The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 488: The Stuck Team Is Slacking

Chapter 488: The Stuck Team Is Slacking

Overseer Nieusel, who had curly brown hair and green pupils emitting a mystical green light, visited Lin Yiyi’s house.

He took a sip of the tea Lin Yiyi made for him with a cheerful and sunny smile.

Nieusel looked at least 1.85 meters tall, with thick shoulders and burly muscles. However, the smile on his face looked a little innocent. He appeared like a fourteen years old, carefree youth.

His smile was seemingly contagious.

“This tea is not bad. I suppose this came from the Noah Kingdom!” Nieusel clapped his hands, happily picked up a piece of pastry, and praised, “It has excellent quality. It should only be available in Noah’s capital. I still have some tea from the Papal Kingdom at home, and I will bring it to you when I have time. Oh, this snack is not bad!”

“It’s just a normal snack you can find on the street.” Lin Yiyi smiled helplessly.

In their world, an extroverted person like Nieusel should be a real person.

Those people were generally pretty nice people.

He could chat happily for two hours with someone he had only met twice. Moreover, he was almost the only one talking. Lin Yiyi hardly said a few words.

Under such circumstances, Nieusel would not feel embarrassed and could still smile so brightly. So much so that even Lin Yiyi, who did not have much to say, was led to chatting for a while by him. She even felt that her mood had improved.

This was probably why the person behind Nieusel sent him an Overseer to interact with them.

It was precisely because the other party was familiar with Nieusel’s character and knew that he could mingle well with other people, so he was sent to the players’ side every day.

But what was this for? What did they want? The Overseer did not patrol the streets nor stay in his office. Is it fine to come over to chat and drink tea?

He had never come empty-handed either. This time, he sent a few bottles of wine and a few sets of clothes. There was also special coffee powder from the United Kingdom—yes, the players had been in this world for so long, and this was the first time they had encountered coffee.

Of course, the coffee was not referred to as coffee.

According to Nieusel, the beans were called “Alpine Wine” and were a specialty of the Alpine Island in the United Kingdom.

The raw material of “Alpine Wine” was called “Alpine Fruit”, which was generally used by local people as a kind of wild medicinal material. While energizing the brain, its most effective function was preventing nightmares’ sudden arrival.

When the Influence was about to take effect, taking a small bottle of “Alpine Wine” stewed with about 80g to 100g of coffee powder could maintain a sleep-free state for nearly a day. In some places where it was unclear whether there would be nightmares, this reagent could effectively maintain wakefulness.

Lin Yiyi thought to herself. If she were to have taels of coffee beans in her stomach, she probably would not be able to fall asleep even if she did not undergo any ritual.

People in this world also believed that “natural things would be better for the body”. The Alteration Wizard could also make sobriety mixture and energy recovery medicine, and the effect was better.

However, “Alpine Wine” was a natural plant, after all. Many nobles of the United Kingdom preferred to take this stuff and would give it to each other as gifts for friends. There would also be some nobles who would take a small amount of “Alpine Wine” for health care and “supplement to the brain”.

However, this item was not worthy of being popularized as a drink at present due to its price.

Indeed. According to Nieusel, the Alpine Wine was costly.

Lin Yiyi was already thinking. When the players could roam the world freely, should they head to the United Kingdom to dig out a few coffee trees?

The Noah’s soil was fertile, and the land was cheap.

She planned to get some “Alpine Nuts” to see if they were real coffee beans.

No matter what, this thing looked like coffee. Thus, they might be the same thing. If their nature were similar, she would look up some information or buy a coffee tree cultivation guide so the players could start farming.

Isn’t it convenient to use a teleportation waypoint to achieve this?

It would be great to be involved in the business. After all, the players did not know how long they would stay in this world. Although doing missions to earn money gave a sense of adventure, it felt a bit boring after some time.

Just in case, let’s do some business first.

Old Goose’s group went to Natta County to see if they could get involved in the “Demon Blood” industrial chain. Longjing Tea had also made an agreement with Salvatore and would recommend some new players to go to Swamp’s Black Tower, which was destroyed once. These players would ascend their profession into Alteration Wizard.

On the one hand, it was because Swamp’s Black Tower had a lot of formulas that could make serious money. On the other hand, Salvatore needed such a group of “genius wizards” as the pillar to continue the development of Swamp’s Black Tower.

But then again, coffee is so expensive.

Why do they gift them to us?

All three of us are Bronze Rank Transcenders, and there is no shortage of transcenders in the underground city.

It stands to reason that there is no need to befriend us.

Could they already know that we are working under His Royal Highness Annan?

Considering that Annan was about to inherit the Austere-Winter Dukedom and the “Sporeggar Mill” was just below the Austere-Winter Dukedom, it seemed logical to establish a good relationship with Annan.

Still, they should refrain from supervising the players in challenging the dungeon instance.

Could it be “work slavery”?

This was already his second trip to this place.

When he came to deliver the gifts last time, he had chatted with the three of them for a long time like this.

Although they were delighted during the chat, they discovered they had unknowingly wasted a lot of time after the conversation. With this time, they would rather study how to challenge the dungeon instance or hang around the forum for a while.

If Old Goose or Longjing Tea were here, they would enjoy the chat. Unfortunately, the other players probably did not have that kind of leisure.

So when Nieusel visited for the second time, Jiu Er and Suankou pushed Captain Lin Yiyi out to handle him.

“—Please, elder sister.”

“—You are the senior.”

The duo continued to nestle on the bed, browse the forum and enjoy snacks. They were having the time of their life.

No matter how much they ate in this world, their body in reality wouldn’t get fat. Not only their body won’t get fat in reality, but their body in this world wouldn’t even get fat either. After all, the body of a battle-class transcender required a lot of energy. After realizing the good news, the players consumed snacks and barbecue daily, falling into madness.

In fact, after the three players arrived in the underground city “Sporeggar Mill”, the first thing they did was to ask passers-by about the shops to buy delicious snacks.

They were prudent.

After all, they had a lot of money now. Suuankou sold a few sets of traps when he was in the capital; Jiu Er worked as a thug for a month, hacking about twenty people to death. Many of them were transcenders, so she had earned a lot of money.

However, Lin Yiyi earnt a little bit more.

When she passed by Treasure Diamond Island for the first time, she bought a lot of cheap gems relying on Bishop Daryl’s reputation. When these gems arrived at the Noah Kingdom, even the price of the least expensive gems had doubled or tripled. A polished piece of ruby ​​the size of a thumb was sold for 30 gold coins.

This had supplemented the cost of buying her gemstones for advancement after she lent some money to Old Goose.

Lin Yiyi was also in a complicated mood.

She never expected that smuggling gems would obtain her first pot of gold in the game.

Except for Longjing Tea, who came from Swamp’s Black Tower and was directly filled with equipment and reagents, they were almost the wealthiest players.

Of course, other players did not expect them to bring back any special products. After all, as long as they could successfully establish the teleportation waypoint, other players could teleport over at any time.

The premise of everything was to have the teleportation waypoint established smoothly.

“By the way, Nieusel.” Lin Yiyi changed the subject abruptly and asked instead, “[Sporeggar Mill] nightmare has been with you for so long. Do you have any information for reference?”


It was embarrassing to say.

From the second day they moved here, they had been stuck in progressing through the nightmare for two days.

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