The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1129 - Courtesy Before Force  

Chapter 1129: Courtesy Before Force

Qiao Yanjue held Xia Xibei back and looked at the python with a horrified and wary expression.

Xia Xibei poked her head out behind him.

“That is a big python!”

From the looks of this big python, it should have lived for many years, and it was also intelligent.

From its reaction, Xia Xibei could feel that it was somewhat spiritually intelligent.

It should have sensed the scent of the multiple-leaf grass, which was why it appeared. After all, spiritual plants could attract other spiritual beasts and animals with spiritual intelligence.

“Be careful!” Qiao Yanjue looked at the python warily, afraid that it would rise up in a violent manner and harm them.

“Let me-”

“Stay away!” Qiao Yanjue was serious. “I’ll handle it!”

Xia Xibei looked at him and hesitated, “How about you use courtesy before force?”

“First courtesy and then force?” Qiao Yanjue was confused. “We can do this?”

“Yes!” Xia Xibei nodded. “I think it should understand the human language!”

Qiao Yanjue looked at the python suspiciously, “Really?”

“Try it! Use your spiritual power!”

After saying that, Xia Xibei stood to the side.

She wanted to confirm the idea in her heart.

After letting Xia Xibei stand to the side, Qiao Yanjue looked at the python as if it were an enemy.

The python was at least six or seven meters long, with a waist as thick as his two hands circled.

Such a large python was very dangerous.

Although some pythons were very docile, when they really leaped up, their strangling power could be terrifying.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this was on their way down the mountain, he wouldn’t want to go head-to-head with it.

Qiao Yanjue took a deep breath, suppressing his rapid heartbeat. He walked a short distance in front of the python and said in a deep voice, “Hello. We are going down the mountain. Can you please let us pass?”

The python’s head lifted up and looked at the human in front of him, its big head not moving.

It wondered, where did this human come from? Why wasn’t it afraid of it? And the human even talked to it?

However, it did come over this time for the purpose of the multiple-leaf grass.

As one of the few animals on this mountain that had awakened their spiritual wisdom, the spiritual plant was their treasure.

How could it not be angry when two humans suddenly took their treasure?

It was being nice. At least it did not come up and killed the humans right away.

If other animals came over, they would not give these two humans a chance to talk!

Even if they had some scent that made it feel comfortable, they couldn’t take away the precious spiritual plant!

The python stared at them for a while, then suddenly charged toward Qiao Yanjue.

Qiao Yanjue’s face changed and his feet moved reflexively.

Although the python was large, its movement was very flexible.

If not for Qiao Yanjue’s quick reaction, he might have been entangled in it.

Seeing that it was so disgraceful, Qiao Yanjue was also annoyed.

He moved closer and swiftly took hold of the python’s head.

The python’s tail slapped back, not landing on Qiao Yanjue, but it was still caught by him.

Xia Xibei watched from the sidelines, her eyes wide open.

A man and a snake tangled together, and the results soon appeared.

In a few minutes of work, the python was tied into a knot and thrown on the ground, looking a bit ridiculous.

Xia Xibei walked up to it with an expression of total dumbfoundedness.

Since when did Qiao Yanjue have such strength?

Even she would have taken a little while to subdue the python!

Of course, when she encountered animals, she generally used reason to convince them.

Qiao Yanjue grunted and stopped, sweating. Under the moonlight, white mists of his breaths appeared, enough to show how intense the battle just now was.

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