The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

“Ding ~ The battle has ended. You have obtained a glorious victory…”

“No deaths +20%. Defeating a large number of opponents with fewer opponents +20%. Level suppression +20%.”


[You have received 2100 EXP. You have leveled up (5→6). Current EXP is Level 6[5%/100%]]

“River Murloc leveled up (4→5), Naga Warrior leveled up (3→4).”

[Siren: Alice (Hero) has leveled up (5→6)]

Upon hearing the system notification, Ji Chen walked towards the center of the battlefield.

They arrived in front of the temple-like building.

The temple was the core of the entire building complex. The outline of the building under the dense vegetation was full of mystery.

In the center of the temple, there was a square lightwell about 20-30 meters long and wide. There was a circle of stone stairs on the walls of the lightwell, winding down until they disappeared into the water of the well.

The well water was very murky and it was difficult to see how deep it was.

Ji Chen summoned a few Murlocs and asked them to jump into the lightwell to see if there were any monsters or things hidden.

A few Murlocs jumped into the water and dove deeper.

After a few minutes, they surfaced and returned to the ground.

They danced and gestured to express what they saw.

“The bottom is very deep, about 30 times our height. There are also many narrow waterways on the wall that lead to unknown places.”

“We saw a lot of shiny silver metal, a transparent ball, and a box at the bottom.”

Silver shiny metal? A transparent ball? Box?

Ji Chen immediately thought of Kels silver coins, the core of the military recruitment camp, and the treasure chest.

“Then why didn’t you bring them back?”

The Murlocs were obviously stunned by this question.

Reacting quickly, he gathered the other Murlocs and they dove down into the water together.

The quicker swimmers were the first to return with the initial harvest: a few silver coins and a crystal ball.

The crystal ball was the heart of a military recruitment camp.

Ji Chen picked it up and examined it carefully.

In the crystal clear crystal ball, a lifelike creature with wings and pointed ears was frozen, holding a blue wand in its hand.

From the appearance, it should be a magic-based military unit.

Compared to the brute-force melee units, magic-based units, which only need to wave their wands to use powerful spells, are obviously more favored and appreciated.

Now he already has three types of melee troops: the River Murloc, the Naga Warrior, and the Elite Pirate.

Based on the line-up, they need a type of soldier that can deal long-range damage, and it would be best if it had magic damage.

This core of the military recruitment camp could not have come at a better time.

He checked the core’s interface.

[Sea Pixie Recruiting Camp Core]

[Usage: Can generate a sea Pixie recruitment camp]

[Recruit: Sea Pixie (Tier 1, 2 stars)]

Ji Chen paused and thought for a moment. He realized that the tier of the Sea Pixie was unusually low for a magical class, equivalent to the starting tier of a River Murloc who had not unlocked any nodes.

Magical classes were typically considered to be powerful existences of the same tier, and their tiers tended to be higher than those of other classes.

Ji Chen couldn’t help but wonder if there was something unusual about the Sea Pixie’s tier.

With doubts, he opened the introduction panel of the sea pixies.

[Sea Pixie]

[Level: 1]

[Tier: 1, 2 stars]

[Skill: Water Arrow (White skill, fire a small water arrow with slight magic damage)]

Ocean Casting (White skill, spell power increases by 5% when near the ocean)

[Military characteristic: Energy body (no need to eat, only need to absorb free magic energy to maintain survival)]

[I’m very weak … Please don’t kill me]

Ji Chen fell silent, realizing that the Sea Pixies’ attack method was simply shooting small water arrows.

Apart from not requiring food, there was nothing particularly remarkable about it.

Therefore, the evaluation given by the system was very accurate.

A Tier 1 2-star unit would have been treated as trash if they were in the hands of other players.

However, in his hands, through the cheat of the military talent tree, he might be able to make them glow with vitality and become a powerful military.

Even a weak soldier like the River Murlocs could easily be of use after being strengthened.

Ji Chen put the core into his backpack and watched as the Murloc transported the Kels silver coins back and forth.

The silver coins quickly accumulated on the ground, their glint was a pleasing sight.

Ji Chen had a rough idea of the purchasing power of gold coins and silver coins from his previous transactions with Raymond and from posts by other players.

For instance, one silver coin could buy five units of dry rations, and five silver coins could buy one unit of ordinary meat.

Five gold coins could buy a decent chainmail, and fifty gold coins could buy a qualified warhorse.

This was the general price range.

Raymond’s compensation of 350 gold coins and 1000 silver coins was equivalent to the value of seven warhorses and two pieces of chainmail.

So, it seemed that the fatty had considerable financial resources.

Then again, a merchant group with three merchant ships was no ordinary merchant, after all.

An hour later, the Murlocs had finally managed to haul all the silver coins from the bottom of the well.

The round ground was now formed into a small mountain of silver. After counting, there were a total of 10,400 silver coins, which seemed like a lot, but in reality, it wasn’t much.

It was equivalent to 104 gold coins, which could only buy two warhorses. However, the female slaves that they had captured earlier were quite expensive.

Each of them was worth half a warhorse. Ji Chen couldn’t help but wonder if it was worth using them as tailors and weavers, or if he should sell them instead.

He fell into deep thought.

Other than the silver coins, there was also a treasure chest.

Because only the Lord could open the treasure chest, the Murlocs could not bring it up.

He had no choice but to take action personally.

The approximate depth of this well, according to the Murlocs, was about 30 times their own height.

Murlocs were around 1.3-1.4 meters. So, it was roughly 40 meters deep.

According to the Blue Star standard, a depth of forty meters is generally difficult to handle for non-professional divers.

However, with the protection of the territory, this difficulty is not significant.

Ji Chen took off his clothes, took a deep breath, and jumped straight into the water.

Under the guidance and protection of more than a dozen Naga warriors and Murlocs, he swam towards the depths.

The water was turbid and visibility decreased as they descended, with less than three meters of clarity.

It would have been easy to get lost without the guidance of the Murlocs.

After half a minute, they reached the bottom and he saw the treasure chest.

Even in the water, the treasure chest was still emitting dazzling starlight, like the stars in the sky.

[The locked treasure chest]

[Level: 4 stars]

[There seems to be something inside.]

[Will the Goddess of Luck pay attention to you?]

Tsk! It was actually a locked treasure chest.

Now, he had to find another 4-star treasure chest key.

The treasure chest was covered by the power of the rules and could not be moved before it was opened. This meant that he could only leave the treasure chest here and come back to open it later.

Ji Chen felt a wave of disappointment wash over him and shifted his attention to the surroundings.

He looked at the narrow waterways leading to other places, which were only half a meter wide and high, making them inaccessible to anyone but the Murlocs.

He signaled for two Murlocs to go and investigate.

But before they could return, Ji Chen decided to float up to the surface himself.

Although his swimming ability had improved a lot, he was still within the range of human beings and could not stay in the water for a long time like the Murlocs and Naga Warriors.

A few seconds after they came ashore, he saw two Murlocs coming up to the surface.

“The water channel is connected to the surrounding rivers.”

That explained why the lightwell was filled with water.

The loot from this expedition was satisfactory.

The military recruitment camp core alone was worth thousands of silver coins, not to mention the locked four-star treasure chest they obtained.

It was definitely a great haul.

There was no other area of interest to explore in the building complex, so Ji Chen didn’t hesitate to give the order to leave with his army.

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