The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

Chapter 19 - HIS RACE IS...?

'WELCOME to Arcadia'

When the words faded, Luo Yan's dark surroundings also slowly faded and then a bright light appeared and he found himself at the middle of a beautiful garden. There were dozens of beautiful and colorful flowers around. Some he could name and some he couldn't. But what really amazed him was the fact that he could smell their scent. As if he's really standing in a garden full of flowers.

Then from the sky, a boy who looked like he was about 7 or 8 years old, suddenly jumped down. He had dark blue hair and a pair of blue eyes. He was wearing a small butler uniform with matching monocles. He bowed to him like a true butler. It made him look kind of adorable.

Staring at the boy, Luo Yan couldn't help but feel that he'd seen him somewhere. But before he could think more about it, the boy already spoke.

"Welcome new player! I'm the Gamekeeper, I'm here to assist you in your first step to enter the world of Arcadia. First, please enter your chosen game name on the screen in front of you."

After the little Gamekeeper said that, a virtual screen appeared in front of Luo Yan. According to the manual he read, a VR helmet equaled to one game account. Which meant that players didn't need an e-mail or any other SNS accounts to register to the game. They only needed one VR helmet. So an individual could have countless game accounts as long as he could get countless VR helmets.

Luo Yan entered the word 'Noctis' on the screen. He wrote it using the English alphabet. Just like how he did in his old account. The name of his old account was 'Nocturne'. Since he couldn't use it, he wanted to at least connect it to his new one.

"Congratulations! The name 'Noctis' is not yet taken. From now on, this would be your official game account name," the little Gamekeeper said.

Luo Yan already expected that. Since most players of Arcadia used their country's language for their game name. Arcadia was only currently available in their country. So it's only natural for players to use their country's language.

Although he did read in a lot of online news that many game developers abroad wanted to partner with Moonlight Media to expand the game overseas. But something like that would take a lot of time and planning. And that's probably the reason why Moonlight Media still hadn't expanded abroad.

"Next, please choose your gender," the little Gamekeeper said again.

The screen in front of Luo Yan changed, containing two choices; male or female. Of couse, he chose male.

"Your choses gender was male. If you have other customization request, like a change in height, weight, or a boost in beauty, please just include it on the next screen."

Hearing that, Luo Yan became a bit excited. Because that meant that he could be taller in the game! Maybe he should choose a 190 cm height. Once the screen changed, his plan was immediately foiled because he discovered that he could only increased his height up to 20 cm at maximum. He just sighed and had no other choice but to enter 170 cm as his game avatar's height. Then on the weight part, he chose the weight appropriate for a guy with a 170 cm height. He didn't bother with the beauty boosting. Because if he did, then he would no longer be a fairy but a true goddess instead.

A player's game avatar was based on the player's real face. They could change their height and weight, even boost their beauty, but the framework of their avatar was still based on their face. So no two avatars were similar. Except of course if the same player made two accounts with the same specification.

"Great. Finally, all you have to do is to choose your race."

The screen changed again. Now Luo Yan had five choices. He didn't hesitate to pick the random selection.

"Your race is now locked. You can now enter Arcadia. Strive to be the best. But I hope you won't forget to have fun. Welcome to the start of your new wonderful journey! Best of luck!"

The garden dissapeared along with the little Gamekeeper. Then Luo Yan was surrounded by an incredibly bright light. He had no choice but to close his eyes or else he would probably go blind. Then he felt like he was falling at a very fast speed. As if he was on one of those dizzying amusement rides. Then his back fell on a hard surface.

When he opened his eyes, he was already lying inside a dim room with only a single candle as a light source. He slowly sat up and found that he was lying on a wooden bed. When he looked around, he saw that he was inside a small room. Then his gaze landed on a mirror hanging on the wall. He excitedly stood up, wanting to see what he looked like.

Then he was surprised by the sudden elevation in his gaze. Meaning that he really grew taller. That made him more excited. His pace going towards the mirror became faster. When he saw himself on the mirror, he was quite shocked.

The image staring at back at him was still his face. Only it was more mature, not the childish face that still had a few baby fat on it. It's like this was how his face should looked like if this original body didn't get into coma. Add that to the changes made by the game and he only became much more beautiful.

He had long pure white hair that actually reached his knees. His big peach blossom eyes were surrounded by pure white eyeslashes. His skin seemed to be more delicate and white. His lips much more rosy. The color of his eyes turned into blue with bits of golden speckled inside them. And his ears became long and pointed.

This was an enchanting beauty. A face that already transcended the beauty of a man and a woman. If he went out looking like this in the real world, he would definitely be besieged.

So what race was he exactly? Based on the long and pointed ears, he should be an elf. But elves on this game only had a variation of blond hair and green eyes. To check the answer, he thought of his character information. Then a virtual screen appeared in front of him.

Name: Noctis

Race: Moon Elf (Special)

Class: -----

Level: 1

Current Location: Origin Village

Wait- what's a moon elf?

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