The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 11 - Gold Storage

Chapter 11: Gold Storage

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Leng Rongrong helped Mo Linyuan to settle in the room on the second floor, and asked Tang Luo to occupy the room next door. Finally, she went up to the third floor.

Mo Linyuan had tried to object to this arrangement, but was overruled.

After taking a shower, Leng Rongrong laid down on the bed and managed to sleep soundly through the entire night.

It was not until almost lunchtime the following day, when Leng Rongrong stretched her arms and got up lazily. Her stomach was threatening to go on mutiny due to starvation.

After washing up, Leng Rongrong walked downstairs and saw Mo Linyuan having breakfast at the table.

Despite his physical shortcomings, Mo Linyuan was extremely good-looking. Dressed in a white shirt and a grey woollen sweater, he looked nearly like an immortal with that amazingly handsome and cold face.

As the sunshine sprinkled upon Mo Linyuan’s head, his ink-black hair glowed as if there was a halo around his head.

After taking a seat, Leng Rongrong gazed at Mo Linyuan with a pair of infatuated eyes.

“Think I am handsome?” Mo Linyuan’s voice sounded a little husky, magnetic and dangerous.

Leng Rongrong touched the corners of her lip, wiping off the drool.

She nodded honestly. “Indeed handsome.”

Mo Linyuan snorted. “Obsessed fool.”

Tang Luo: “…..”

Leng Rongrong did not counter him. She stood up and walked to the kitchen. Piling her plate with food from the kitchen, she started to stuff it into her mouth.

“Did you make this, Tang Luo?”

“Yes.” Tang Luo nodded.

“Amazing, what about you taking charge of cooking from today on?” Leng Rongrong asked him unashamedly.

“Well….” Tang Luo glanced at Mo Linyuan, not knowing whether he should turn down the suggestion or accept it. He made breakfast today, only because there was no one else who could do this job.

He was supposed to be Mo Linyuan’s special assistant, in charge of his daily affairs. It was not part of his portfolio to handle cooking!

“He only takes care of my affairs.”

Mo Linyuan raised his chin and said proudly, “You are the wife, you should cook.”

“Why?” Leng Rongrong objected by striking the table loudly. “Why me? I am not your wife in name only. Why must I cook? Moreover, I can’t really cook…”

Leng Rongrong turned him down in a strong tone. “If you aren’t afraid of being poisoned to death, then I can cook for you.”

Mo Linyuan replied. “I am not.”

Leng Rongrong threatened him and said, “You will definitely feel sorry saying this today.”

Leng Rongrong snorted as she finished her breakfast. She left the dishes in the kitchen and stepped outside the door to take a look.

The yard was enormous but vacant and bare. It didn’t look pretty.

“Ha, let’s go and buy some flowers to plant here? Or, let’s get some seeds to sow vegetables. How does that sound?” Leng Rongrong turned around and looked at Mo Linyuan who had followed behind in the wheelchair.

“Don’t have time for that.” Mo Linyuan replied coldly.

“Don’t have time for that?” Leng Rongrong surveyed Mo Linyuan from up to down. “Are you sure? What work can you possibly be busy with?”

Having said the words instinctively, Leng Rongrong shut her mouth. She felt a sinister coldness shooting towards her from the guy.

He was annoyed.

Well, he was a postnatal cripple but he didn’t seem to accept the fact that he had become handicapped.

He used to be the heir of the Mo Family, but now he must be feeling terrible for not being able to inherit the Mo Family’s business.

Leng Rongrong had intended to berate him further, but seeing his face caused the compassion to rise inside her heart.

“Well then… you can just keep me company while I shop.”

Leng Rongrong blinked at Mo Linyuan. “And don’t be distressed. Actually, I have some knowledge of Chinese medicine. I will think of every possible way to cure you. I am sure that one day, you will be able to get back to your feet!”

Mo Linyuan: “…..”

Tang Luo: “…..”

‘Madam, Master is doing well. Probably you are going to cripple him instead, with your medical skills.’

‘Let’s discuss this in detail, no guinea pig treatment, alright?’

Leng Rongrong suddenly thought of something and got excited. “What about giving it a try right now? I have my silver needles with me here. I can try curing you through acupuncture even though the chances of recovery are not great.”

“Not great?” A dark glare shot out of Mo Linyuan’s dark eyes.

Leng Rongrong chuckled dryly with a hand over her mouth seeing his expression.

Tang Luo said, “Madam, didn’t you want to go shopping? I can accompany you for the same. Master is not in a handy position to move. I can borrow a car and we can drive to the place.”

“Oh true, we don’t have a car. It is quite inconvenient.” Leng Rongrong frowned.

“Well, let’s call a taxi to take us to the 4S store. We can buy a car from there. I need one anyway.”

Since she had moved out of the countryside, she decided to live a new life.

Leng Rongrong had already made a few plans for her future before she fell asleep last night.

First of all, she was going to get her mother’s legacy back from Leng Guantang, and was going to retrieve the company that belonged to her mother.

Secondly, she was going to take good care of Mo Linyuan and would try her best to cure him.

Thirdly, she had always dreamt of being an actress. Now that she was out of her godfathers’ reach, she was definitely going to try her hand in the entertainment industry.

Instead of saying anything further, Leng Rongrong picked up the phone and booked a taxi.

Mo Linyuan looked at Leng Rongrong. “Buying a car?”

This woman was from the countryside, but she sounded quite confident. But, actually she was quite foolish.

She knew that he had no power or wealth, and she was still asking him to buy a car?

“Yes! Otherwise how are we supposed to move around? Leng Rongrong threw a look at Mo Linyuan.

Mo Linyuan said coldly, “I don’t have any money.”

Leng Rongrong rolled her eyes at him. “I know, I am not stupid! Of course you don’t have any money. It’s ok, I can pay for the car. Also, be nice to me. I am the one whom you have to depend on from today on.”

Mo Linyuan glanced at Leng Rongrong. “Old Master gave you money?”

“Hang on! What do you mean? I have my own savings. Hmph…” Leng Rongrong pursed her lips and sighed.

“My gold storage… after I buy the car, I will try my best to make money and earn everything back!”

Mo Linyuan: “….”

Gold Storage?

How big was this Gold Storage?

Wasn’t she a countryside girl, someone abandoned by the Leng Family? As per the rumor, she had led a miserable life in the past. So how did she manage to get a gold storage?

She couldn’t be talking about buying a broken car worth only 30,000 or 50,000 yuan, right?

Mo Linyuan glanced at Leng Rongrong with disdain in his eyes.

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