The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Will It Not Be Suitable For Me to Wear This?

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They were all snow-white dresses, and when worn they exuded a cold and otherworldly aura.

If I wear these clothes out, people would even think that I’m wearing a matching outfit with Chen Xiangxiang.

Moreover, she was considered to be rather tall among girls. However, the clothes in that store were all of a relatively cute style, so the sizing had always been on the smaller side.

At 15, it was suitable for her to wear such clothes. But at 18, it was no longer very suitable for her.

At the very least, it wasn’t as suitable for her as it did for Chen Xiangxiang.

If she really wore it, Chen Xiangxiang would be complemented to look even more petite, delicate, and ethereal, while the dress would look very short and out of place on her because she was tall and had long legs.

She thought for a moment and made a call.

“Uncle Li, how long will it take for the clothes I ordered to be ready? I already sent my size to Helen this morning.”

The other end of the phone was in a flurry. Not long later, a hearty middle-aged man’s voice sounded through the phone. “Little Xi, are you finally able to admire my fashion sense? I just knew it. Why did a young lady like you dress so plainly all day?!”

Yan Xi couldn’t help smiling. “Actually, I’ve always admired the clothes you designed. The colors on them are lively, bold, but definitely not vulgar. It lifts my spirits to just look at it.”

She used to like to wear white clothes because Yan Qingcheng liked it.

Later on, after Yan Qingcheng became seriously ill and she contracted blood cancer herself, she stayed in the hospital for many years.

Thus, she was already sick and tired of seeing the color white.

Since I’m determined to live well and work hard to do so, why can’t there be more dazzling colors in my life?

Li Weiran flipped through the orders. “I’ve already rushed to design yours, but I’m afraid it’ll take some time to be done. How about this? I’ll match some clothes and bring them to you tomorrow morning?”

“Then I’m afraid you’ll have to come earlier. I’m going to Shengyang High School for school tomorrow.”

“You’re still going to school? Wait, do you even have the need to go to school?!” Li Weiran couldn’t help asking. “Are you really not being a max-level player that’s returning to the novice village?”

Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing. “Why not? I want to get into a good college.”

The next morning, Yan Xi went to the lake as usual and tried to jog.

She didn’t expect to meet Xie Changze again. When she saw the mask on his face, Yan Xi raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“It’s my allergies.” His dark eyes swept past her. Suddenly, his long arm stretched out and pulled Yan Xi. “Be careful. If you’re not feeling well, don’t run.”

Yan Xi thanked him and after that, she didn’t force herself to jog and started to walk slowly.

When she entered her mansion’s courtyard, she heard the conversation of a few servants.

“Did you guys see that? They really look so similar. I almost mistook her for the wrong person!”

“Yep, Miss Xiangxiang really looks like Madam in the photos. Those who don’t know might even think that she’s Madam’s biological daughter!”

“That’s nonsense. That’s because you haven’t seen Eldest Miss in the past. Miss Xiangxiang looks very similar to how Eldest Miss looked in the past!”

When Yan Xi returned home, Xi Jingxing, Xi Yan, and Chen Xiangxiang were all dressed up and sitting at the dining table.

Yan Xi noticed that Chen Xiangxiang was wearing a brand-new white chiffon dress today, and her gaze turned cold. When Chen Xiangxiang had her eyes lowered and wasn’t speaking, she looked extremely like Yan Xi when she was 15 years old.

Xi Jingxing looked at Chen Xiangxiang with a gaze that was gentler than ever before and took the initiative to serve her some porridge. “Xiangxiang, have some porridge.”

“Thank you,” Chen Xiangxiang said. Her lively voice was much colder and clearer.

At this moment, not only was Xi Jingxing in a daze, but even Xi Yan looked shocked. “You’re deliberately imitating Yanyan, aren’t you? You resemble her too much by doing that!”

“Nonsense!” Xi Jingxing berated him. “Xiangxiang had already looked like Yanyan in the first place.”

Xi Yan shrugged. When he turned around and saw Yan Xi, he hurriedly waved at her. “Yanyan, come have breakfast!”

Yan Xi sat down at the dining table and calmly took off her mask, revealing her face that was covered in rashes. After doing that, she started eating her breakfast.

Because she had just gone for her morning exercise, she was wearing a set of very loose sportswear. Although she looked tall and had an exceptional aura, they were still incomparable to the disfiguring rashes on her face.

In terms of who looked the most like the 15-year-old her, even Yan Xi had to admit that it was Chen Xiangxiang.

“Sister Yanyan, aren’t you going to change your clothes?” Chen Xiangxiang looked at Yan Xi’s sportswear and couldn’t help asking.

Yan Xi ate her breakfast calmly as she said, “No.”

Chen Xiangxiang hesitated to speak.

After breakfast, she couldn’t help asking Xi Jingxing a question when she saw Yan Xi get up and prepare to leave. “Uncle Xi, will it not be suitable for me to wear this?”

Her voice was very soft, but Yan Xi still heard her. She glanced at Chen Xiangxiang subtly.

If I remember correctly, Chen Xiangxiang hated it the most when people said that she looked like me in the novel. That’s why she always dressed in her own distinctive style.

Now that she’s wearing this, she does look pretty, but her aura is being suppressed.

However, Xi Jingxing obviously liked seeing Chen Xiangxiang dress in that style. “Why not? This outfit suits you very well!”

“Eldest Miss!” Butler He found Yan Xi accurately the moment he entered. “Mr. Li is here.”

Li Weiran came over with his assistant, Helen, who was carrying a few clothes in her hands.

The moment she entered, she greeted Chen Xiangxiang, who was about to go upstairs. “Good morning, Miss Yan Xi!”

She subconsciously ignored the woman who was holding a mask to cover her face full of rashes and walking towards her.

Chen Xiangxiang’s fingers holding the handrail curled up slightly. She quickly looked at Yan Xi and was about to explain.

Slap! A ruler hit Helen’s head as Li Weiran’s voice sounded faintly. “Helen, are you blind? Yanyan is clearly standing in front of you.”

Li Weiran turned to look at the tall young lady in front of him, and his gaze became much gentler. He couldn’t help raising his hand and rubbing Yan Xi’s head. “You’ve grown a lot taller. No wonder your body proportions were so perfect!”

He didn’t even look at Chen Xiangxiang once, and treated her as if she was air.

Only then did Helen realize what had happened, and she was extremely embarrassed. “I’m sorry, Mis Yan Xi. I was blind.”

After she received Yan Xi’s body proportions yesterday, she was even amazed at its perfection. She thought that would be seeing a beauty today, yet she was so careless that she mistook Chen Xiangxiang, whose figure was far worse than Yan Xi’s, for Yan Xi. I really shouldn’t have been so blind.

Yan Xi smiled calmly. “It’s alright. Let’s go upstairs.”

Li Weiran nodded at Xi Jingxing with a cold expression.

Li Weiran was a famous fashion designer. The high-class fashion brand he established, Mo Ran, was popular both domestically and overseas the moment it made its appearance in the industry. He had a huge reputation globally, so there was really no need for him to be very polite to Xi Jingxing.

Chen Xiangxiang took her bag and went downstairs. She then saw Fu Yuhuai sitting on the sofa in the living room and chatting with Xi Yan.

“Yuhuai, you’re here.” Chen Xiangxiang smiled and walked over to greet him.

Fu Yuhuai looked up at her. At that moment, a glint flashed across his fox eyes.

The Chen Xiangxiang in front of him was really too similar to the 15-year-old Yan Xi. She was gentle and calm, and even her smile seemed to be a perfect replica of Yan Xi’s.

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