The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 307: Soon Arriving Eugene Geraint

Chapter 307: Soon Arriving Eugene Geraint

“…That’s about it.” Annan briefly described his itinerary for the next few days, “If everything goes well, I should be back within a week.”

Hearing this, Kafni nodded slightly. “Got it.”

She then tilted her head towards the left in confusion as she asked, “But why are you telling me this?”

Lin Yiyi, standing aside, quickly took a picture of Kafni. After cropping out a part of it, she added a line of words under Kafni’s expression, “Small eyes filled with big confusion,” and then uploaded it onto the forum.

The two posts that Lin Yiyi had been updating for an extended period were [Annan’s emojis pack] and [Kafni’s emojis pack]. These two posts had been on the homepage for a week and have yet to drop off from the news feed because of Lin Yiyi’s diligent updates.

With Lin Yiyi’s increased understanding of the forum mechanics and the rapid spread of Annan’s emojis pack, she had become more excessive in doing this.

For example, the expression pack she made had transitioned from jpg formats to gif.

But Annan could only pretend not to know anything.

Kafni suddenly seemed to be thinking, like she had understood something, “Your Highness, do you want me to go with you?

“Is it to collect advanced materials? Do you need my protection?”

“If you want, you may come along. But in fact, I can go by myself. The ruins are safe.” Annan was silent for a moment, then said earnestly, “I just thought of telling you.

“I can’t leave without saying goodbye. If I had snuck away and you don’t know where I am, you might be scared.”

“…Your Highness thinks that I’m some kind of baby animal?” Hearing this, the corners of Kafni’s mouth rose slightly. Then, her soft and ethereal voice was heard, “I won’t be afraid.

“After all, I grew up alone…”

…I don’t think you’d be scared either.

Forget it. It’s almost time.

Annan nodded and said politely to Lin Yiyi, who was beside him, “Then while I’m away, Roseburg will be in your care.”

Eh?” Lin Yiyi was a little surprised, “Your Highness, aren’t you taking me?

“Am I not your bodyguard?”

“It would be too slow to travel with you. It would be faster for me to travel by myself.” Annan let out a cold voice and explained solemnly, “I’m going to look for the Child… As I see it, I’ll just have to follow their tracks, and there is no pressure.

“If I’m in danger, I’ll look for the Child to come to my rescue— they’ll be closer to me.”

“…Ah.” Hearing such words, Lin Yiyi subconsciously responded.

As the Child and the rest were mentioned, she subconsciously thought of Dove’s dazzling archery from just now.

Are these second-batch players all monsters? Thinking of this, Lin Yiyi couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed.

Aside from efficiently and quickly attaining the affection ratings of Annan and Kafni, what else could she do?

She then gently embraced Annan who was sitting on the stool from behind and held his head in front of her under Jiu Er’s exasperated bullet texts bombardment on the stream. She swayed slightly from side to side as she sniffed the cedar and citrusy aroma on Annan.

Each time, she would clearly realize the beautification effects she had chosen when creating her character were of great help.

Annan had gradually gotten used to this level of intimate acts from Lin Yiyi that also happened to Kafni. As long as it didn’t affect him, he generally wouldn’t reprimand Lin Yiyi.

He also clearly knew that this was already considered a more polite and restrained behavior of the players.

This was also why Annan didn’t have much reaction despite Kafni’s staring at Lin Yiyi.

Of course, if the muscular bald head Delicious Wind Goose were to make such a move, Annan would struggle with all his might.

After all, there was an obvious difference between the sense given by shampoo and that of a chokehold.

Annan had always been firm and quick in taking action.

Like what he had said, he wasn’t here to seek help from Lin Yiyi and Kafni this time. Instead, he came to say goodbye to them with his luggage packed by Lin Yiyi yesterday.

After saying goodbye to Lin Yiyi and Kafni, Annan immediately left Roseburg.

However, Kafni got a visitation notice from Don Juan Geraint within two hours after Annan left.

“…Don Juan’s second brother is coming to Roseburg the day after tomorrow?” Kafni reread the cover of the visitation notice with some confusion.

She was lost in thought for a moment.

Kafni could react for a while as to who exactly was Don Juan.

It seems to be the identity used by His Highness Annan as a disguise…

On the other hand, Lin Yiyi was surprisingly a little flustered.

After the messenger left, she asked Kafni, “Your Royal Highness, should we urge for His Royal Highness Annan to come back? He should not have gone too far…”

“What for?” Kafni looked back towards her strangely.

Ah?” Lin Yiyi was a little dumbfounded, “But doesn’t the feudal lord, no, the brother of ‘Don Juan Geraint’ want to see him?

“If he wants to see His Highness, he will definitely see through his disguise, right? So, it’s a good coincidence for Annan to be outside.”

Kafni interrupted Lin Yiyi, “This is good news, Yiyi. We are not lying… ‘Our feudal lord’ has indeed gone looking for advancement clues. Eugene Geraint is a conservative person, and he will not have any conflict with me.”

It was only then that the cunningness and majesty of a princess were seen in her, “We just have to let Eugene Geraint leave before Annan comes back. As long as I’m here, I won’t let him see Annan.”

Unlike her firm tone, Kafni’s voice was always soft, as if she was whispering in the ear of someone who was half awake.

Ordinary people might not be able to hear what she said… But Lin Yiyi had been in contact with Kafni for so long and had long since gotten used to Kafni’s tone.

Eugene Geraint. Lin Yiyi murmured, noting down the name.

Will this be an NPC or an elite monster? With Annan being away for a few days, she so happened could give herself a vacation and watch other players’ streams leisurely.

The Child and the others would officially begin their adventure in the Elven Ruins once Suuankou and the others came online tonight.

Lin Yiyi was now most worried about whether this guy named Eugene would be troublesome, hence affecting her watching the fun.

And, of course…

The day this nobleman from the royal capital, Eugene Geraint, arrived in Roseburg was also the day Delicious Wind Goose would enter the royal capital.

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