The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Ji Chen and his army left the stone buildings and ventured into the jungle to hunt wild monsters.

The jungle, which he had not ravaged before, was densely populated with monsters, but none of them had witnessed the terror of his upright ape form.


He opened the map, searched for targets, and went on a killing spree.

A large number of monsters were killed by him, and they became experience points on his experience bar.

“Ding ~ The battle has ended. You have obtained a glorious victory…”

[You have received 600 EXP. Current EXP is Level 6[58%/100%].]

After a day of non-stop fighting, every soldier had improved a lot.

His level had risen to level 6, and his experience bar was already halfway through.

The River Murloc had leveled up by two levels, reaching Level 7.

Because the Naga Warrior’s level was originally low, it directly rose by 3 levels and reached level 7.

The pirates had leveled up by one and reached level 9, which was the highest level among all the troops at the moment.

Alice, being a hero, had a higher leveling difficulty compared to regular soldiers. Despite this, she managed to level up to level 7.

In terms of level, his current military strength was no longer inferior to the Kobolds. He had a considerable advantage in terms of level and tier.

As long as he recruited and upgraded the new Sea Pixie unit after returning, he could start considering taking action against the Kobolds.

As the sky grew dark, Ji Chen halted his killing spree and returned to his territory with a bounty of edible meat.

The residents were hard at work – some were cutting down trees, some were sewing, and some were constructing houses.

Despite the modest size of the population and the rudimentary nature of the structures, the entire territory exuded a lively and vibrant energy.

Ji Chen was convinced that his territory would continue to thrive and grow, with its population and size expanding in the future.

Starting as a small village, he aimed to develop it into a small-scale town, and eventually into a state city by the sea, with the potential to become a famous regional city.

He hadn’t forgotten his original goal when he named the territory, to turn it into a bright crown and a pearl of the ocean. With this in mind,

Ji Chen was in a good mood as he approached the Murloc statue.

He took out the core of the Sea Pixie Recruitment Camp from his backpack and planted it in the soil just as before.

“Ding ~ The core of the Sea Pixie Recruiting Camp has been successfully built.”

The ground trembled slightly, and a coral fountain suddenly appeared in the open space beside the Murloc statue.

The fountain consisted of vividly colored corals, with a tiny jet of water shooting out from the center and cascading down the layers of corals, creating a dazzling display of colors that changed with each coral.

This recruitment camp was impressive, but unfortunately, the soldiers it produced were not of high quality.

[Sea Pixie Fountain]

[Tier: 1, 2 stars]

[Type of soldier recruited: Sea Pixie (Tier 1, 2 stars)]

[Number of recruits per week: 14]

[Current Recruited]: 14

[Recruitment cost: 5 units of wood, 5 units of fiber, 5 units of clay.]

[Click to recruit]

Instead of enhancing it first, Ji Chen chose to recruit the Sea Pixies immediately.

This was because the resources needed for recruitment were relatively small before unlocking the node, but they would increase greatly after the enhancement.

Therefore, recruiting before strengthening was a small trick to save resources.

After pressing the recruitment button, the calm water of the fountain suddenly increased in volume and shot straight into the air.

The water then condensed into balls and broke open, revealing 30-centimeter-long Sea Pixies with delicate and cute porcelain doll-like appearances.

They had dark blue wings on their backs that flapped slightly, and they held small staffs made of water.

One by one, they flew in front of him and greeted him in a childish voice.

“My Lord, the Sea Pixies team greets you!”

“My Lord, what is this place…”

“My Lord…”

Despite their chattering, their voices did not come across as noisy. In fact, it was more reminiscent of a group of children singing in kindergarten.

It was much more pleasant to the ear than the noisy croaking of the river Murlocs.

The River Murloc was speechless.

Ji Chen smiled and poked the Sea Pixie’s little face with his finger.

It was soft like a bun.

Although these little fellows were not very strong, their cute appearances were very likable.

After teasing them a little, he opened the military talent tree and flipped to the page of the sea Pixies.

[Sea Pixie (Tier 1, 2-Star)]

[Unlock node A-1: Water Arrow (white skill → green skill)] [Requires 100 units of wood, 200 units of clay.]

[Unlock node B-1: Son of the Ocean (White skill → Green skill)] [Requires 100 units of wood, 200 units of clay.]

[Unlock node C-1: Explosive casting (new white skill)] [Requires 300 units of thick iron]

[Unlock node D-1: Mana Body (Military characteristic weakened/enhanced) [Consumes 300 units of thick iron, 200 units of clay]

[Unlocking any node can increase star level or rank.]

They were such cute troops, so he had to level them up to the max.

“Consumed 100 units of wood and 200 units of clay to unlock node A-1.”

“Consumed 100 units of wood and 200 units of clay to unlock node B-1.”

“Consumed 300 units of crude iron to unlock node C-1.”

“Consumed 300 units of crude iron and 200 units of clay to unlock node D-1.”

The resources that the territory had just accumulated were all gone with every click.

The sea Pixies were surrounded by a light blue light. After the light dissipated, they looked even cuter and more intelligent.

[Sea Pixie]

[Level: 1]

[Tier: 2, 3-star]

[Skill: Condensed Water Arrow (green skill, condensed mana to shoot water arrows with good magic damage)]

Son of the Ocean (Green Skill, Magic Power increases by 15% when near the ocean)

Explosion Casting (White skill, can cause spells to explode and cause splash damage)

[Military characteristic: Energy body (no need to eat, only need to absorb the wandering magic energy to maintain survival, and increase mana recovery speed by 10%)]

[I’m a little weak…Please don’t hit me]

Hmm, with this enhancement, the interface looked much better.

In particular, their attack power had increased by a lot.

Ji Chen nonchalantly picked up a Sea Pixie and instructed her to shoot Water Arrows at a tree located in the distance.

“My Lord, I am willing to serve you!”

The Sea Pixie gave a serious nod and lifted her staff.

After a slight chant, a blue water arrow shot out.



The Water Arrow struck the tree trunk with a piercing effect, causing an explosion that shattered the trunk into pieces, sending a mixture of water and wood chips flying in all directions.

The power was impressive, and if it had hit a living body, blood, and flesh would have flown everywhere.

Ji Chen grinned at the sight of the destroyed tree and felt confident that the Kobolds would have a taste of the Sea Pixies’ magic.

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