The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 27 - Not The Lead Role?

Chapter 27: Not The Lead Role?

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“Hello everyone, my name is Leng Qingqing.” Leng Qingqing sprang up and bowed to everyone. “Nice to meet you all.”

Director Wang, alongwith the producer, turned to look at Leng Qingqing with a weird look on his face.

Even the actors present there stared at her with a peculiar expression.

“Miss Leng, I know you are eager to present yourself to everyone, but please calm down right now. I will introduce you in a while. First, I would like to present Miss Leng Rongrong to everyone. She is going to play the lead role of this show, Xia Wunian.”

Director Wang nodded at Leng Rongrong and smiled.

Rongrong said, “What??”

Leng Qingqing: “!!!”

“What are you talking about, Director Wang?” Leng Qingqing turned to Director Wang in disbelief.

“Did you just say that she is the lead actress?”

How could that be possible?

Xia Wunian was her role to play!

Furthermore, Qingle had already spoken to the relevant people on her behalf. How did this role land up in this bitch’s lap then?

Didn’t Leng Rongrong audition for a supporting role?

What qualities did she have to be cast as the lead actress? She had zero capability and no experience.

“Yes, Leng Rongrong is going to be the lead actress for this show.” Director Wang said seriously, then he turned to Leng Rongrong.

“Rongrong, is this the first time that you are in a show?”

Leng Rongrong nodded. “I have never acted before, so it is the first time for me. But Director Wang, did you just say that I am the lead actress? Umm, the audition I gave was for the supporting role.”

“You may have never done a show but you are quite talented. We watched the audition and the entire crew came to the conclusion that you are most suitable for portraying Xia Wunian.” Director Wang said with a sincere expression on his face.

Leng Rongrong was startled. Did this mean that she would be the lead actress in her first show itself?

Didn’t that sound lovely?

She had planned to use this show as a stepping stone to enter the entertainment industry. Unexpectedly, the director thought that she was worthy of being the main female lead.

Leng Qingqing, who had Leng Qingle behind her back and a decent experience in the industry, was flummoxed.

“Not willing to become Xia Wunian?”

Seeing Leng Rongrong hesitate, Director Wang asked her immediately.

“Yes, yes, I am willing. Director Wang, Sister Producer, I won’t disappoint you. Thank you for choosing me. I will try my best to portray this role well!” Leng Rongrong bowed to everyone, including the other actors and actresses. Then she gave a detailed introduction about herself and expressed that she was looking forward to working with them.

Leng Rongrong was easygoing and polite. So, the other actors liked her too.

Only Leng Qingqing’s face turned dark. She was not only pissed but also embarrassed. After all, she had thought that this role belonged to her for sure.

That was why she had stood up excitedly, earlier on.

She was thoroughly embarrassed, and could not believe what just happened.

“Director Wang, what about me?” Leng Qingqing turned to him in uncertainty.

Leng Rongrong had taken the role that she had her eyes on, so now what about her?

Was she going to play a supporting role standing next to Leng Rongrong?

Leng Qingqing got quite annoyed as this thought. Why must she play a supporting role?

“As for you… we have discussed and concluded that you are most suitable for Chu Ling, the antagonist.” Director Wang answered.

Leng Qingqing: “!!!”

She not only failed to get Xia Wunian, but was given the role of Chu Ling?!

Chu Ling was a role which only had few lines and was badly detested throughout the story.

So the director was telling her that she looked like a bad person?

Annoyed, Leng Qingqing wanted to argue with the director but she knew that Director Wang Wufeng had a weird temper and that it was almost impossible to outwit him. No one could persuade him into changing his mind once he decided upon something.

Also, Director Wang had a wide network in this industry and he was not afraid to offend anyone.

She was nothing more than a minor actress, whom Director Wang did not care for.

Leng Qingqing curbed her impulse when she realized that he could not be offended. She had been in this industry long enough to know how things worked.

It would not matter if she was impacted, but what if her behaviour affected her brother… her mother would definitely blame her for it. Qingle was doing very well in his career right now and couldn’t afford any disruptions.

“I am assuming that you approve of this proposal by staying silent.” He asked Leng Qingqing.

“I am fine with it.” Leng Qingqing said hesitantly and then sat down.

She had lost complete interest in presenting herself in front of the crew.

They finished with everyone’s introductions but the male lead actor had not arrived till now.

“Director Wang, where is the lead actor?” Leng Rongrong was quite concerned about this point. She had to face that man during the entire shoot and was hoping that he would be a talented actor with an easygoing personality.

“Sorry, we are late.”

The door opened, as two men walked in.

The man was in his twenties and had a cold face. He was very good-looking and there was a unique air around him. Behind him, was a young man who looked to be his assistant.

The frigid man nodded at everyone.

Director Wang said, “Rongrong, here is the lead actor, Jin Mingfeng. He got the ‘Movie King’ award last year.”

Jin Mingfeng nodded at everyone as a way of greeting and Director Wang presented everyone else to Jin Mingfeng.

When the introductions were done, Director Wang asked if anyone had any questions regarding their roles. He wanted to clear these points before signing of the contracts.

This would be followed by script reading, and then the filming would commence.

Most of them were satisfied with the roles accorded to them, especially Leng Rongrong. She had auditioned for a supporting role but unexpectedly got the lead role!

But Leng Qingqing was not so pleased. Yet she did not dare to express it.

She had joined the crew through a recommendation. She couldn’t do anything if the director did not think highly of her. She had used all the influence that she had. What more could she do?

She had barely been offered any work in the past few days, so she had to accept whatever she had in hand.

She had intended to crush Leng Rongrong, but Leng Rongrong stomped upon her instead.

But Leng Qingqing had an open mind. Although she was playing a supporting role, she could still crush Leng Rongrong. Yes, she was definitely going to defeat her!

Moreover, she could always come up with something to torment this little bitch, since they were part of the same crew now.

Leng Qingqing started to fantasize about all kinds of scenes where Leng Rongrong was being tormented.

After the meeting, the director asked Leng Rongrong to stay back.

He asked her a few questions and then said, “You haven’t signed with an agency yet, right? What about me recommending one to you?”

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