The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 8 : The Potential

The Nine Cauldrons Chapter 8 : The Potential

On the highway, An Audi A6 was constantly running to the north.

There were two people in the car. One was a driver, the other sat in the back who was tall, seemingly nearly thirty years. His face was quite similar to Teng Qing Shan.

“Ruuu, ruuu …” The phone was vibrating.

This tall man took the phone out: “Hey, brother Yang ah, what happened?”

Then his face changed immediately: “What did you say ?”

“How could that be?” The tall man could not believe it.

“Well, I understand!” He nodded, “I have come back to the city of Yang Zhou on the road, you know, ok!”

“Set your mind at rest, brother Yang, I am Qin Hong, you already know, what I can do right? You feel at ease even though I know my ability, I won’t be reckless at all. I do not dare cross the lives of my brothers as a joke. Ok, I understand!”

The tall man “Qin Hong’s” face fell when he hang up the phone.

“Qin brother, what happened?” Said the driver.

“This situation is not good, our city of Yang Zhou had an event related to the dark world.” Qin Hong deep voice answered.

“What happened?” The driver asked.

Qin Hong detailed: “Two days ago, two S-class killers of the dark world, “sharpshooter” Magosawa and “broken body aircraft” Dole Goth Grove went to kill another S-Class killer called “Wolf”. A war in which three super strong killers participated, the result was this Wolf killing the other two.

“What!” The driver shouted out “How could he be so strong ?”

“The dark world has voted for him to become the first in 50 s-class killer, acknowledged as a ss-class killer! Maybe he already has the strength!” Qin Hong deep voice answered.

“God, this level of the killer in Yang Zhou, wouldn’t he be a walking Nuclear Bomb in the city?” The driver also frightened.

No matter S or SS-class, they could not resist.

“I’m in trouble, the whole dark world have a total of only eight ss-class killers, each person also go beyond the limits of human understanding reaching incredible realm! Ordinary bullets and other weapons have been ineffective against them! And even with the powerful strength, they have their speed and nerve reaction rate….by the time we raise our arms, they can already kill us.”

Qin Hong clearly understood the meaning of SS-Class.

If we said that S level known as the human limit, which could be run amok in the city, threaten high dispatched special forces, but also to suppress the words. Well, this SS-Class, it has gone beyond the limits of the human body, reaching the pinnacle of this world, are referred as “Human Nuclear Weapons”.

A suspected SS-Class killer was in the city of Yangzhou. Qin Hong was in charge of the special operations team of Yang Zhou City. The squad was scared thinking they would be killed by blades, even before they could shoot with their guns.

Not at the same level at all, the difference was just too big!

“Quin brother, what should we do?” the driver was also worried.

“What can I do?” Qin Hong took a deep breath, with a deep voice “This “Wolf”, based on our intelligence he is Chinese, considering he’s an SS-Class killer, opposing him will result in a meaningless carnage. If he is in Yang Zhou, even if we find him, just keep a watch on him. Make sure not to provoke him.”

Driver nodded.


Qin Hong frowned, puzzled to see the phone. In his phone was this special department of the National Security Intelligence that have been passed over.

“Oh!” Qinhong’s face instantly was pale.

“What?” the driver asked promptly.

“Our Yang Zhou City will become the center of the dark world.” Qin Hong had some sweat in his forehead.

“How?” The driver was also very worried.

“Headquarters just transmitted the new that this time the Red Mayne family do not mind the cost, they invited ‘kingdom of God’ to finish the work. Two of the big three lords named “Vishnu” and “Shiva” are arriving to kill “Wolf.”” Qin Hong was totally shocked.

The driver was shocked and his heart trembled.

SS-class killer around the world had a total of eight persons. ‘Kingdom of God’ organization had three, which was ‘Brahma,’ ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Shiva’. These three name, in fact, are based on the three most powerful high gods in the Indian Myths/Legends and it also widely recognized in the dark world.

The name of these men has not been disclosed.

“Two of them dare to come to us.” Qin Hong frowned.

In the dark world, China had a particular position because it had too many masters. Of the eight ss-class killers, three of them were from China. Concurrently, Xing Yi Master as well as an SS-Class killer was extremely rare in the country.

So, many masters of the dark world said that China was ‘an old country’, ‘a magic kingdom’. In their mind, it always had their respect.

