The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 28: Closed Beta Started

Chapter 28: Closed Beta Started

“So, I am finally done!”

Lin Yiyi forced herself to focus. She quickly filled in all the other information required for the video upload and scheduled a published date.

“Uncut process of finishing the Boss [1]. The guide collection of “Single Dogs: Die Twice,” the 15th episode! I have finally completed the ending, marking the game with a ‘finished’ tag.”

Lin Yiyi exhaled a sigh of relief. She collapsed on her chair as if her bones had melted, “What is the next game(bait) I should go for? Snowfield? It will take some time before the game is released. The game isn’t my preference too. I’m fine with streaming it. I should probably dive into Ghost Cry 5.”

In the single-player genre, she accumulated some popularity in her full-time career as a content creator.

She was a well-known female player with a sharp skill and aggressive playstyle. The community acknowledged her confidence, aggressiveness, and quick response.

Of course, her skillfulness played an important role. Moreover, she was genuine. She tended to explode in laughter and mimic the monsters’ voices. When she was silent, she appeared elegant and classy.

With her fine-grained nature, Lin Yiyi attracted quite some peculiar fans.

Looking at the notification -“Current speed 3.7Mb/S, remaining time 47:12,” she breathed a sigh of relief.

This is still fine. It won’t take too long.

The verification speed is smooth. I should sleep after having my content verified.

Thinking about this, Lin Yiyi raised her head and glanced at the wall clock. She found out the hour and minute hands overlapped.

It was exactly midnight.

This meant that after the verification was completed, the time would not reach 1 a.m. yet.

She felt exhausted and sleepy when she was editing the video. But after finishing the work, she suddenly regained her energy.

If I go to bed at this time, I’m admitting defeat!

Admitting defeat to her young and tough body!

“It’s still early.”

Lin Yiyi calmly turned on her phone, “It’s better to read the novel updated today…

Huh, what is this?”

She whispered and noticed that there was an application on the phone home screen.

Its name was “Mist Continent.” The application cover was a cute boy with black hair and blue eyes in a cold expression.

Tsk. Is this the CG of a thief who copycats from the other mobile games?”

Lin Yiyi could not help but roast the application, “Like this kind of direct sexual advertising, I just can’t…

“Hold back.”

She tapped on the app without hesitation.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the optimization of this game was done well. At least the loading speed was fast. The moment she clicked it, it started to play a real and gorgeous video.

Lin Yiyi almost thought it was a decent mobile game based on a movie she had not watched yet.

“Who are you?”

An aristocratic boy with a cold face, who looked only twelve or thirteen years old, said majestically at the critical moment. Although Lin Yiyi could not understand which language it was, fortunately, the subtitles were provided below.

“Lyon, my lord. Lyon Coleman. We are from Roseburg.”

The robber, with a sly look, slightly arched his waist and made a sharp voice. There was a look of triumph in his eyes.

“Spare no mercy. Catch them all-”

In the face of wrongful plunderers, the young feudal lord wielded his delicate short sword with a firm expression. He raised it high without fear.

In the end, the screen froze on his murderous icy blue eyes and the morning light that shone on the raised short sword.

He gave the final answer sonorously.

The voice was young but majestic, enough to give people confidence and power:

“-life or death!”

At the next moment, the screen paused abruptly.

The hopeful morning light suddenly began to spread all over the screen.

Then, Lin Yiyi suddenly felt that her hand pressing on the screen… seemed to penetrate it.

Immediately after, she felt her consciousness plunge into a pure white world. As if falling at high speed, like falling down a cliff in a dream, she felt her hair stood up.

Then, she suddenly woke up.

She found herself in a world with the time paused.

She was wearing solid and simple leather armor; she carried a sharp and somewhat heavy iron sword in her hand.

Have I transmigrated into another world?

She was shocked in her heart. She barely saw her face by using the blade’s reflection to illuminate the faint ember lights around her.

Her face was exactly the same.

But as an unathletic otaku, Lin Yiyi was dumbfounded by her strength. She checked again with the weight of this sword. She knew that this kind of sword would not be easy for her to wield.

A standing mirror accompanied with rippling water waves appeared before her eyes.

There was only one line on the dark mirror:

[Please name your game character.]

[Warning: Once confirmed, you won’t get to change the name again!]

“What kind of superb technology is this?”

Lin Yiyi could not help but cuss, “Are aliens making games?”

The most important thing is that you didn’t give me a keyboard. How do I type?

She hesitated for a while and replied tentatively, “Yiyi [1]?”

This was her commonly used nickname and her account in the content creation website(s).

The glimmering panel in front of her immediately updated the texts:

“Yiyi, are you sure?”

