The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 36: The Slave Market

Book 7 Chapter 36 The Slave Market

The second floor of the restaurant instantly became silent, so silent that the sound of a pin drop could be heard clearly. The customers in the restaurant stared at the gold flakes with shocked expressions. They stared at the mysterious and powerful expert Teng Qingshan and then turned to look at Young Master Li.

The ones who were able to dine on the second floor Rising Sun Restaurant were people of high status. Each and every one of them understood clearly that Young Master Li was one of the very best members of the Fang Family. Although he hadn’t become the patriarch of the family, he would soon take the position.

Would the gold thrown out by Young Master Li’s subordinate be fake?

Everyone knew that the gold must be real!

However, being able to squeeze real gold into dust! Such ability…… At least Great Master Liu, who they respected, could not do so.

“Young Master Li has encountered a hot iron plate today.” The noble guest snickered, but none of them dared to talk. They only watched from the side, waiting to see how Young Master Li would respond.

“What’s going on?”

Young Master Li frowned and shouted at the guy with the squinty eyes.

“Young Master.” The man with squinty eyes hastily bowed and said terrified, “I don’t know. I took the gold from the accounts’ office. Maybe… maybe someone changed the real gold into something fake.” When Young Master Li heard that, he harrumphed angrily and glared. “Someone actually dared to steal gold in my house!”

With this, Young Master Li cupped his hands to Teng Qingshan and said with a smile, “Mister, a greedy and covetous person has appeared in the Fang Residence and has ruined your good mood. Mister, I will foot the bill for this meal. I hope you won’t mind!”

Teng Qingshan was secretly surprised.

He glanced at Young Master Li and nodded with a smile. “Young Master, you must punish the greedy fellow severely when you return.”

“Definitely.” Young Master Li said with a smile, “Then I won’t disturb your meal.” Finished speaking, Young Master Li no longer mentioned anything about making Teng Qingshan and his companions move to another table. He immediately led his men and headed up to the third floor of the restaurant.

Teng Qingshan silently watched the group of people walk up to the third floor.

Many customers on the second floor smiled at Teng Qingshan, appearing very courteous.

“Big Brother Teng, the young master of the Fang Residence is a shrewd and subtle man,” Li Jun whispered.

“Yes. He is not an impulsive person,” Teng Qingshan said as he nodded. He had heard the people in the area talking about Young Master Li and through the discussions, he knew that…… the Fang Residence was the master of the Danyang City! It’s just like how Gui Yuan Sect was the master of the Jiangning County. Both of them held the same status! As for the Young Master of the Fang Residence, his status was equivalent to half the status of the Sovereign of Gui Yuan Sect.

Such a high status, yet he could endure silently. He was really something.

“Big Brother Teng, look at the people around here. They are all looking at us while mumbling softly.” Li Jun covered her mouth as she giggled while Little Ping, who was beside her, also giggled softly and said, “They must be guessing which expert Uncle is.”

Teng Qingshan cast a glance at the surroundings.

Those people around them were indeed guessing Teng Qingshan’s identity. Every one of them was thinking… if there was a way to befriend this mysterious, powerful expert!

“Don’t mind it.” Teng Qingshan said with a smile, “Finish eating. Then we’ll quickly do our errands.”


In the extravagant room on the third floor of the Rising Sun Restaurant, Young Master Li sat at the head of the table. The atmosphere was depressing.

“Young Master?” His three subordinates stared at Young Master Li.

Young Master Li touched his nose and smiled as he said, “I didn’t expect… I didn’t expect to meet such a powerful expert just from dining out! Haha, the heavens are helping me! You three, tell me. To be able to squeeze gold into dusts… How powerful would this mysterious expert be!”

“Young Master, if the man is considered a Postliminary Expert, he is probably the kind of powerful experts who specially practice the strength of their fingers. I guess only the best Postliminary Experts can squeeze gold into dust!” said the tall and big, middle-aged man named Fang Hong.

“Fang Hong, do you have confidence in fighting him?” asked the Young Master Li.

The middle-aged man frowned as he pondered, and eventually shook his head. “I have no confidence at all. I am worried that he might be a Martial Saint Expert of the Innate Realm?”

“Martial Saint?” The Young Master Li knitted his brows. “There are only so many Martial Saint Expert in the world and we know most of them. Now, such a young and unknown expert emerges out of nowhere?”

On the Duanmu Continent.

The Innate Experts were honored as Martial Saints.

“However, there are some hidden Martial Saints,” said the middle-aged man.

“Haha, if he is really a Martial Saint, and if he can join the Fang Residence, wouldn’t the power of the Fang Residence increase greatly?” Young Master Li said leisurely.

The squinty-eyed man smiled and said, “Young Master, you want to recruit that mysterious young man?”

“Yes.” Young Master Li nodded with a smile as he said, “Just the move that he showed was enough to be be used by the Fang Residence.”

“That woman of his……” The squinty-eyed man scrutinized Young Master Li’s facial expression. He knew that…… Young Master Li had some thoughts for that woman.

Young Master Li cast a glance at him and calmly said with a smile, “What are women? Aren’t they just merchandise? If I can obtain a great subordinate like him, why would I touch his woman? It’s fine to even give him some beauties. Don’t worry…… I haven’t met a woman in this whole world who can make me crazy!”

