The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 28 - Signed Up With A Big Agency

Chapter 28: Signed Up With A Big Agency

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“No, I haven’t signed with any agency yet.” Leng Rongrong was interested in knowing Director Wang’s idea.

She did not have any links, nor any experience. So, no one had signed her up yet.

She had thought about establishing a company of her own, but if some agency would like to sign her, she would not mind that either.

It was a bit difficult to form an agency on her own at this moment, since she did not have any experience.

If she could join an existing one, it would save her a lot of trouble.

“Are you interested in Wantang Entertainment? It is one of the major entertainment companies in the country. They have many artists, including a lot of famous ones. And they have many resources at their disposal. I happen to know the owner of Wantang Entertainment, so I can recommend your name to them.”

Director Wang looked at Leng Rongrong in an appreciative way.

He had a feeling that Leng Rongrong was going to become a superstar one day.

She was good-looking and confident, and had a great set of acting skills. Most importantly, she was polite and courteous.

She would always stand out wherever she went.

“Wantang Entertainment?” Leng Rongrong thought for a while.

This company seemed to fulfil the demands and aspirations that she had from an establishment. It was a big company with numerous resources. With their concentrated efforts, they gave a fair chance to their artists to become popular, as long as the artists were not terrible performers.

Also, it was a company that was willing to sign on newbies.

Most importantly, they didn’t have a history of ruining an artist.

Thinking about it for a minute, Leng Rongrong told Director Wang that she was interested.

Without any hesitation, Director Wang took Leng Rongrong to Wantang Entertainment to meet the owner, Li Nantong.

Since Leng Rongrong was recommended by Director Wang, Li Nantong happily signed Leng Rongrong on.

“Girl, you have been endorsed by Director Wang, and I trust his judgement. But let me tell you that if you don’t manage to make the most of the opportunity, our company will not offer you any further resources. We have many artists, including a lot of newbies. Whether you are able to climb the ladder and reach the top depends on you as well, got it?”

Li Nantong gave a meaningful look to Leng Rongrong.

Leng Rongrong nodded. “I understand. Thanks for the reminder, Boss!”

After signing the contract, Leng Rongrong went back home. On the way, she picked up some food for Mo Linyuan and the others.

But the moment she came home, she found that both Tang Luo and Mo Linyuan were not at home.

Only Beautiful Li was there, having a great time with Storm.

“Beautiful, where are Mo Linyuan and Tang Luo?” Leng Rongrong asked him.

“They said that they needed to do something and went out.” Beautiful Li replied dutifully.

“Oh! I got some grilled chicken legs for everyone. Since, they are not lucky enough to taste my treat, let’s eat on their behalf as well. ”

Storm seemed to have caught the smell of grilled chicken, and lunged at Leng Rongrong.

“Alright, alright, Storm, you have a portion too!” Leng Rongrong said with a smile.

The two of them entered the house and sat down to eat the food along with Beautiful Li.

At the Leng House

Leng Qingqing started to smash stuff angrily the moment she reached home.

“Damn bitch, I am so badly pissed. She stole my role!”

Leng Qingqing swept everything off the table.

She had been waiting for Leng Rongrong outside the company to interrogate her but Leng Rongrong came out with the director, so she didn’t get the chance to argue with her.

“What is it going on, Qingqing?” Hearing the noise, Li Mulan walked out from the kitchen. “Who are you angry at, Baby?”

“That bitch stole my role.” Leng Qingqing slumped on the sofa, pursed her lips and tossed away the cushion.

“What bitch? Your role was stolen? What do you mean? Didn’t Qingle reach out to the producer? Didn’t you say that you were surely going to get the role?”

Li Mulan put down the plate full of fruits and came to Leng Qingqing. She wrapped her arms around her daughter’s shoulders.

“It is Leng Rongrong, that bitch! Mom, you know what, she was driving a new car today. She is just a wild kid from the countryside. How could she have a driver’s license and a car, how?!”

Leng Qingqing still could not digest all that had happened through the day.

She said furiously, “Qingle did talk to his contact, but they gave me the role of Chu Ling, the antagonist. And Leng Rongrong was given the lead role. The director must be blind. He is an idiot and not the ‘Best Director’ award winner.”

Li Mulan finally understood the issue.

Despite Leng Qingle’s intervention, the director still picked Leng Rongrong as the lead actor and gave Leng Qingqing a terrible role, instead.

Qingqing had to accept the proposal since she did not dare counter it, fearing that she would affect her brother’s future.

That was why Qingqing was so pissed.

If it had been someone else, she would not have gotten so angry. But a wild kid from the countryside had defeated her. Also, this girl had never acted in her life before.

Leng Qingqing was, after all, an actress, a minor one, but that still accounted for something!

Li Mulan got quite angry as well after hearing this.

“Damn that girl, how dare she steal your part. Shame on her!”

Li Mulan said angrily, “Hang on, I will call her and ask her to come over. We need to sort this out.”

“Is that going to work? That bitch has a terrible temper.” Leng Qingqing said annoyedly.

“We may not be able to do anything, but your dad can. I am sure that she will listen to your father. Hang on, let me talk to your father first.”

Li Mulan called up Leng Guantang and recounted the whole story in a pitiful tone.

She told him that she would like Leng Rongrong to come over to ask her why she was bullying her sister in this way.

Hearing her words, Leng Guantang got very annoyed. He said that he was coming home soon and would call that damned girl over as well.

“Alright, now you father knows.” Li Mulan touched Leng Qingqing’s head. “Don’t be sad, baby. We will come up with all kinds of methods to teach her a lesson. You have to be patient. You are definitely going to surpass her! Furthermore, your brother is well established in the industry. Don’t be scared.”

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