The Queen of Everything

Chapter 412 - Lian Chi's Birthday Banquet

Chapter 412: Lian Chi’s Birthday Banquet

What if he bled?

Bo Muyi chuckled and did not force her.

After washing up, he picked a black shirt from the wardrobe and changed into it.

Su Cha liked to see him in a black shirt. He was handsome and charming, a man who could slay.

Whenever she saw him, she would subconsciously have certain thoughts. When she realized the huge difference between the two of them, she would often feel lost.

The man changed and pinched Su Cha’s face. “Cha Cha, are you hungry?”

He always called her by her pet name. No one could resist his pampering, not even Su Cha.

She rubbed her face against his palm and said softly, “I’m hungry.”

Like a kitten.

The man chuckled and pressed the bell in the room before getting someone to deliver the food.

During the meal, Su Cha wanted to ask him if he wanted to know.

Was he not surprised that she knew martial arts?

Why did he keep asking nothing?

Su Cha felt that it was hard to explain. She did not want Bo Muyi to know about it, but she also felt that Bo Muyi did not even want to ask. Keeping it from him was making her feel increasingly guilty.

However, this matter was too complicated and could not be explained clearly with just a few words.

But Bo Muyi did not ask.

After dinner, Su Cha said that she was going to the villa to take her luggage, and Bo Muyi followed her.

Of course, in order not to attract attention, he just sat in the car and waited for Su Cha while discussing work with others.

After entering the villa, Su Cha went inside to pack her luggage. A few contestants gathered in the common room to make dessert. When they saw Su Cha packing up and coming out, they looked at each other in surprise.

Yu Shuran saw her carrying her luggage and asked directly, “Su Cha, are you leaving?”

Su Cha glanced at everyone in the room and smiled gently. “Yes. I have some things to do at home. Of course, I will still participate in the competition.”

Some people looked disappointed.

Su Cha smiled without saying anything.

These people probably thought that her moving out meant that she was leaving the competition, huh?

How naive.

After she pushed her suitcase out of the villa, a secret guard who had been prepared came to help her push it into the car.

The black car was parked by the roadside and did not seem strange at all. The tightly-shut car window was tinted.

Opening the door, the man looked over elegantly. “Are you done packing, Cha Cha?”

Su Cha nodded. “Done.”

“Cha Cha, do you like to attend banquets? There’s a banquet tonight. Come with me.”


Su Cha subconsciously agreed, “Okay.”

Then she asked, “What banquet?”

The man looked at her and suddenly curved his lips into a deep smile. “It’s a birthday banquet. Cha Cha, do you know a man called Lian Chi?”

Su Cha paused.

Su Cha did not expect to hear this name from Bo Muyi.

She suddenly remembered that Lian Chi’s birthday was indeed around this time.

After all, she remembered those days clearly. Even after so many years, how could she forget it so easily?

However, she could already ignore it, but she did not expect Bo Muyi to mention it.

When he saw her in a trance, the man’s smile disappeared.

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