The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 487: The Nefertari That Has Gradually Gone Haywire

Chapter 487: The Nefertari That Has Gradually Gone Haywire

In the bright study, there was a unique lamp immersed in water.

It was not a smokeless lamp made of “Green Fire” as fuel. On the contrary, the light emitted was bright, but it was glaring by the standard of a study. Worse still, it wasn’t pleasant for the eyes.

After all, underground folks were sensitive to light.

Money, leisure, status, and skills—Nefertari had high requirements for her quality of life.

The walls and curtains of her study were pure wooden furniture made of evening primrose and secret oil. This opaque material had a strong light absorption, which could keep the study from sunlight even at noon. In return, it would prevent the light in the study from being reflected through the curtains, thus leaking privacy.

For sound insulation, a special ointment was applied.

This ointment could be extracted from the skin secretions of the Silent Realm’s summon, a xenomorph-like monster called the Mute.

Her crystal desk lamp was made of a hollow irregular cube with a lot of seawater and dozens of “light-concealing ice cubes” to make a desk lamp with adjustable brightness. As she pressed the knob, seawater would flow through the mechanism to the other side without ice, and the brightness would also decrease after reducing the amount of water.

This simple invention was also the product of the “Wise”.

They were unlike the Alteration Wizards of Swamp’s Black Tower, who wanted to develop a reagent with complex functions or conduct research and development at a deeper level.

Instead, they used a large number of existing ritual products to make appropriate combinations. Most of the Wise Council’s inventions were at this level. After all, the Wise were not Alteration Wizards and were not scholars researching deeper-level technology.

However, using the fundamental theories and products of Alteration Wizards to optimize was surprisingly efficient. Moreover, the sales of various products they produced were superb.

Like the light-blocking curtain mentioned above, it was called “light-proof linen” in the Noah Kingdom. Each piece would cost 8 silver coins… almost 10 times the cost.

The Wise might be physically defenseless, but wisdom was a lethal weapon for them.

The young female ritualist with skin as pale as a marble stone and flaming pupils was searching the bookshelves.

She had 8 bookshelves filled with books, and she used the Mysterious Lady ritual to overlap the bookshelves’ positions. In this way, the bookshelves would only occupy the space of one bookshelf, but she could consult the information on multiple bookshelves simultaneously. Moreover, she could continue to add more books in the future.

“Found it!” Nefertari whispered.

She took out an ancient leather book from the bookshelf giving out dark blue ripples.

The book was made of elf skin and trembled slightly like a living thing when touched by the hand. It seemed to have some consciousness, resisting Nefertari’s reading.

Nefertari put her hand on the page and whispered,

“Silence. Six. Light ant.”

Then, she turned the book pages and recited the password she had set, “Glow Worm. Three and one-seventh. Nefertari.”

After resolving two layers of passwords, the text on the page was restored to its original state.

Her cautiousness was justifiable.

This was because the book was a genuine “original”.

The book was called [Jungle Adventure 1096], a diary written in the Fourth Age about the secrets of deities and extraordinary beings.

Nefertari had roughly read through this book. That was why she was able to pinpoint this book accurately.

“Wise” would use a special esoteric ritual to allow themselves to skim a book, leaving a clear impression of it without eating up memory. In this way, they would avoid a lot of undue influence when reading the “originals” or avoid being entrapped by the hidden rituals in the book.

When they needed to search for information, they would immediately know where the information could be found in their mind.

It was similar to a search engine that filled in data by itself.

“It’s here!” Soon, Nefertari found the passage in her memory, “…When we marched to Natta County, Blind Monty, Captain Justice, and I finally made up our minds. We have decided to corrupt our souls.

“Blind Monty gave us a suggestion: This is a technique used by the ascendants of the ‘Tooth and Iron Alliance’ when the elves and centaur ruled the world, and it can effectively resist betrayal. This is a good technique. It’s recorded down below:

“When the trio is preparing to corrupt their soul at the same time, they can disclose the oath curse that protects the soul to one of them; when they are trying to condense the soul, they can tell the other person about the oath curse that represents the core of the soul.

“In this way, it is guaranteed that everyone will know the oath curse of the other two after the soul condensation is completed. However, it is impossible to kill anyone among themselves with a jinx alone; at the same time, everyone is the secret keeper of the other two. The other two people will protect him. It prevents him from suddenly losing the secret keeper and becoming unable to suppress the curse.

“At the same time, having each other’s deepest secrets is also one of the easiest ways to form a friendship. This ritual usually chooses two transcenders of the same sex and one transcender of the opposite sex. This is to prevent the opposite sex from intervening in this stable triangle structure and to prevent anyone among them from deceiving vital information. When one’s critical flaw is held in the hands of another, anyone in the team has a reason to exclude all those who come close.

“They don’t exist as a relationship as a couple, but an overly close ‘secret keeper’ relationship that is better than lovers and relatives. Usually, they don’t need friends of the opposite sex. It is said that under the background of having friends of the opposite sex who can share their hearts, all the opposite sex will appear superficial and dull.

“In ancient times, the ‘Sun Council’ produced actual power in this ritual. [The Fifth Luminary of the Sun is the light reflected in the pupils of the world.] The relationship between people can also become a strength. (Also: Blind Monty said that the Sun Council is not called the Sun Council, but its name cannot be pronounced or written down.] Thus, it is referred to as the Sun Council here. The following “Sun Church”, “Eight Luminaries Council”, and “Eight Luminaries Church” refer to the same).”

Nefertari only read until this point.

After reading the materials she needed, she closed the book rationally and calmly.

Essential qualities of a ritualist were not curiosity, fanaticism, and seeking knowledge.

Instead, it was reasoning and calmness.

Even if she only inquired about such information, she was forced to read a piece of occult knowledge about the “Fifth Luminary of the Sun”. It had a pronounced effect on her mind. When she closed her eyes after looking at the light, she could feel the light dancing in her eyes, seeming she couldn’t even close her eyes the next moment.

The learned Nefertari knew that this was the Novice Influence named the [Radiant of Rapture]. She needed to put herself in a dark environment and lie on the ground for more than ten minutes to let the “living light” in her brain and eyes escape.

“Still, I have achieved my goal.” Nefertari frowned slightly.

According to Nieusel’s feedback, the three of them lived in one house but stayed in three different bedrooms.

This magical relationship made it difficult for Nefertari to judge the situation.

After Lin Yiyi accepted the three jewels, this abnormal behavior immediately startled Nefertari as if it reminded her of something.

But after checking the information now, Nefertari suddenly realized,

[The name of the organization cannot be read or written down.], [Starting from Bronze Rank, they act in a group of three], [Two of the same sex, one of the opposite sex, but it is not a couple relationship], [Taking the role of “secret keeper” for each other when advancing”]…and most importantly, possibly related to [the Sun].

When they met for the first time, Nefertari was sharp enough to perceive something related to the influence of the “sun” from them.

As we all know, the “eye” was one of the appearances of the Sun.

I’m right!

Everything just so happens to coincide!

There is no doubt that the Secret Eye is this ancient organization that has existed since the Fourth Age… even in the age of elves!

Nefertari thought contentedly.

Could “Secret Eye” be referring to a solar eclipse?

What does solar eclipse refer to?

Could it be the zeroth day of the Sun? There is no such saying either.

“Or… are they worshiping the Seventh Luminary?” Nefertari murmured.

After all, only the Seventh Luminary has yet to be born. Therefore, to say “light that does not exist”, that could only be the Seventh Luminary.

But the concept is too abstract…

Sure enough, I should stop speculating. Let’s rule out this possibility first.

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