The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 481: An Unexpected Beginning

Chapter 481: An Unexpected Beginning

“Then, we’re proceeding to a public speaking period of up to four minutes, followed by a one-minute private speaking period.

“—Then, let the game begin!”

After Ike Searing-Fang’s voice sounded, the cuff on Delicious Wind Goose’s wrist was immediately unlocked.

However, Delicious Wind Goose did not speak immediately but kept silent first.

He would wait and see other people’s speeches first, lest he says something wrong and exposes his identity as a newcomer. At the same time, it gave him the opportunity to reflect a little bit on the current situation.

As a result, he saw that the rune marked with the number “1” on the machine in front of him suddenly lit up. A filtered voice sounded beside him:

“I’m number one, villager, pass.”


Delicious Wind Goose was taken aback.

Why do you claim yourself as a villager?

Not only do villagers have no skills, but they also don’t have an advantage in the battle with wizards, so they may be killed. Even if he is a villager, he should assume another identity to save his life.

But then, number 2 spoke, “I’m number 2, villager, pass.”

Why are the speeches so short?

Delicious Wind Goose was a little taken aback.

It was different from the Werewolf game he had previously played.

He had played the Werewolf party game before. In addition, he even played a season in the Werewolf Game Variety Show, which the streaming platform organized. But because of this, he was a little confused about the situation in front of him.

But it’s too late now—

Although it was the designated period for the players to speak publicly, the rule here was to speak in order. Delicious Wind Goose, as number three, was about to have his turn to speak up.

Ahem! Villager, number 3…, pass.”

Despite being unable to figure out the situation, Delicious Wind Goose’s IQ was still fine.

From the 4th to the 6th, they all claimed to be villagers.

Fuck, how are there six players claiming the villager’s identity!?

Something must have gone wrong there!

There must be something here that the Old Goose had overlooked.

Or probably that his faulty thinking approach made him capture the wrong hint.

Delicious Wind Goose hesitated for a moment but opened up the bullet text first.

It was number seven’s turn. A different voice sounded:

“Number 7, my identity is Destruction Wizard. I will not kill anyone tonight.”

“Number eight, um… I’m the seer, and I’ll check on number seven tonight.”

The seer…isn’t it the Prophet wizard?

[TN: Seer [1] is the role name the Werewolf game adopted. Thus, it hints that he exists outside this world.]

Delicious Wind Goose reacted. This was probably a hint given to him by one of his teammates.

The players sent three people into the nightmare. That was the most significant advantage for the players—it was simply a rule-breaking approach to allying. So there must be some way to contact their teammates. It would be more convenient whether it was in the voting or killing stage.

Then, he heard another voice:

“Number 9, I am the Prophet wizard. Number 8, it is not too late to claim you are a villager. Otherwise, I will verify Number 8’s identity tonight. If I die, you shall vote Number 8 out of the game tomorrow.”

“I’m Number 10, Edict Wizard. I’ll defend myself tonight without using a skill.”

“I’m the Eleventh, an Edict Wizard. I’ll defend myself tonight, too.”

Why did the tempo suddenly speed up?

Six villagers’ roles were claimed at the start, then two Prophet Wizards and two Edicts Wizards popped out.

Speaking of which, where is the last player?

At this moment, Number 12 said, “I’m number 12, and I’m a villager. I’m new, and I don’t know anything. Can someone teach me privately?”

This should be the third player.

Eighth and Twelfth.

I wonder who Dove is and who Anderson is.

But hearing so much defensive stance, Delicious Wind Goose vaguely realized something.

Number seven: “How many newcomers are there? Is it just the twelfth?”

Number One: “No, there is at least one newcomer between Number Eight and Number Nine. I’m more inclined toward Number Eight. Soul Snatch Wizard should control Number Eight tonight so he won’t screw things up.”

Hearing this, Annan had already reacted.

This game should not be played the same as Werewolf the Party Game…

—This game was not a game contesting for kills at all.

He looked at Delicious Wind Goose with some concern.

Judging from the bullet text, the rest of the players did not notice. They were still approaching the nightmare with the thinking pattern of playing Werewolf the game.

Should I give them a hint now?

Delicious Wind Goose was still thinking hard.

At first glance, the players should have an advantage as the killer because they could trust each other.

If the players came in with their entire party of four, they were all wizards on the first night, and successfully killed four people, then they would win. That was because there were only three rounds of voting, and it was impossible to vote four of them out.

However, the problem was that the players could only have some of them take the wizard role in terms of probability wise. That was because one-third of the people in this game were villagers.

For example, Delicious Wind Goose was a villager this round.

In theory, the villagers could kill wizards too, but the chances were minute.

So, those people wearing villagers’ disguises should pick a defensive stance to protect the real civilians.

In other words, their default victory condition was having the innocent win. In other words, everyone would play safe so that everyone won and everyone was happy in the end.

Should we approach this game in this way too?

Delicious Wind Goose was a little enticed by this idea.

But he quickly vetoed this decision with reasons.

And the reason was simple.

After all, they entered the arena as three people, not four. Since he was a villager, there was a high probability that number 8 was not a Prophet Wizard. If there was a villager between number 8 and number 12, then they had a lineup of double villagers. Thus, they had no way to resist a killer.

Number one and two might be wizards wearing the villager disguise, but Delicious Wind Goose was truly a villager. If more than three people joined forces, there was a high probability that Old Goose would die in the first round.

Even if Old Goose did not on the first night… If three people were almost certain to be voted out, everyone had to use skills to prove their identity on the second night. There was a high probability that someone would die the second night.

If this was the case, those who participated in the killing had a high chance of winning.

Even if the NPC won, the players could still win alongside them.

Then, there was a final choice.

Delicious Wind Goose, as one of the “six consecutive claims for villagers”, had a low probability of death.

If he was lucky enough to survive until the third day, he could kill his companions to gain kill counts. It did not even have to be Delicious Wind Goose. Number eight or twelve could opt for this strategy too.

In that case, choosing to kill was the best choice.

They could kill people in the first two days to reduce the number of people able to send messages out publicly.

Even if all the people in the game were on the defensive for the first two days, as long as one person successfully killed someone, he could be arranged to kill another companion on the third day and obtain the victory condition. No matter if the other person had killed someone or died, the condition of “the whole team of killers win” could be satisfied.

As long as one person successfully killed two people and survived to the end, the players would emerge victorious.

Delicious Wind Goose immediately reacted.

The core of this game was not to hide their identity!

Because he did not need to kill all the villagers or all the role players to win, exposing the killer’s identity did not mean a disadvantage.

The key lay in the “Wolf King”!

To protect the person that would have a double kill to attain victory, he was even allowed to kill a teammate to get a kill count! As long as a person with two kills survived to the fourth night, all those who had killed people would win.

The innocent did not need to find all the killers. They needed to prevent the killers from getting two kill counts in the third round or vote the wolf king out on the fourth day and win!

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