The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 29: This Creep Is So Miserable

Chapter 29: This Creep Is So Miserable

Slow down your breath.

Adjust your footwork.

When Lin Yiyi took the first step, she still found it a little jerky and awkward. But when she reached the third step, she had already adapted to the new body.

She did not have much time to think.

Is this really a game? Is this the technology of an alien civilization? Why am I selected? What happens if I die? Can the things in this game be taken out from this world?

These messy questions flashed in her mind.

But, Lin Yiyi quickly halted these jumbled thoughts with her willpower.

Because in any case, she could not get the answers to these questions for the time being.

If this is the case, overthinking would only drop my performance. Lin Yiyi had always believed that if she was sure that if she could not get it immediately, she would not think about it further. Meaningless overthinking would only divert her attention, reduce her energy, and make things harder for her.

I just need to focus on doing one thing.

Let me settle one thing at a time-

-For example, kill a person by sneak attack first.

When she approached about five or six meters away, Lin Yiyi silently stopped.

If she went further, the opponents would probably notice her.

Let me try this first…

She focused her attention on [Charge].

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Immediately, she felt her heart palpitated violently. She could hear the sudden amplified heartbeat sound.

The muscles all over her body seemed to be burning. While the strange soreness surfaced, she felt a rush of heat energies on her legs.

Without hesitation, she kicked off the ground along with the power surge.

But the moment she rushed out, she suddenly felt something was wrong.

Her charge momentum was too strong!

Lin Yiyi could barely control her strength. She raised her sword, pouring powers into the sword edge.

She seemed to split the oncoming wind!

In the blink of an eye, she breached the distance above 10 meters.

The two opponents who just heard the sound and tried to look back.

But, they were relaxed and did not even draw their swords. They had never expected that the person, who appeared behind them at this time, was their enemy.

The next moment, Lin Yiyi’s charge attack arrived.

The sword tip thrust out suddenly, easily piercing the back of one of them. It was halfway through penetrating the victim.

She felt a violent vibration when the sword’s blade pierced the opponent’s back. It seemed that because she did not understand the structure of the human body, the sword’s blade had stabbed into the rib.

But fortunately, after that “cracking” noise, the sword’s blade still smoothly squeezed out of the victim’s chest. The victim’s mouth opened widely. He let out the “Ugh” sound, but he could not even scream out.

“Enemies’ attack-”

The other person was immediately shocked. He did not try to wield his weapon but stared at Lin Yiyi while yelling for help; he quickly retreated. After leaving a distance of more than 20 meters, the man turned around and fled without looking back.

Initially, Lin Yiyi wanted to chase after him directly.

The correct way was to kill the opponent directly who had not drawn the weapon yet.

But she found that her sword seemed to be stuck at the person’s back.

She attempted to pull the sword out twice, but her efforts went to avail. On the other hand, the saw-like movement made the victim wail miserably. The volume dropped lower as more attempts passed.

In the end, Lin Yiyi was so annoyed that she kicked the man down. Then, she stepped on the opponent’s waist with her foot, exerted force on her wrist, and then she pulled out the long sword that had been stuck inside the victim.

At this time, she only realized the pain in her legs.

That time, the all-out charge made her pant violently as if she had just finished a 50 meters sprint. A steamy white mist breathed out from her throat. There were faint reddish traces on the skin of her arms that outlined lines similar to blood vessels.

“This [Charge] skill is too strong!”

She could not help cursing it out.

When Lin Yiyi just stabbed the sword in, she felt her blade bend. At that time, she snorted in her heart, worried that her sword would be broken directly in the opponent’s body.

Fortunately, I managed to pull the sword out…

Lin Yiyi had the habitual thinking that [Charge] was a novice skill that stuns the opponent due to the previous game experience.

Then, she would cut off the opponent’s head while her victim was stunned.

In the end, she never expected that [Charge] was a devastating move.

