The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

Chapter 20 - STATUS WINDOW

LUO YAN looked at the race column - Moon Elf and besides it in an enclose parenthesis was the word 'Special'.  From what he read so far, after transitioning to VR, the races in Arcadia were divided into three classes; common, rare, and legendary.  'Common' referred to the four basic races - humans, elves, beastkins, and gnomes.  So the other races available via random selection were divided into 'Rare' and 'Legendary'.  Races which were the hardest to obtain belonged to the 'Legendary' category.  They also have smaller number compared to the 'Rare' ones.  

So what's with this 'Special' category?  Was this related to the new update?  If that was the case then that would only mean that this Moon Elf race was a new race added to the game.  Was his luck so good?  He just returned to the game and a new mysterious race was immediately given to him.  

Maybe after being reborn, God actually gave him the so-called protagonist aura.  Making him a natural winner of life.  It's not enough to give him a fairy like face, he was even given a loving family, and that family also happened to be very wealthy.  And now, when he tried to play his favorite game, he was again given a special treatment.

Luo Yan grinned.  Yup.  He definitely had the famous protagonist aura.

If anyone could see him right now, they would definitely cry in heartache.  Because his enchanting beauty was being ruined by the silly smile on his face.  

But what did this 'Special' category mean?  Since, technically, a Moon Elf was still an elf, then would the 'Special' category referred to a subrace?

Whatever the case, if he wanted to know more about his race, it would probably be best to ask the NPCs in this village.  But first, he'd have to check all the contents of his Status Window.  Which was the virtual screen that was currently in front of him.

The opened tab was his Character Tab.  Next to it was the Game Tab, followed by the Stats Tab, then the Skills Tab, after that was the Items Tab, and finally the System Tab.  

He opened the Game Tab. Inside was the Task Column which was currently empty. And then below it was the Map option where players could click the map of the place they were in.  A map of any place they went to or discovered would be added there.  These included dungeons that they manage to completely raid.  

Lou Yan didn't bother opening the Stats Tab.  Since he's only at level 1, there wouldn't be anything much to explore there.  So he didn't hesitate to open the Skills Tab.  What he saw was;

Active Skills: -----

Passive Skills: -----

Unique Skills: -----

This was understandable since he's only at the first level and most skills, particularly active and passive ones, could only be learned once the player determined their class.  Active skills required players to specifically used it in order to gain its benefits.  While passive skills were always in effect and never needed to be activated.  Unique skills, on the other hand, were skills that were race centered.  It meant that a certain skill could only be used by a particular race.

In Arcadia, a player needed a skill book to learn a particular skill.  Skill books could be obtained thru quests, dungeon raids, and boss battles.  Luo Yan wondered if he could perform the assassin skills he had collected when the game was still in its PC version.  He read from one of the forums that you didn't really need a skill book in order to perform a particular active skill as long as you have a deep understanding of that skill.  If you did, then you could activate that skill with ease.  But most players didn't really do that.  Because, seriously, just how many players could truly grasp the perfect operation of an active skill?  

That's why most players relied on skill books.  Because when a player used a skill book, the actions on how to do a certain skill would be automatically remembered in that player's brain.  Thus allowing the player to freely perform the skill they obtained as they wanted. 

But Luo Yan was not most players.  He's confident that he could fully grasp the active skills of the assassin class.  Well, at least those skills that he truly liked anyway.  He could only test this once he applied for a class - which he could only do once he reached level 10.

Luo Yan then next opened the Items Tab.  There were only nine grids inside.  Which meant that he could only collect nine items.  This was the same in the PC version.  If he remembered correctly, one grid would be added every five levels.  But a player could add grids by using crystal coins - the currency in Arcadia. 

In his Items Tab, three grids were occupied - Beginner's Shirt X1, Beginner's Pants X1, and Begginer's Boots X1.  The occupied grids were surrounded in red light which meant that the player already equiped the items inside.  Then on the upper right corner was the amount of crystal coins he currently had.  Which was of course zero.

After that, he opened the System Tab.  There he could see several options that he could click; First was the Chat option - which when clicked would show World Chat, Group Chat, and Private Message.  Friend List - which where you could also put a player in black list or put them in high priority.  PicVid - where you could take photos or videos, save them, and send them to your e-mail account.  Then lastly, the 'Log Out' button. 

After he's done, Luo Yan closed the Status Window.  He stretched a bit.  Once again, amazed by how natural his game avatar moved.  He could even feel the stretching of his muscles and bones.  As if this game avatar was really his real body.

[Now let's explore this Origin Village and talk to some NPCs.]

Then he walked out of the small room.

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