The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1130 - Doubts

Chapter 1130: Doubts

After putting this python down, Qiao Yanjue was still a bit aggrieved.

“You said to be polite first, but it didn’t even care about me! It doesn’t understand human language, and I don’t know snake language!”

The corners of Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched, not knowing what to say.

“Okay, let’s hurry up and go. If it wakes up later, it will cause trouble again,” Qiao Yanjue said.

He did not kill the python. After all, it was not easy for it to grow so big.

Moreover, it was a nationally-protected animal!

Although this matter would not be exposed, he could not bear to hurt such a protected animal!

Xia Xibei helplessly shook her head, “Wait a minute.”

She went forward, reached out, and touched the head of the python, giving it a little spiritual power.

The originally somewhat aggrieved python was immediately happy and not anxious to break free. Its cold head could not help but rub against Xia Xibei.

It did not understand why that male human was so ferocious!

It was the boss here, but it was beaten by a human. So embarrassing!

However, this female human was nice. It liked her scent, and the power she gave it was delicious and helpful!

“Okay, we’re leaving. Take your time and get some rest.”

Xia Xibei stood up and said goodbye to the python.

Only after the two had gone did the python untie itself.

It stuck its tongue out at the now-empty place and tried to catch up, but it couldn’t find them anymore.

The two of them quickly went down the hill and put the multiple-leaf grass into the back of the car.

Qiao Yanjue breathed a sigh of relief after the car left the spot.

“I was afraid it would come after us!”

“It won’t come down.” Xia Xibei shook her head. “If it came down and was found by people, it would be in trouble.”

If it was sent to the zoo, it would be fine, but she was afraid that some people were cruel.

However, it already had spiritual intelligence and knew how to avoid bad luck.

“It was too strong, I almost couldn’t hold on!” Qiao Yanjue complained as he drove, his heart palpitating.

Xia Xibei looked at him, the corners of her mouth twitching.

This python was strong, but wasn’t he stronger than the python?!

She didn’t know where he got the ability to take care of this python.

However, she also determined that Qiao Yanjue did not know how to communicate with animals.

Of course, even if this was determined, it was of little use, because 99% of people didn’t have the ability to communicate with animals.

He was just one of them.

So, her doubts still has not been resolved.

After a few more hours of driving, the two finally returned to G City.

No one knew that for most of the day, the two of them had made a trip back and forth between the two places.

They also brought back precious spiritual plants.

“That place is really worth buying,” Qiao Yanjue said seriously.

Although it was dark, he could feel that the spiritual energy there was quite abundant, and it made him comfortable.

If it wasn’t that he couldn’t stay long, he would want to stay there for a while.

“I’ll have someone take care of this matter.”

The two of them quickly settled on a plan.

For them, it wasn’t that hard to buy this remote little place.

If they bought the mountain, they could put the multiple-leaf grass back.

It was better for multiple-leaf grass to grow in a place with an abundant aura. What they wanted was long-term development, not a temporary profit.

After that, Xia Xibei took the opportunity to use the leaves of the multiple-leaf grass to make pills.

This pill, when taken, could have the effect of eternal youth!

It would be a great gift!

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