The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 9: Tiger Shaped Magical Arts

The Nine Cauldrons Chapter 9: Tiger Shaped Magical Arts

‘When I was seven years old, I attended the hellish training camp in Siberia. At the time my body had not yet developed; so being under the pressure of training it was greatly affected. Later on I joined the Master to practice the Internal Arts. When I was young, I didn’t have any potential and I lacked too much, even though I had reached the maximum internal force; but in comparison with Dole Goth Grove, my body’s limits as well as fitness were still a little worse. “

Not reaching the higher realm, most people only achieved their physical limits, and could not advance further.

Training was required to have different levels.

Like some athletes, in order to achieve good results, they had to train regularly to achieve medals. When they were young, they made many great achievements but as they aged their bodies collapsed.

Of course, the level of training of athletes was not too exaggerated.

For example, some Muay Thai trainers, were very crazy; like a machine. When they were 20 years old, they were really dangerous but many of them could not live until 40. Even though they were able to live longer, they might have to hold a stick! Because their potential had been squeezed too much; even their vitality was consumed out.

The Internal Arts were so diverse!

China’s Internal Arts was magical because the first purpose of this kind of Art was caring for health, not murdering.

After health, there was killing.

A Muay Thai master could only live until the age of 40. However, according to an internal Arts master, 40-year-old was exactly the pinnacle moment. Especially, as an Internal Arts master, even at the age of 80 or 90, he would have strong potential which terrified everyone. If a master had not died from fighting, he would have lived more than a hundred years.

Everyone could easily understand the health effects of the Internal Arts.

Of course, in the world, there was a long history of ancient Indian Yoga, which also had a magical effect. Even though, Indian Yoga was not as strong as the Internal Arts, the Internal Arts was of a higher degree of difficulty. The Indian Yoga was on a lower level so there were more practitioners. Of course, at the SS level all over the world, in other words, masters whose level was in the higher realm, the vast majority of people practiced the Internal Arts.

“Once you reach the higher realm, you can transcend human limits.”

Teng Qing Shan couldn’t help but smile.

The Internal Arts meant being able to completely control every muscle.

The higher realm of Internal Arts meant being able to control and use all the energy of muscles, veins, and bones. That was the reason why a master could send out a stronger fist despite having the same body as others.

“But step by step practicing “Three-body”,”five elements skill”, “Twelve-shaped” day by day, to strengthen bones, improve veins’ toughness, strengthen muscles’ density, this was too slow.” Teng Qing Shan sighed loudly, “Fortunately, he taught me the strongest secret trick of Xing Yi Quan named “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts.”

There were various kinds of Internal Arts in China. In addition to three major Internal Arts, there was Baji Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Wuzu Arts, Wing Chun and so on, and many other Arts.

But why could Xing Yi Quan, Bagua, and Tai Chi be called “the Three Strongest Internal Arts” while other kinds of Arts were at a lower level?

Other skills could not reach the higher realm, could they? Not really. Other sects had also produced masters, and had many practitioners.

The real difference is the strength between the Masters!

The ‘Three Strong Internal Arts’ masters were normally stronger than other Internal Arts’ masters! In other Internal Arts, after reaching “the higher realm”, you had to improve yourself step by step through practice. However, each sect of “Three Strong Internal Arts” had a particular secret Skill. After reaching the higher realm, they could attend to practice those secret skills!

The secret skills could make the ability of master develop quickly, and only could only be practiced by those that have reached the higher realm.

They distinguished that Xing Yi Quan ‘s secret skill was “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts”, TaiChi’s secret skill was “Basaltic Rock of Strength”, and Bagua’s secret trick was “Changeable Ichthyosaurs”.

“Tiger Shaped Magical Arts” was taught by a master of Xing Yi Quan named “Ji Jike,” who lived in the late Ming period. In the legends, Ji Jike lived with a tiger, he fed the tiger, and he even slept with the tiger.

After observing a long time, finally, at the age of hundred, he created a unique Secret Technique called “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts.”

Concerning bones, tiger bones were the most famous. Using their bones to make wine was very healthy for your kidney. Tigers had very powerful effects.

Practicing “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts” was like becoming a tiger, you had to improve your bones’ toughness.

In order to practice “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts”, you had to reach the higher realm as well as be skillful at “Tiger Fist” in “Twelve Shapes of Tiger Shapes”. This trick was only taught to the central disciples.

“At first, try to see.”

Teng Qing Shan suddenly bent his body down and laid on the ground like a tiger. Despite having laid on the ground,only his hands and legs touched the ground. The muscles in his body didn’t tremble even a little though he had to control his breathing, interior strength and so on.

Sometimes his back slightly arched, sometimes it bent down. At that moment, his spine was like a dragon which flew and hid behind a cloud.

In the raising and lowering process of the spine, muscles in his hands and legs were functioning.

Breathing and interior strength must co-ordinate perfectly.

Strength passed from his fingers’ phalanx to his arms and constantly transmitted to all his body. Breathing led to all the organs’ moving. The strong energy of his interior strength even caused bone tremors. Teng Qing Shan constantly made adjustments. He tried his best to reach the state mentioned in “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts”.

