The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 308: Fear My Name

Chapter 308: Fear My Name

Suuankou had just finished his work quota for live streaming in his original Earth. After he checked up on Dove’s stream recording and listened to the vivid description from the Child, he was amazed, “…Fuck, how are you so brave?”

He was regretful about it. If I had known that an elite player was just around me, I would have just applied for leave for my work!

In the end, I didn’t expect that my character just died once for nothing.

Dove gained experience, and Citalopram and Wandering Child were kept as precious materials because of their potential to be precious materials. Only he was crushed by Jude’s stray AoE attacks…

As soon as he went online, he found himself dropping by one level.

Dove, who was at the same level as him previously, had already reached Level 10.


“That’s a Transcended opponent of Silver Rank…” Suuankou muttered.

In addition to yearning for the experience points, he was also excited about “defeating such a powerful enemy”.

In terms of the Suuankou’s knowledge in the Transcended world, his understanding of a Silver Rank Transcended was quite limited. He didn’t have much chance to encounter them.

A Silver Rank Transcended seemingly could melt and collapse the surrounding earth even when they stood still. Moreover, they could turn the average vine into sturdy spears at will, and they were a common attack a Silver Rank Transcended could unleash at will.

Suuankou didn’t think it was shameful if he were to be defeated against an opponent of this caliber. On the other hand, if he could defeat such an opponent, it would give off an indescribable and intense sense of accomplishment for overcoming a difficult challenge.

Indeed, Suuankou was this type of player.

He was the type that could clear the Getting Over It [1] and its DLC…

“But what’s more important now is the new curse that Sister Dove got.”

After they packed up and walked towards the ruins, the Child said seriously, “Since Sister Dove is a hunter-type profession, the feature of this profession is that it can extract curses from the killed enemies.

“And the curse she absorbed is the one Jude used in the video.”

The Child walked at the front of the group with lingering fears, “If it weren’t for luck, we really might not be able to kill that guy…”

[Mortals Shall Fear My Name (Resolve Type): You must let the enemy know your real name. In return, your existence will become fear.]

[When your enemy learns your real name, their attempt in blocking, parrying, defending (spell/divine art), and resisting (divine art ability checks) will face an increase in difficulty by 30%. Your success rate in inflicting [Fear], [Intimidation], [Sneak Attack], and [Execution] are increased by 25%.]

[When your enemy does not know your name, the damage you take is increased by an additional 100%.]

“…That’s so ruthless.”

Suuankou couldn’t help but sigh, “You got to have the balls to equip this curse…”

When the enemy learned your real name, you would become an armor-piercing bow.

The enemy would face more difficulties in blocking and parrying attacks. At the same time, the armor, shield, or the earth wall which the Child summoned would be weakened by 30%.

Suuankou finally knew why the earth wall summoned by the Child was shattered so easily by the vines. It was because the Child subconsciously remembered Jude’s name.

Furthermore, the reason why Dove could kill Jude with one arrow was also simple.

She was thinking about how to escape at the time, so she didn’t hear what Jude said.

Hence, her attack effectiveness on Jude had doubled.

That was why the Child said they had defeated Jude out of luck.

This was undoubtedly a pretty powerful curse.

But if it was misused, it was also a risky curse.

This curse’s effect was like a glass cannon [2].

Hiss…” Suuankou took a deep breath, then sighed again.

To be honest, I’m a bit jealous…

If only I could get this curse.

Although the curse was quite compatible with his profession as a Trap Rogue, he could immediately become an assassin-type Roge if he had this curse.

This curse was seeming designed for assassin-type professions or agility warrior-type professions. They made up for the two biggest shortcomings of “the lack of attack power of agility-type professions” and “the lack of intimidation of glass cannon professions”.

Any profession with quick movements, fast attack speed, and excellent evasion could make full use of this curse. Except for the two attributes of [Fear] and [Intimidation], they could effectively utilize the remaining magical effects.

Its debuff could be overcome with an ability that provides higher evasion.

As long as one doesn’t get hit, it didn’t matter how many times the incoming damage was doubled.

“When I advance, I also want to get such a curse,” Suuankou muttered with some longing.

But… He looked at the Wandering Child strangely.

“Sister Dove”, what do you mean?

Dove appears to be around fourteen or fifteen years old. Considering that she may be relatively young, I guess she is seventeen or eighteen years old…

Child, you’re approaching your 30s, don’t you feel shameful for calling her sister?

But seeing Dove’s calm expression to this address, Suuankou subconsciously “hiss” again.

I think I have missed a lot of things by not going online…

“Sister Dove, it’s not a loss to get this curse.”

The Child explained, “I heard from His Highness Annan that the specialty of the [Hunter] type profession is that it can absorb a lot of curses from others. Their main combat approach is to form a skill build by stacking and chaining the curses together. In other words, the most important thing isn’t how good the positive effect is, but how weak the negative effect is. The most important thing is to avoid forming a bad chain reaction with other curses.

“Dove’s main fighting approach has been bow and arrow. Then, the negative effect of this curse, ‘increase in damage suffered’ is negligible. Even if she does not deploy the curse, she is only losing out in increasing her damage output.”

“What I really like is that it can increase the penetrating power of arrows. If the enemy remembers my name, but I am out of sight, I can launch an armor-piercing attack sneakily.” Dove added, “I can’t increase my arrow shooting speed while still ensuring adequate range and power. Even if I have the strength to do so, the bow can’t bear the tension.

“Considering the limited number of arrows, increasing the hit rate is much more important than increasing the frequency of attacks…”

“—Stop.” Suddenly, Suuankou raised his hand to signal the party to stop, “There is a trap ahead, or rather a barrier.”

[Skillful Hands] granted Suuankou the vision in highlighting traps which allowed him to see a hazy white light that was not far away.

As he looked over carefully, he could barely tell that it was a transparent film that looked like a blown foam and glowed like the rainbow lights under the sun.

“Password…” Suuankou muttered.

Citalopram immediately stepped forward and replied calmly, “Those who cannot learn from death are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.”

After her voice fell, the world in front of her suddenly distorted and changed.

The crooked path emerged from the initial dense forest in front of them.

At the end of that path, there was a lonely and already opened stone gate in the middle of the road.

The gate was about three meters high. It was like some kind of radiation, flashing a conspicuous faint blue fluorescence at night.

It was like Doraemon’s Anywhere Door [3]. There was nothing behind the door but only a layer of walls.

But if one were to gaze into the door from the front, it was clouded with thick white fog.

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