The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: I’m Going to be in My Senior Year of High School, Why Would I Need Your Help?

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Moreover, compared to Yan Xi, her aura was more delicate and pitiful.

“Hi, Xiangxiang, ” he greeted with a smile, his eyes full of admiration. “You’re very beautiful today. When you’re quiet, you look like a delicate flower that’s reflected on the water’s surface. And when you move, you’re like a weak willow swaying in the wind.”

“Thank you.” Chen Xiangxiang looked at the gentleness in his eyes with satisfaction and asked with a smile, “You’re here to send Big Sister Yanyan to school, right? She went to change her clothes and she’ll be coming down soon.”

Xi Yan looked at Chen Xiangxiang and kept feeling that something was amiss. But he also felt that she looked a lot like his sister when she was younger, so he couldn’t help but feel less resistant towards her.

“You should sit down and wait with us too. Then the four of us can go to school together.” Xi Yan was overjoyed. I’m finally able to go to school with my sister again in this lifetime!

Upstairs, in Yan Xi’s room…

Yan Xi stood in front of the dressing mirror and spun around, feeling quite satisfied with her outfit.

Li Weiran sighed. “Helen, why is a girl like you so lascivious all day? Wipe your saliva and lower your chin. You’re being so improper!”

Helen blushed. “Boss, why do you keep laughing at me?!”

She went forward to help Yan Xi tidy up her outfit. “Boss, I think if Miss Yan Xi wears this outfit to the central business district, this outfit will probably sell out immediately.”

Li Weiran smiled and said, “Stop being so cheeky.” He then turned to look at Yan Xi, and the amazement in his eyes was still not dissipating.

“Qingcheng was my muse back then, and I didn’t expect you to surpass her. Yanyan, it’s really good that you’ve grown up.”

When Yan Xi went downstairs, Chen Xiangxiang was chatting and laughing with the two guys. The three of them seemed to have a good relationship.

Yan Xi walked straight over. “Let’s go.”

With that, she was the first to walk out.

Li Weiran still kept that arrogant expression on his face as he walked out like a peacock.

Helen covered her face and looked at Yan Xi’s back with sparkling eyes as she ran over.

“Yanyan…” Fu Yuhuai suddenly stood up and turned around. His actions were so big that he knocked over the coffee cup on the table, and a few drops of coffee splashed onto Chen Xiangxiang’s white chiffon dress, but he didn’t seem to notice.

He chased after her with his long legs and opened his mouth to shout, but he suddenly stopped.

He turned around and saw Chen Xiangxiang clutching her skirt in panic. He sighed, took a wet tissue from the table, and wiped it for her.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice. If there’s nothing else, let’s go. We’re going to be late for class.”

Chen Xiangxiang pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. She wanted to go upstairs to change, but she didn’t have the time to do so. Fu Yuhuai, who had always been considerate and gentle towards her, also didn’t take the initiative to stay and accompany her.

Xi Yan had also helped clean up Chen Xiangxiang’s skirt, and when he saw that it was about time, he urged, “Let’s hurry up and go.”

The chauffeur drove a Lincoln limousine, so it was very spacious, and it wasn’t cramped for four people.

Fu Yuhuai looked at Yan Xi in front of him. A dark glint flashed across his fox eyes, but he was still smiling. “Yanyan, this is the first time I’ve seen you dressed like this. I’m quite surprised.”

The colors on Li Weiran’s clothes had always been bold and lively. The outfit he prepared for Yan Xi was more Chinese-styled, and it had surprisingly complemented her figure.

Her red clothes were dazzling, and her eyes were gorgeous. She was incomparably beautiful.

That beauty was the magnificence of the 18-year-old Yan Xi who was about to be in full bloom, and her aura so scorching that it was impossible to ignore.

Yan Xi seemed unaware of her beauty and nodded absent-mindedly.

She hadn’t been to school in a long time, so she didn’t know if she would meet anyone she knew.

Chen Xiangxiang seemed to see through Yan Xi’s thoughts and smiled. “Sister Yanyan, don’t worry. We’ll take care of you and help you get used to the school’s rhythm.”

She didn’t understand why Yan Xi suddenly wanted to study at Shengyang High School.

But she thought that this was her opportunity and that she had to seize it well.

The worse Yan Xi performs in school, the easier it will be for me to crush her. Chen Xiangxiang didn’t think that she was in the wrong at all.

If Yan Xi keeps blocking my way, I’ll never be able to succeed, so I have to pull her down from her pedestal of being the top socialite of Bei Qiao City.

Yan Xi came back to her senses. “Take care of me? What do I need you to take care of?” she asked casually.

Chen Xiangxiang smiled and hurriedly said, “Sorry, I was being too nosy.”

In her opinion, Yan Xi was just putting on a tough front.

What’s the point of her putting up a tough front? She’s been staying in the hospital for so many years, so she has long been out of touch with society. How would she still be able to adapt to school life?

Does she really think that she’s in the Xi family where everyone would place her at such a high status?

Besides, she has already offended a lot of people by chasing them away that day.

Fu Yuhuai tapped his fingers on the armrest and suddenly said, “Yanyan, Xiangxiang is the head of the student council’s aesthetics council, and she’s also the new school belle, so she has a lot of prestige in the school. Moreover, her academic results have always been in the top ten of the grade.”

He smiled casually. “Be it in your life or your studies, Xiangxiang can actually help you a lot.”

Xi Yan scratched his head. “Yeah, Xiangxiang is quite impressive in school.”

As one of the lower-scoring students, Xi Yan did admire Chen Xiangxiang a little bit, because she was a top student.

Wang Zinan, whom he had a crush on, was also the class belle and a top student. But she was still slightly inferior to Chen Xiangxiang, so he thought that Chen Xiangxiang was very impressive.

Yan Xi nodded. “After you guys have said so much, I actually want to ask what year Xiangxiang is in right now. If I’m not wrong, she should be in her junior year of high school, right?”

Chen Xiangxiang was originally enjoying Fu Yuhuai and Xi Yan’s compliments, and she felt a sense of superiority. But when she heard Yan Xi’s words, a bad thought suddenly surfaced in her heart, and she subconsciously looked at Yan Xi.

“Well I’m sorry but I’m in school for my senior year of high school.” Yan Xi smiled back at them.

I have clearly been emphasizing this since I returned, and I’ve also said it in front of Chen Xun. Chen Xiangxiang has definitely heard of it before, but for some reason, she’s been ignoring it.

But according to the plot in the novel, Yan Xi would have only returned to the Xi family a month later. After that, her family had probably spent money to arrange for her to study as a sophomore student at Shengyang High School and then she completely became Chen Xiangxiang’s junior.

Thereafter, wherever she went, people would say that she looked like Chen Xiangxiang, and not that Chen Xiangxiang looked like her.

Yan Xi didn’t understand what was going on in the novel in her dream, but she was very sure that with her ability, it was absolutely impossible for her to become a first-year student.

She didn’t have that much time to waste.

Chen Xiangxiang’s pupils constricted slightly, and she suddenly clenched her fists on her knees!

Why is Yan Xi going to become a senior high student?! When Chen Xun told her about this matter yesterday, she thought that Yan Xi had just said that to put up a tough front.

She has taken three years off school before this, so she has probably already forgotten all her knowledge from middle school. Even if she becomes a sophomore in high school, she will still have to work hard to adapt to the pace. That was why I was certain that Yan Xi would need my help!

But Yan Xi is actually skipping the sophomore and junior years of high school and she’s going straight to her senior year in high school?! Is she really planning to take this year’s college entrance examination in just four months?!

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