“Young Master is smart,” the man with squinty eyes immediately flattered.

“Now, do you know what to do?” Young Master Li looked at him. Since he had decided to recruit Teng Qingshan…… of course he must invest some action.

The squinty-eyed man hastily nodded and said, “Subordinate knows. I will make arrangements now.” Without eating his food, he walked downstairs.


The wide street of the Danyang City was bustling with activity. People could be seen all over the street.

Carrying a super huge sack, Teng Qingshan, Li Jun, and Little Ping walked on the street together.

“Big Brother Teng, don’t worry,” Little Ping said excitedly with cheeks aglow. “The slave market doesn’t just have slaves, beasts, etc. There are also many people who aren’t slaves but are willing to be employed. Big Brother Teng, if you want to search for coachmen, you can look for them in the slave market. If you want to buy hunchbacked beasts, you can also go there!”

Teng Qingshan laughed as he listened.

Although the Danyang City and the Godly Axe Mountain were both located at the Nanshan Region, one of the four regions of the Duanmu Continent, the road from the Danyang City to Godly Axe Mountain was still a very great distance.

“Then let’s go take a look at the slave market!” said Teng Qingshan with a smile.

“I have never seen it before.” Li Jun’s eyes brightened.

They had never seen a slave market before and wondered what it would look like.

After walking for almost an hour.

West Side of Danyang City.

“Slave market?” Teng Qingshan raised his head and stared at the two words on the main entrance. He could recognize both of the words.

“The slave market is very big.” Little Ping said, “The entire slave market is like a very enormous mansion house with only a main entrance and a back door! The market is divided into many areas. There are areas that sell ordinary slaves and areas that sell higher level slaves. There are also some ordinary people who aren’t slaves and are just here to be employed by someone!”

Little Ping spoke very fast, but she didn’t look too comfortable.

“Little Ping.” Li Jun held Little Ping’s hand tightly.

Little Ping flashed a smile to Li Jun and said, “I’m fine, Elder Sister Jun.”

Little Ping had been sold three times in the slave market as merchandise. Such an experience… One could know how sad the experience was just by imagining.

“You three!”

When Teng Qingshan, Li Jun, and Little Ping first walked into the market, a smart-looking young man immediately greeted them and said, “What are you three buying? The market is very big and it’s very easy to get lost if it’s your first time here. However, whatever you want to buy, I know where it is.”

Little Ping whispered, “Uncle, this is someone who specially leads the customers around the slave market. There’s no need to give them any silver. They will get some benefits from the owner of the shop after we buy the goods.” After Li Jun explained… the smart-looking young man wasn’t embarrassed at all. He said with a smile, “This little girl is right. What are you three buying?”

“I am here to employ a coachman,” answered Teng Qingshan.

“Oh, follow me.” The young man immediately led the way.

The market was huge. The moment Teng Qingshan and his other two companions walk to a spacious area, they saw a great number of slaves in many stalls beside the path.

“What do you three want to buy?”

“We have everything here?”

Walking on the road, many people came forward to solicit customers with enthusiasm.

“The slaves in the shop ahead are very good,” the young man was bragged.

In the spacious area ahead, a few slender and rather good-looking teenage girls with their hands tied could be seen. All of them stood in place with tears in their eyes. Besides them, there were also a dozen muscular men bound by chains.

“This Lord.” A young married woman immediately came forward and smiled, “We have the best slaves. Do you need some maids to serve you…. It’s not expensive at all. Buy a dozen beautiful teenage girls. Are you worried someone will provoke you when you are walking on the road? We have these male slaves, many of whom have been through training. They are all very brave! Take a look. They all learned to generate some inner strength and can definitely carry a huge rock weighing five hundred Jin.”

Immediately, the guard overseeing the slaves lashed the whip.

Immediately, many good-looking teenage girls stared at Teng Qingshan with teary eyes. Many muscular male slaves immediately roared and lifted the five hundred Jin rock in front of them.

“Customers.” The young man that was leading the way quickly praised, “All of them have been through training. These girls are skilled in the bed among other things. These girls can warm your bed for you at night, and if you are tired, these girls can massage your legs and shoulders for you. They are very skilled with these things. As for the male slaves, they are very obedient and loyal. Whomever you tell them to hit, they will hit. Just some silver and they will all be yours.”


Teng Qingshan scrutinized the slaves and found that the teenage girls were all good-looking. He then asked in shock, “They’re slaves? Why don’t these girls have marks on their faces?”

“They do! However, it’s not on the face, but on the neck.” The young man said with a smile, “If the mark is on the face, wouldn’t that ruin their appearance?”

“Interesting, interesting.” Teng Qingshan laughed.

“Big Brother Teng, are you interested in buying?” Li Jun asked with a weird expression, while Little Ping also stared at Teng Qingshan.

Seeing this, Teng Qingshan couldn’t help laughing. “I now understand why the slaves are sold well. With a group of beautiful girls, and a group of obedient fighters…. Tsk, tsk… Alright, boy. Quick, lead the way! Don’t intentionally guide me to places like these. Do you think I can’t understand your motives? Just lead me to the place that allows me to hire a coachman.”

“Alright.” The young man drooped his head and answered, “Just make a turn up ahead and we will be there.”

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