The Queen of Everything

Chapter 413 - Untitled

Chapter 413: Untitled

Seeing Bo Muyi’s expression, Su Cha knew that something was wrong.

It was rare for her to feel awkward. It was unlikely that she did not know him. After all, they were childhood sweethearts.

But to say that she knew him…

It was not quite right as she did not know Lian Chi’s name.

Lian Chi was not called Lian Chi in the past. She only found that out later.

So Su Cha thought for a while and said directly, “No, but the name sounds familiar.”

That explained why she was in a daze.

Bo Muyi’s eyes flickered. “Really? Don’t you know him, Cha Cha?”


Su Cha glanced at him in confusion. “Do you think I should know him?”

Bo Muyi did not say anything and just chuckled. “Maybe Cha Cha knows him.”

Su Cha did not know if Lian Chi had hidden his past after returning to the Lian family.

But if Bo Muyi wanted to investigate, he should be able to easily find out that they were childhood sweethearts.

Hence, this man must have an idea.

But if he did not say it now, it would depend on Su Cha’s reaction when she found out.

Su Cha felt a little helpless. What could she do? If she lost control of herself, wouldn’t this man be so jealous?

She blinked. “Did I meet him before?”

Bo Muyi touched Su Cha’s cheek with his fingers. “Yes.”

Su Cha was enlightened.

Bo Muyi might not know at this time. She already knew who Lian Chi was, but Bo Muyi must be thinking about how Su Cha would react when she saw Lian Chi and realized that he was her childhood sweetheart.

After all, an investigation would reveal that Su Cha had had some conflicts with this childhood sweetheart.

The man woke up early in the morning and probably did not sleep well. On the way back, he rested his head on Su Cha’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Su Cha leaned her cheek on top of his head and looked ahead, deep in thought.

She and Lian Chi were considered childhood sweethearts, but they were different from ordinary people.

She did not like Lian Chi much. Since they were young, she had always regarded Lian Chi as her brother.

After all, from the time she met Su Mingzhe, the only person she could feel warmth from was Lian Chi—and Lian Chi’s mother.

Of course, ever since Lian Chi moved away and he returned to the Lian family, Su Cha had never seen Lian Chi’s mother again.

In her memory, she was a gentle woman who treated her very well.

Su Cha knew that Lian Chi had a secret background. Otherwise, he would not have returned to the Lian family.

In the past, Lian Chi was also such an outstanding person in that ordinary place. It seemed that he was extraordinary.

In fact, that view was all because she still had feelings for Lian Chi as a brother. In the end, she found herself being treated like that by Lian Chi, causing her to hate him in disbelief.

She had met Lian Chi last time.

She thought of the man she saw that time. He had become gentle and mature, but that gentleness was no longer the same as the one the clean-looking young man with a warm smile had.

There were some things that could not be reversed once it had happened.

Even now, some things would no longer happen after her change. But while it might not repeat this time, it did not mean that the past did not exist.

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