The action seemed to be simple but in fact it was really complex!

In comparison with all “12 types of Xing Yi”, this was much more difficult. With just a wrong breath you failed. Controlling the internal strength in a wrong way also meant failure.

He endlessly did experiments and made adjustments!

He coordinated various aspects until he achieved perfection.

“Whew. Whew…” Teng Qing Shan turned his body around and stood up, having perceived the force on his body, his eyes brightened “I never thought that practicing one day can improve my strength so much. My physical fitness has developed at least 20 percent.”

Teng Qing Shan clearly noticed this increase.

He also knew that, usually, the first time you practiced, you would have the clearest change in your body. Later, it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

Patriarch Ji, who created the secret Technique “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts” was incredible. The action which appeared to be simple, was in fact extremely complicated. The secret skill was exactly taking acts of a sleeping tiger. However, in comparison with all Tiger Fists in Twelve Arts, the secret skill was the most complex by ten times, or even a hundred times.

The movement of the body was coordinated with breathing, the interior strength functioning, controlling bones and other aspects, did not know how long had Patriarch Ji been doing experiments and creating.

Teng Qing Shan was really moved.

Even though, the founder of Xing Yi Quan was unknown Ji Jike was exactly the master who was on the highest status in the history of Xing Yi Quan. Many Xing Yi disciples regarded him as “Xing Yi founder.”


Time flew by as Teng Qing Shan was completely immersed in the “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts”. His physical fitness had developed with an incredible speed. This incredible speed made Teng Qing Shan strongly admire Ji Jike.

15 days later.

In this half month, from the start of having practiced “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts”, Teng Qing Shan’s physical fitness could improve from ten to twenty percent. To the fifteenth day, the increase was barely noticed. However, in comparison with last fifteen days, Teng Qing Shan’s physical fitness could be said to have improved by twice as much before. Although his physical fitness improved, his real Internal strength improved far more in comparison.

“I have been immersed in practicing “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts,” and forgot my brother “Qing Jiang”. Teng Qing Shan smiled.

In fact, at the time he hid in the country, Teng Qing Shan was worried about being killed by “Sharpshooter” and “Broken body aircraft”. Thus, he was eager to meeting his brother “Qing Jiang” before the fight.

And now…

After having reached the higher realm, Teng Qing Shan started to practice “The Tiger Shaped Magical Arts”. It was possible to say that he stood at the pinnacle of the world. His present strength was stronger by ten times.

Of course, Teng Qing Shan was not in a hurry.

“At first, I should investigate a little about the outside situation.” Teng Qing Shan came into his room, turned on the computer and connected to the network, then used the same approach and contacted ‘Elena’.

“Elena!” Teng Qing Shan typed the keyboard.

A moment later –

“Ah, Wolf. Finally, you contact me! It has been a month, I thought you had died, too.”

From a far distance in London, England, Elena, barefoot, sat before her computer, and swung her white-skinned foot as she typed and vented her dissatisfaction.

“I had to care for my injury.” Teng Qing Shan smiled and replied.

“ Well, are you hurt?” Elena was worried.

“I am okay. How is the outside situation?” Teng Qing Shan inquired.

Elena revealed a little bit of nervousness, and thought for a moment, then she answered “Wolf, you are very powerful and dangerous. You even killed Magosawa and Dole Goth Grove. Now you are listed as the first master of “Fifty S levels of Killers”, known as the SS-classed killers. Are you feeling proud of yourself? Unfortunately though I have to give you some bad news.”

“Tell me.” Teng Qing Shan knitted his eyebrows.

“It is possibly that the Redmayne family was angry, or, may be because your ability made them nervous. To put it simply, Redmayne spent a lot of money inviting the world’s Top organization “God Kingdom”. I guess that two of the Big Three of “God Kingdom” are in China, they are ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Shiva’, and they are searching for you.”

Teng Qing Shan changed his emotion.

“Two of Big Three of “God Kingdom”? Despite his strength, Teng Qing Shan could not help feeling worried.

The Big Three of the God Kingdom claimed to be Gods! Of course, all of them were SS-Class killers; they were absolutely the masters of the higher realm. Moreover, the Big Three of God Kingdom had entered the higher realm long ago. Having entered the higher realm for years and having entered for a few months were far from the same.

Although Teng Qing Shan’s body had developed twice as much before thanks to practicing “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts” which could take almost a lifetime to achieve for a normal master.


His enemies were two of the Big Three, in the dark world. They were legendary invincible masters. Over the years, no one could kill any one of them.

“On this occasion, the Redmayne family invited them…even two of them simultaneously came here to deal with me. They respected me too much! “ Teng Qing Shan felt the pressure but in truth, he earnestly wanted to start a war.

Teng Qing Shan did not know why God Kingdom sent two of the Big Three to China; maybe because they were nervous that Teng Qing Shan would have a Master’s help. If the two leaders had met Xing Yi Quan’s masters appearing to help Teng Qing Shan, they would have been in danger. Therefore, they needed to send two people to kill Teng Qing Shan.

Two of them would attack together when they came and defend when they fell behind as insurance.

Once “God Kingdom” took in the mission, until now, they had never failed!

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