The Queen of Everything

Chapter 428 - Let's See What You Can Do

Chapter 428: Let’s See What You Can Do

“He stayed with you for a long time. He grew up with you and accompanied you for a long time.”

As Bo Muyi spoke, although he tried his best to remain calm, there was still a faint tremble.

Su Cha heard it and said calmly, “Muyi, in this world, there are always some people who will become passersby in your life. That was all in the past. The one who is by my side now is you. Are they going to spend the rest of my life with me? Isn’t that too much? Why do you care about people you shouldn’t worry about?”

It did not matter if he was worried. Time could prove everything.

Bo Muyi knew that Su Cha really wanted to keep being with him.

Perhaps it was because she said it seriously, but the man calmed down. He did not look as gloomy as before and replied with a calm “mm.”

Su Cha smiled, grabbed his shoulder, and jumped onto him. “Take me in.”

Bo Muyi smiled and hugged her waist tightly. He held her and carried her back.

Seeing this scene, the secret guards were amazed. It just so happened that they were about to prepare for a fight. In the blink of an eye, they reconciled. Even the young master was different from others when he was dating.

After this incident, Su Cha stopped caring about other things and focused on preparing for the competition of Dreams in Progress.

The competition was getting more and more intense. With fewer and fewer contestants, various other programs had started to seek out contestants who were currently participating in the show.

Dreams were popular when they were in progress. Now, there were discussions all over the Internet.

Although Su Cha appeared to be very popular, she was actually very low-key. In addition, she was ordinary in the past. There were not many rumors about her. Occasionally, a few fans who saw Su Cha on the streets would think that although she looked cold, she was more easy-going. She never rejected signing anything.

The main point was that she was really pretty. There was always a feeling that when she smiled at you, you felt that she was really beautiful.

Of course, as her popularity increased, it was impossible for her to appear alone in public. Besides, she did not live in the dormitory, so naturally, the topic of discussion about her was not as good as other contestants.

During the competition, Su Cha was also very calm. She did not show any emotions like other contestants. In the latest episode, Su Cha did not directly pass the 15th and 14th round of the competition. She only managed to advance to the next round after the final round.

But regardless of whether it was when she entered the waiting area or when she was in the competition, she always appeared calm and imposing. Because of her performance, she once again broke the internet.

The production crew did not expect such a popular topic.

The main reason was that during the 15th to the 14th place competition, Gong Ruixin was going to be eliminated. Su Cha was also waiting for the same result.

This person was the fake kid who used to have a good relationship with Mona. She was the kind of girl who had put on the persona of a relatively cool girl in the show.

However, when she was being eliminated from the competition and realized that it was really going to be for real, before the results were announced, she cried miserably. She did not look like a cool girl at all.

The girls who were close to her also hugged Gong Ruixin and burst into tears.

There were also a few contestants who were watching like Su Cha. They were not very close to each other. It was good enough that they did not laugh after you were eliminated. How could they hug you and cry?

Sorry, I can’t cry.

Su Cha just watched quietly. She was sitting on the chair and waiting for the results. She was not flustered at all. When Gong Ruixin suddenly cried, her nails hust happened to get itchy. She glanced at her nails and suddenly heard Gong Ruixin’s loud cry. She subconsciously raised her eyes and glanced at Gong Ruixin.

This scene was screenshotted and made into a meme.

[Let me see what else you can do.]

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