Fortunately, she had reacted quickly enough to avoid hitting the opponent directly with her arms or shoulders. Otherwise, the opponent could be knocked out or knocked away, but she would be dazed for a while.

When Lin Yiyi reclaimed the weapon, she looked at the scratches and tiny dents on the sword’s edge with a headache.

Compared with the powerful [Charge], the quality of this sword was not trustworthy.

I hit the bone for once, and it’s a bit broken already.

Just as she looked at the sword’s blade with distress, roars and screams suddenly came from the silent camp. Simultaneously, the sound of alarms, screams, and sword fighting shocked the unsuspecting Lin Yiyi.

At the same time, Lin Yiyi vaguely heard a not-so-loud, even flustered shout not far in front of her, “Is there anyone? Help! I can’t defeat this creep!”

It seems to be a very young girl.

It should be the player-

-And, there are creeps over there!

Lin Yiyi rushed forward without hesitation, but she also cautiously tried not to make any noise.

After she darted out for a while, a prompt suddenly appeared before her eyes:

[Killed an enemy and obtained 13 Shared Experience.]


Lin Yiyi was startled.

Is the creep only dead now? That guy’s heart… Probably the heart, I have pierced it through. I saw the victim for a long time when I tried to pull out the sword until his wailing finally faded…

“Wait, now I see it. This game is about delivering the final killing blow (last hit).”

Lin Yiyi came into a realization immediately.

As long as she did not see the experience prompt, she would need to deliver a few more blows. If I poke his eyes directly, the creep should die quicker.

She quickly rushed to the female player but unexpectedly found that the battle situation was not as miserable as the person shouted:

The girl had a blue name on her head:

[Jiu Er]

She was short, one head shorter than Yiyi. The long sword in her hand matched her height very well. The sword was shorter and thinner than the one in Yiyi’s hand.

Her face was panicked and terrified. She was trembling all over, but her attacks were fierce.

Jiu Er did not sustain any injury, except that her face was scratched, and blood dripped from her chin. She held her sword as if holding a kitchen knife, violently attacking the person in front of her. It was not a simple slash, but she just kept smashing her weapon forward.

The “robber” across from Jiu Er was much more miserable than her.

There were bloodstains on his shoulders, face, chest, and arms. Dark red blood was dripping all over his body. He was so weak that he almost dropped his weapon. Truth to be told, the victim held a good defense.

Jiu Er did not take a step back but took two steps forward every time she attacked her sword. The continuous attack was wild and ruthless. At the same time, her mouth uttered a scream like a puppy having its tail being stepped on. It was a voice filled with despair:

“Help! Help! Someone, help me! Is there anyone here!?”

Every time she shouted a word, she would slash out with all her strength.

Finally, Jiu Er raised her sword high and slashed the opponent with a thunderous momentum.

-It was the [All-out Blow]!

Lin Yiyi quickly guessed the skill utilized.

The long sword in the victim’s hand failed the sustain through the mighty attack. He crumbled to the floor under Jiu Er’s heavy onslaught. The victim dropped his weapon in the end.

When Jiu Er saw the opponent let go of the weapon, her attack speed suddenly increased. She smashed the weapon on the opponent’s face like preparing minced meat. It could not be described as a slash but a head-on smash attack. She did not utilize the sword’s edge at all.

After two or three consecutive blows, the victim was already lying motionless. But, Jiu Er still stepped on the victim’s stomach and kept chopping up the flesh for a while.

This gruesome attack made Lin Yiyi’s heart frightened. She did not dare to jump out to help Jiu Er.

Suddenly, Jiu Er came to a halt. Probably, a prompt had appeared in front of her.

Ah? Ah… He is dead. I finally killed him.”

She breathed a sigh of relief to calm her fear. She retreated a few steps unsteadily, “This creep is so tough…”

Lin Yiyi next to her was horrified: I don’t know whether this creep is a challenging foe, but this gentleman is so miserable!

[1] Creep: A creep is any monster in the game or any non-quest-giving and non-shopkeeper NPC combatant.

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