The Queen of Everything

Chapter 429 - Dirt

Chapter 429: Dirt

Big gossip in the industry: “Hahahahahahaha, just watching a show. Su Cha is really my source of happiness. She is also waiting for the results to be announced. Her performance is too obvious, either her mental fortitude is too good or her mental fortitude is too weak. Anyway, I’m dying of laughter.”

“When Gong Ruixin suddenly cried, Su Cha raised her head and made me laugh.”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene. They were all waiting for the results, the difference in mentality was obvious.

“It’s really ugly… Su Cha’s persona is perfect for a beauty. The scene of Gong Ruixin crying with tears and mucus all over her face is too cruel.”

“Hehe, I don’t believe that I can be so confident. It’s just a cover-up. Is it because she’s sure that she can pass?”

“Dreams in Progress?”

—”At present, all the voting results were announced on the official website. All the audience members had cast their own votes. Was it a joke when you said that there were behind-the-scene dealings?”

—”Is there a problem with being popular? No matter what, the difference in mentality tells everything. Su Cha has never panicked since the competition began. I like such confident and calm contestants.”

There were always people who could change the topic.

As the meme became popular all over the internet, there were also doubts. In the end, Gong Ruixin was eliminated and Su Cha passed.

So, why was Su Cha so confident?

Was it because she knew that she would definitely pass?

For a moment, many people questioned whether Dreams in Progress had secret deals.

Su Cha scoffed when she saw that.

Even if she simply had a better mentality, she would still be able to pull all the blame?

Su Cha accepted the result calmly. Could it be that she should cry on stage just like Gong Ruixin?

Su Cha would never break down.

This topic was accompanied by the fact that Su Cha’s popularity had finally become number one. She was now the number one in the competition.

In the past, she did not have any foundation to become an internet celebrity. It was the production crew and fans who’d supported her to reach this stage.

The current Su Cha was popular, but she was not originally so. It was just because of the trending topic brought on by this show, but at least she was popular.

She was the only contestant left from Yonggu City.

At the same time, she was the provincial champion of the college entrance examination. She was pretty, and her singing ability was recognized by others. Even the others could not help but praise Su Cha for being outstanding.

However, there were a lot of gossips about celebrities. As they became popular, these get exposed anonymously.

Not long after the 15th and 14th round, rumors about Su Cha started to spread.

This dirt started with the famous gossip forum.

[The obedient girl in your eyes, Su Cha, can you follow her series of tricks?]

Anonymous OP: “I’m fully responsible for what I’ve said. Recently, I couldn’t bear to see a popular contestant selling an outstanding persona. Do you want to understand the series of coquettish operations she did in high school? Her grades used to be a mess. A month before the national college entrance examination, she went from 400 points to 600 points. She directly went to score 730 points during the national college entrance examination. How could she make such a big leap? And she’s clearly a third-year student, yet she already has a boyfriend. During the college entrance examination, she even went to participate in a show. Before, she’s not popular among her classmates, and her overall popularity was very poor. Now that she has become an outstanding representative, I’m impressed.”

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