“The system can even recognize voice as text.”

Lin Yiyi muttered, reaching out and pressing the “confirm” button.

There was another rippling water wave in the mirror. Then, her attribute panel appeared:

[ID: Yiyi]

Human. Female. Level 5

Health: 100%

Attributes: Strength 6, Agility 6, Constitution 6, Perception 5, Will 5

Free attribute points: 2

Shared Experience: 0

Profession Overview-

Swordsman LV5: [Basic SwordsmanshipLV1], [Parry LV1], [Charge LV1], [All-out Blow LV1], free skillpoint1

[Please confirm your initial panel.]

“The degree of freedom is not high.”

She murmured.

In front of her eyes, although she had two free attribute points, only the three options “Strength,” “Agility,” and “Constitution” had the lit ‘+’ sign next to them.

She hesitated for a moment and allocated one point to Strength and Agility each.

Although she knew that increasing maximum health was always the safest choice in case of trouble, she did not like being passive. Judging from this initial attribute panel, attribute points should be expensive and should not be wasted easily.

If it weren’t for the worry that her 6 points in Strength would allow her opponent to suppress her, she even wanted to add all the attribute points to Agility.

“Skill… What to choose?”

Lin Yiyi hesitated.

Perhaps because of the impact of “Single Dogs: Die Twice,” which she had just finished playing, she almost tapped on the “Parry.”

Then, the water wave in front of her disappeared again.

What emerged again was herself. A naked face with no makeup.

[Please make some fine adjustments.]

[Warning: You may only beautify it. The maximum beautification effect shall not exceed 50%.]

Can I only beautify myself?

How do you determine what beautification is?

Although Lin Yiyi had a strong desire to customize her face into the ancient god, she looked at her face in the mirror and finally gave up.

Forget it, just in case I can’t undo it.

She thought for a long time. She whitened her skin a little and then enlarged her breast muscles by two cups. Then, she made some fine adjustments according to her usual makeup. Unexpectedly, she found out that her beautification effect was below 25%.

“That’s it.”

She ended up her face customization somewhat unsatisfactorily.

Of course, she did it swiftly because she was eager to know what the content of the game would be.

After tapping confirm again, a paragraph appeared in the mirror.

This should be the key information introducing the plot.

Lin Yiyi immediately concentrated and read it carefully.

[Even Count Geraint cannot save the life of his youngest son, Don Juan Geraint. Perhaps the decision to send Don Juan to the most remote North Sea Territory is the last escape route he planned for his son. 】

Below this passage was the sketching of Annan’s face.

[But Don Juan Geraint did not accept his fate. He decided to develop his career in this frosty border.]

The screen changed accordingly. It changed to the last second of the CG on the phone just now. It was the scene of the young feudal lord raising the sword.

[You are the loyal guards he trusts and is proud of. When disembarking from the ship, you have received Don Juan’s order to go to the border town to collect information. Unfortunately, you did not find any clues.]

The picture changed to a sketch of a ring.

[Now, you plan to return to Freezing Water Port and return to Master Don Juan. But less than three kilometers from the town, you found a group of people lying in ambush here. You quickly recognize that these people are Roseburg’s Viscount’s private soldiers. They are carrying the dangerous ‘Black Fire,’ planning to murder your feudal lord and slaughter the people here.]

There was no next scene below this passage.

But as Lin Yiyi finished reading this passage, the mirror slowly disappeared.

The world around her gradually became real, and the frozen time flowed slowly.

Lin Yiyi quickly noticed a few malicious people equipped with weapons in front of her; they lay in an ambush in a dark area.

They did not seem to notice me.

A line of blood-red words appeared before her eyes.

“Kill them all and spare none.”

[Obtained the main mission: The Tribulation of Black Fire]

[Mission requirements: Kill all Roseburg’s private troops (0/114). Destroy or seize all Black Fire (0/50) within 30 minutes.]

[Special requirement 1 (+20 evaluation ratings): Complete the mission without a death (the evaluation ratings will be reduced if the number of deaths exceeds three times) (0/1)]

[Special requirement 2 (+40 evaluation ratings): No injuries throughout the mission (0/1)]

[Special requirement 3 (+40 evaluation ratings): Kill at least three enemies by yourself (0/3)]

After Lin Yiyi read all the mission requirements, all these texts disappeared.

She suddenly heard the sound with her skin sensing the flow of wind. She even noticed the pungent smell.

What kind of game is this?

She repeated this sentence many times in her mind.

But she did not make any complaints.

Before the first two people she encountered noticed her, she unsheathed her sword silently.

As if she had been immersed in swordsmanship for more than ten years, she was skilled and calm.

[1] Rather than her original name, each Yi meant one instead.

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