Such as the Red organization, they let Xing Yi master ‘Tengbo Lei’ taught their killers. Although ‘Tengbo Lei’ had to do that for some reason, he almost wanted to teach the Chinese. Moreover, the person whom he wanted to teach just was a secret disciple.

“Qin brother, two ss-class killer want to kill another one. Even if the three of them died in the fight, but is it really ok?. what if it affected the civilians, everything will be destroyed!” The driver was also worried and said.

“By the time of dangerous are far surpassing, we will even sacrifice ourselves, we will not let them affect the civilian.” Qin Hong breathed deeply. “Do not worry too much, they will not kill the civilian. The thing that we need to do now is wait. Hope that they can leave our mainland as soon as possible.”

The driver nodded.

Coping with SS-Class killers, if it were not necessary, the state would not cope with them. But the state decided to cope with them…. certainly it would concentrate enough power. Once again kill, then the end of trouble.

Red Mayne family also knew about Teng Qing Shan’s amazing strength today, they began to fear, that’s why they invite all of ‘kingdom of God’ organization to lobby.

“Within three days, all the members of the elite special operations group, will be concentrated in the city of Yang Zhou.”. Qing said in a deep voice.

While two people were talking, the car had been off the highway toward the city of Yang Zhou.

“The military “Wolf,” the kingdom of god’s two lords ‘Shiva’ & ‘Vishnu’s images and the other information has been sent to your phone. Once back, carefully go through them.”Qin Hong reminded.

The young driver opened the phone, looked at it once: “ I have not seen what the three of them look like. Hey, this “Wolf” have some similarities to Qin brother.”

“Yes, I also feel that.” Qin Hong looked at the pictures in the phone.

That was Teng Qing Shan’s face.

Although the First World War caused a shock throughout the dark world, and even Teng Qing Shan was considered to be a killer at “SS’ level”, but Teng Qing Shan was hiding in a remote residential suburb in the city of Yang Zhou and could not hear about anything. He meditated calmly to recuperate his Qian Xiu Budo kan.

Secluded courtyard, trousers gown, Teng Qing Shan, was practicing ‘Xing Yi Three-Body Technique”

Three-body was basic of Xing Yi fist. In Xing Yi fist, there was a saying: “Everything springs from ‘three-body’ ”. Although Teng Qing reached the master state. The movements of three-body were simple, quite suitable for the someone who was seriously injured like Teng Qing Shan.

One by one, TengQingShan started to fill the gap, just as artistic as to give people the joy of beauty.

If your tendons and bones are injured, it would need one hundred days to heal the injury. Normally, people need three months to recover an injury. Of course, if the bones had been broken completely, it would have been troublesome.

Teng Qing Shan has entered to the master state, the physical fitness exceeds the normals, and the control of blood reached incredible state.

Plus, adhering to attend the ‘three-body’ with the breath every day was faster than the average recovery rate.

The recovery speed of muscles which were torn in hand and belly was even faster.

Twenty-one days later.

“Hiding for days to care for injury and practice, not going to the center of the City. I don’t know whether Qing Jiang came back or not.” Teng Qing Shan talked to himself.

Teng Qing Shan was really lucid. Because of his injury, he could not fight against any other crazy killer. Thus, he chose to go hiding. “Dark World” was dangerous but Teng Qing Shan absolutely wanted to hide in residential areas, finding him was not easy at all.

“After twenty-one days of practicing, finally I can control all pulses, the internal force can perfectly go through anywhere in my body.” There was a smile on his face.

In the battle with Magosawa and Dole Goth Grove, the use of ‘Tiger fist’ finally made Teng Qing Shan touch to master state. The Twenty-One days retreat with great concentration, his physical conditions gradually improved, the last offshoot completely unobstructed all of his meridians. The inner force could easily come to ever part of the body.

Now, Teng Qing Shan has reached the true master stage!

In the human’s body, there are the kidneys, the twelve meridians, and many small unknown subtle meridians. The Xing Yi practice was to open up the meridians in every part of the body, including those tiny meridians. In fact, due to this, his physical fitness was also rising tremendously.

“Master means exactly master. Twenty-one days, from having a maximum internal force to reaching higher realm, even though the power of body has only improved 20-30 percentage, but the real ability has been improving by many times.” Teng Qing Shan knew that the higher realm was so dangerous because they used a dangerous force.”

Congruence is the unlimited internal power. Thus , a master only possessed only one fist but the higher realm could send out 3 or 4 fists…

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