The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 10 - The Best Strategy

Chapter 10: The Best Strategy

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Tang Luo live streamed the whole event for Mo Linyuan dutifully.

He laughed so much that he almost passed out.

Having served as Mo Linyuan’s assistant for years, he had never managed to vent his anger. Master was a secretively powerful person, yet on the surface, he was pretending to be a cripple. He had been bullied consistently over the years but he could never extract revenge in such an obvious way for his boss.

But this time, the revenge was taken and that too so boldly and blatantly.

It felt amazing!

It was sweeter because the meanest of them all, Mo Lanlan was tortured in this way.

It served Mo Lanlan perfectly right.

“Sister, come, let’s check the bathroom and see if it was cleaned or not.” Leng Rongrong dragged a helpless looking Mo Lanlan into the bathroom, and then pushed her inside.

As expected, Mo Lanlan shouted loudly and incoherently after a few seconds.

When she came out of the bathroom, Mo Lanlan had turned into a zombie with messy hair and no energy.

Inside the bathroom, there were numerous insects flying about, creating a creepy scene.

These were caterpillars that could bite. Though the biting would not cause any major problem, yet they stung badly.

Mo Lanlan had many painful marks on her body by now.

She turned to look at Leng Rongrong in despair. “Are you done or not?”

“What do you mean by I am done or not? I am just asking you to supervise your servants’ work. It has nothing to do with me if they have done a terrible job, right?” Leng Rongrong said with a smile. “It seems that the Mo Family have inefficient servants. In your opinion, what should we do now that the cleaning has not been done?”

Mo Lanlan was annoyed, but she truly had no energy to go on doing this with Leng Rongrong any more.

With her teeth clenched, she sent for the head of the servants and asked them to handle the entire mess. Finally, Mo Lanlan walked downstairs with Leng Rongrong.

She was about to sit down to catch her breath when Leng Rongrong suddenly said, “Lanlan, we haven’t checked the outside area. But it’s turning dark outside, and we may not be able to finish the work today. It seems that we have to continue with this tomorrow!”

“You… stop tormenting me!” Mo Lanlan felt her heart almost stop beating at this moment.

She looked at Leng Rongrong as if she were staring at a ghost. “Stay away from me, I will call a cleaning service company and get everything cleaned. No snakes, no insects!”

She had started to hate Leng Rongrong crazily, but Mo Lanlan was well aware that she could not go on like this any longer.

She would die if she had to bear this torture for even a minute more.

Within half an hour, the professional cleaners were at the residence.

They cleaned up the house in and out thoroughly, leaving no insects or other poisonous species around. All the blankets and sheets were replaced as well.

It was already late in the evening when the work was finally done.

Leng Rongrong turned to look at Mo Lanlan.

Catching Leng Rongrong’s eyes, Mo Lanlan felt that her heart was still stuck in her throat.

“It’s all done now, what more do you want?”

Mo Lanlan wished that she had never come here today.

“Maybe another round of checking? Want to try checking the blankets one more time? What if snakes surface there again?” Leng Rongrong said in a pitiful tone.

“It is impossible. Everything has been swept away, no creatures or dirt is left!” Mo Lanlan said in fury.

“All rooms have been refurbished, everything is brand new in this house. I am leaving now!”

“But there is no food in the fridge. Are you going to get some ingredients delivered now?” A tinge of misery flashed across Leng Rongrong’s beautiful face.

She had been the big bully all day long, but she was behaving as if she were the bullied one.

“Leng Rongrong, you are too much. We got everything done on your behalf. Now you are demanding food ingredients as well. Can’t you solve some issues yourselves as mature adults? Otherwise, this is no different from you living in the Mo Family’s mansion!”

Mo Lanlan stood there with her messy hair and dirtied clothes.

At this juncture, she resembled a homeless person who had stepped out of a dumpster.

“But we have just moved out and are not used to living alone yet…”

“Alright, alright, I will get the food delivered! But it is only this time, understand? No such demands henceforth.” Mo Lanlan made a call angrily and ordered some things to be sent across.

Soon, rice and various other kinds of food ingredients were brought over to the house.

Leng Rongrong glanced at the gleaming kitchen that was currently fully stocked as well as the fridge that was overflowing with various foods as well. She felt rather satisfied at the moment.

“Hang on!”

Seeing Mo Lanlan leave, Leng Rongrong hurriedly grabbed her arm.

“What do you want now?!” Mo Lanlan almost shrieked due to the sudden movement.

It had been a fearful day.

“Please stay for dinner. You have worked so hard today. It would be rude on our part to not offer you any food.” Leng Rongrong blinked in an innocent manner.

“No thanks, I can eat at my own home!”

“No, just stay, please. I insist!” Leng Rongrong forced Mo Lanlan to stay. “But… I can’t cook, what should we do?”

Mo Lanlan looked at Leng Rongrong in fright. Before she could come up with any other condition, Mo Lanlan hurriedly said, “I will arrange for a chef!”

The chef came in and prepared the evening meal.

At the dining table, Leng Rongrong poured some soup in a bowl and placed it in front of Mo Lanlan. “Lanlan, this is snake soup, drink it so that you can take your revenge.”

Mo Lanlan: “…”

She had almost gone insane by now but she dare not complain. No matter what she tried to put in her mouth, Leng Rongrong would claim that it was either snake meat, toad meat or caterpillars…

All of those were the things that had tormented Mo Lanlan during the day.

Mo Lanlan ran out of the villa after the dinner. But before she managed to escape, she was forced to wash the dishes by Leng Rongrong. As per Leng Rongrong’s logic, since Mo Lanlan had made no contributions towards the dinner, and she was her junior in the family tree, it was her duty to clean up post dinner.

Mo Lanlan was nearing a mental breakdown. She had not been treated in this way ever in her life.

After Leng Rongrong saw Mo Lanlan off, she stretched her arms and yawned. “Finally the house is cleaned. I am so exhausted.”

Tang Luo: “???”


Was Madam exhausted?

Didn’t she do nothing?

‘Poor Mo Lanlan’ was the one who must have been exhausted. He was sure that Mo Lanlan was never going to show up in front of Leng Rongrong ever again in her life.

“I am also exhausted.” Mo Linyuan turned to look at Leng Rongrong.

“Then let’s go to sleep.” Leng Rongrong shrugged. “I think that you can take the master room on the second floor, and I will take the room on the third floor.”

Mo Linyuan: “???”

“You are my wife.”

“I know, but we are not sleeping together right? Marrying you was just a strategic decision and I believe that you also know that pretty well!”

Leng Rongrong yawned and patted Mo Linyuan’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, for the time being, I will take good care of you, and I will try my best to cure your legs. But first all, let’s try to live here together peacefully, alright?”

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