The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 482: War Game

Chapter 482: War Game

Soon enough, the four-minute public chat time was over.

Delicious Wind Goose pressed the “8” key without hesitation.

The receiver also quickly answered the phone:

“Who are you? What’s your identity?”

Delicious Wind Goose asked immediately.

“I’m Dove, Energy Falteration School, and not a Prophet,” Dove responded quickly, “You are the captain. Time is running out, so speak quickly. I’ll pass on your command to Anderson.”

Delicious Wind Goose did not have much time to think, but he already had a rough plan, “They put on the villager role to stay defensive. As long as no one dies by the next night, the innocent will win.”

His thinking gradually became clear as he spoke, “But they can’t defend all the time because they will inevitably vote out three people. Then, on the next day, someone among the eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh will use their skill. “

Moreover, there was also the Idol Wizard bringing chaos into this game.

The Idol Wizard only needed to make sure that two people were dead. At the same time, the rest would not want the Idol Wizard to win. Then, if the Idol Wizard disclosed his identity and declared it the next day, the other people must let the “survival target” he named die to stop the Idol Wizard from winning; at the same time, the “death target” he declared could not be executed.

The option left would be to kill the Idol Wizard directly.

But no matter what, as long as the Idol Wizard used his skill, it would bring about death.

Then, the Idol Wizard would almost certainly kill people on the first night to switch sides. If the switch failed, he might throw away his offensive stance and act defensively.

However, as long as the Idol Wizard succeeded in killing people on the first or second night…at the latest on the third night, there would be at least two nights where murders would happen.

There was no way to shelter away this possibility.

“If we go with the innocent team, we can’t fight back and kill anyone. Once villagers are actually killed, we can’t kill people who already have a kill count to stop the opponent. That forces us to switch sides…

“I don’t know if the seven ‘villagers’ in this round are real or not. If Anderson is a wizard, I suggest killing No. 1 and No. 6 tonight. As long as we can get a villager dead, we will commit suicide and give him the kill count on the third night. Then, that will complete our mission.”

Time was running out.

Without hesitation, Dove dialed number 12.

Delicious Wind Goose realized that the greatest difficulty with this game was timing. Time was so tight that complex logical thinking was almost impossible. Furthermore, it was hard to convince other people because time was tight, and no one would listen.

…Then, how will the voting go during the daytime tomorrow?

But at this moment, Delicious Wind Goose saw the lights of No. 8 and No. 12 lit.

He suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

Looking at the dim runes of others, he seemed to see others looking down at him indifferently.

Delicious Wind Goose realized one thing.

Among the twelve people, it seemed only three of them had a private chat.

This meant that if someone died tonight, they might have been exposed!

Unfortunately, that was unavoidable. The killers could not communicate with each other at night.

Delicious Wind Goose could not modify his plan immediately.

He could only wait for dawn.

Soon enough, the first night was over.

“Then, it’s daytime.”

Ike’s voice sounded: “Number one died last night. He was murdered.

“Speak in the order of actions last night: Twelfth, Nine, Eighth, Eleventh, Sixth; the rest did not act last night. We will start with number two today. Your chance to speak is arranged in numerical order.”

—This is bad.

It was different from what he had anticipated at the start. Even the people who don’t take action will be announced?

Delicious Wind Goose’s heart sank.

Does this mean that the identities of the three of us are revealed on the first day?

Longjing Tea, who watched the live broadcast, sighed.

“—Old Goose, your brain power is still lacking…”

Annan couldn’t help but shake his head as he muttered, “It’s not the end. It depends on how you act.”

Delicious Wind Goose seems to realize something.

But he still could not find the crux of the problem.

The outcome of this game does not fall on the “wizards” but on “villagers”.

No. 12 was obviously taken aback for a few seconds.

He did not seem to expect that he would be the first to act.

He hesitated.

Then, he suddenly started to speak, “I am the Prophet wizard. I didn’t reveal my identity on the first day. I tested on the seventh yesterday, and he is indeed a Destruction Wizard, not an Idol Wizard.”


Delicious Wind Goose was taken aback.


Although this speech was not top-notch, it salvaged the situation a little.

Then it was number 9’s turn to speak, “I am the actual Prophet Wizard! I tested number 8 last night. He is an Energy Falteration Wizard. They have negotiated beforehand! Let’s first vote for imposter number 12 today and vote for number 8 tomorrow! I saw the 3rd and 8th having a conversation. So, we will vote 3rd out on the fourth day. I have already made arrangements for you all. Pass!”

Then, it was followed by Dove.

She said thoroughly, “Number 9 is wrong. I am not an Energy Falteration Wizard. Of course, I am not a Prophet Wizard either.

“—I am a villager.”

The corners of Annan’s mouth turned upward.

It was Dove who reacted first.

Dove said calmly, “From the 1st to the 6th, the sixth villager claims will protect them, but I may be killed as a lone villager. Thus, I have claimed to be a Prophet Wizard. At that time, there was no Prophet Wizard. Obviously, I have to wear that hat. At the same time, we have number 7, the real Prophet Wizard, to perform the verification so as to prevent him from pretending to be the Destruction Wizard as an Idol Wizard to mess up the voting.

“Number 9 goes against me when I claim to be the Prophet Wizard. However, instead of voting me out, he voted for the real Prophet Wizard number 12 first. I suspect he intends to kill me, a real villager, tonight. Now, he is lying about his identity. Therefore, I propose to cast your vote to execute number nine today. Pass.”

The corners of Annan’s mouth rose slightly.

Although there were still many flaws with Dove’s speech, she was pretty alert compared to Delicious Wind Goose just because she had never played Werewolf.

Dove successfully disrupted all the first three speeches, creating doubts that ruined their credibility. Those who speak later must pick a side and provide new information and ideas. Otherwise, it would be deadlocked.

There was an obvious difference between the rule of this nightmare and Werewolf.

That was because villagers could hardly kill anyone and couldn’t act. Thus, they were basically regarded as innocent people.

In other words, villagers without skills had a higher social status than wizards with skills.

After all, this was not a [killing game] that focused on logical interpretation and hiding identity.

It was a [War Game] that focused on incitement with [killing game] as a disguise in its appearance.

It would have a clear dividing line. Before the death of the second corpse, everyone tended to be defensive; after the second corpse appeared, everyone else would tend to kill.

Under strategic deterrence, no one would act rashly. Whoever acted first would be the target of the public.

But if everyone started to act, those who had not acted would become “sheep”. At that time, everyone had to change sides with blood on their hands to avoid being persecuted. The situation would immediately become chaotic.

To prevent the “wolves” from eating more “sheep” and becoming fat, villagers must be protected. At this time, villagers had the highest status card. However, after the war broke out, the sheep would be eaten in the shortest time. By then, the villager role was the most dangerous card again.

The victory condition of this game did not lie in how to hide one’s own identity or how to see through the identity of others.

It was about how people with ulterior motives could disrupt others and how people who wanted to maintain order could persuade everyone to be rational.

It was about how to control people’s hearts and how to set off momentum.

In other words, how to instigate and stop a war.

So, this was a ritual about “war”.

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