good. Or are you still nervous?”

“No, I’m just—”

Feeling Ghirlandaio’s warm breath on her ears, blowing the off-white fluffy hair, Doreen immediately shivered and sat up straight.

She subconsciously reacted loudly.

However, she quickly realized that before anyone else turned their attention to her. She immediately shook her ears, lay on the table, and kept silent.

Doreen tilted her head and said in a low voice, “That’s because, Master Ghirlandaio, I can’t tell whether the wine is good or bad.

“We werewolves are all like this. We have no good taste for wine.”

“Are werewolves a race that can’t drink?” Annan was a little surprised.

Doreen shook her head.

“That’s not the case.” But, she whispered, “We can still drink it, and we won’t get alcohol poisoning like a canine.

“It’s just that we werewolves can only taste bitterness when we drink. So no matter how good the wine is, it doesn’t make any difference to us.

“If we need to drink to lift our spirits, or if we want to get drunk, we only drink the lowest grade wine. That’s because the bitterness has washed out all other flavors.”

Oh?” Ghirlandaio was slightly taken aback when he heard those words, “Is that really the case?”

“Yes!” Doreen said with a bitter face, “I don’t like drinking alcohol. That’s just because it is too bitter.

“Compared to expensive wines, those cheap diluted wines can be less bitter. In that case, I can still drink a little bit, and it will be a refreshing appetizer.”

Is it too diluted?

Ghirlandaio couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips.


He suddenly recalled something, and his movement of raising the wine glass froze slightly.

His brother, Dmitri, mentioned that he liked to drink inferior-grade wine.

Logically speaking, as the former first heir of Austere-Winter’s Grand Duke, he shouldn’t even have access to inferior-grade wine. After all, that kind of alcohol was quite harmful to the body, especially for Dmitri, a heavy drinker.

Could this have something to do with Werewolf Bella?

“Ghirlandaio… milord!” A somewhat familiar voice sounded from behind.

Upon hearing this, Ghirlandaio turned his head curiously.

He saw Lin Yiyi at the first moment, followed her direction to look behind her, and saw Nieusel and the other two players.

Ghirlandaio smiled and waved to the three.

Seeing this, Nieusel reached out his hand helplessly and slapped himself on the forehead.

All my efforts are in vain.

“Yiyi.” Ghirlandaio clasped his hands together and smiled gently at Lin Yiyi, “Sorry, I’m late. I’m really sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.” At that moment, Lin Yiyi hallucinated Annan with folded hands and a slight smile through Ghirlandaio.

The silver shawl hair and blue-green pupils are as clear as gemstones. It would be even cuter if he could close one eye and tilt his head slightly.

Ah, I will only fantasize about it.

Lin Yiyi silently closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief. She had a peaceful expression on her face as if she had become a Buddha on the spot.

From this point of view, shouldn’t Ghirlandaio be regarded as the leader of the Peerless Young Beauty Virtual Organization?

Both the organization itself and the leader of the organization are virtual entities.

But at least the people are real. So is the mission.

That’s enough.

Lin Yiyi occasionally thought she was lucky to appear in this “game” as a savior, adventurer, or hero in this world.

If she came to this world at the Demon King’s side, she would find it difficult to accept the fate of destroying everything after being exposed to incomparably real people and bonds.

At the very beginning, although Lin Yiyi knew this might be another world, she still did not feel it. For her, this was a fantasy game.

However, in her later contact with these “indigenous peoples”, she gradually realized this after communicating, working with, fighting, and cooperating with them.

This place was indeed another world.

It was different from Jiu Er. She already had the awareness to kill, or she had not yet understood this world’s nature. Those were possible explanations.

After Lin Yiyi realized this, it was difficult for Lin Yiyi to accept killing others to gain experience. It could be her morality. However, she always felt that if the “monster” she slew were real, she would have a sense of guilt, especially if the victim had a family.

Of course, Lin Yiyi would still eradicate those truly hateful or attacked her.

However, her target was not like killing the guards, robbers, and the viscount’s mansion guard at the beginning, which felt easier.

It was not “as a player to kill the monsters”, but “as a hero to kill the villains”.

It was a killing that required awareness.

She did not know whether this change was good or bad.

However, she wanted to be a hero at the moment.

“Lord Ghirlandaio…” Lin Yiyi hesitated to speak, “Can we stay here and resolve the problem of Sporeggar Mill?”

She was a little worried that Annan was in some trouble.

According to her “initial impulse” when she first entered the game, she would rush over happily and request a mission if Annan encountered any trouble.

This will bring a lot of affection ratings!

I Have Flattered Him.jpg

However, times had changed.

She interacted with Nieusel a few times and chatted with the underground dwellers while shopping.

She realized how much an unsolvable nightmare had plagued the locals, Nieusel, and his childhood sweetheart.

Lin Yiyi felt like she could purify this nightmare. Their decryption efforts had progressed to the second level of the Sporeggar Mill.

They were close to the end. If they tried harder, they might have passed the level. Then, the nightmare would be purified, and the lives of the residents in the city would change.

Lin Yiyi realized that she was capable of doing it.

When she was young, she dreamt of becoming a superhero.

Indeed, although she was a girl, Lin Yiyi’s dream was not Disney’s princess but a manga superhero.

She occasionally fancied that if she had superpowers, some huge monster might suddenly emerge when she was in school. And at this time, she would make a grand appearance like a hero and save her teachers and classmates. Those people would also be surprised that their class monitor was a person with superpowers.

Undoubtedly, her dream would not come true on the other world: Earth.

However, things were different now.

Lin Yiyi felt clearly that she was needed.

She could change the fate of others.

Maybe, she might even be able to save the world!

She had heard that the most crucial thing about RPG-type games was the “role-play immersion”. Players would gradually bring themselves into the role and experience this “virtual second life”.

What she was experiencing at the current moment was an incomparably real second life.

“I want to stay here.” She repeated a second time, “I want to purify their nightmares.”

Looking at the light gradually rising in Lin Yiyi’s eyes, Ghirlandaio smiled reassuringly.

“Of course.” He held Lin Yiyi’s shoulders gently.

Those sturdy hands held her shoulders firmly. Although it was a stone statue, the skin was soft and warm, which made Lin Yiyi’s heart beat faster.

“Well, that’s why I’m here.” Ghirlandaio chuckled, “I’ve taken care of the problems on my side.

“A rescue job? You won’t be doing it alone.

“Let me join too.”

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