The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 35: Young Master Li

Book 7 Chapter 35 Young Master Li

“Little Ping, do you know which of the surrounding restaurants is the best?” Teng Qingshan surveyed the numerous restaurants on the street, unsure of which one to choose.

Little Ping giggled, “Uncle, although I’ve never been to the Danyang City, the Rising Sun Restaurant can be found throughout the thirty-six major cities, so it is the best restaurant! Naturally, the dishes are also very expensive.” Although Little Ping said this, she was also very clear on Teng Qingshan’s wealth.

“The Rising Sun Restaurant.” Teng Qingshan smiled as he nodded. “Can be found throughout the thirty-six major cities? It seems like it has quite the background.”

“Big Brother Teng, let’s go there then.” Li Jun also smiled.

After asking a passerby and obtaining the location of the restaurant, they walked towards the Rising Sun Restaurant with playful attitudes.

“Oh?” Teng Qingshan looked ahead and saw the extravagant mansion which occupied large grounds. The extravagant mansion’s main entrance was ten Zhang wide, and two unicorn beasts with four hooves were placed on either side of the entrance. Above the main entrance of the extravagant mansion was a board with two letters written in Duanmu Continent’s characters—Fang Residence!

The entrance was shut tightly, but two small doors on either side were open.

At the entrance on the right, a tanned man with small mustache was there engaging in a conversation with a guard of the Fang Residence.

“Fang?” Teng Qingshan raised an eyebrow.

Li Jun also said with surprise, “Big Brother Teng, this would be the Fang Clan that controls the Danyang Town.”

Teng Qingshan smiled as he nodded. “If it’s not that Fang Clan, which other Fang Clan would dare to occupy a large plot of land in the middle of the Danyang City and construct a mansion this extravagant.”

Even though Teng Qingshan was speaking with Li Jun, he was listening to what the tanned man and the guard were saying.

“Please make an exception.” The small mustached man seamlessly handed a piece of crushed silver over.

After the guard took the crushed silver piece, he weighed it in his hand and smiled. “Alright. Your name is Chang, right? I will go to report. If you do have the capability, the old housekeeper will definitely keep you. Our Fang Residence has a total of eight hundred henchmen. The ones with ability will definitely be accepted by our Fang Residence. Yes, wait here for a while.”

The guard kept saying “Our Fang Residence” like he was some major figure in the Fang Residence.

When he turned around and was just about to go inside, he immediately bowed and said, “Ah, Young Master!”

Three people walked out from the side door. The frontmost person wore a white, luxurious fur coat made of some unknown precious fur. He wore a golden leather hat on his head, and a thin and long blade hung from his waist. Leading two subordinates, he walked out and cast a glance at the small mustached man standing outside the door.

“Young Master.” The other guards bowed and greeted.

“I am Chang. My pleasure in meeting the Young Master.” The small mustached man bowed.

The Young Master of the Fang Clan scrutinized the small mustache man. A smile crept onto his face as he said, “Chang? You must be here to recommend yourself as a Henchman of the Fang Residence.”

“Yes.” The small mustache man stayed bowed.

“Tell the housekeeper that I will keep this Chang,” the Young Master of the Fang Residence immediately instructed.

When the guards in the vicinity heard this, they were slightly shocked. The Young Master hadn’t even checked the abilities of this small mustached man, yet he actually made this mustached man a henchman. This was too careless. However…. Because the Young Master’s status was extremely high in the Fang Residence, they didn’t dare say anything. Each and every one of them could only think to themselves that Chang had encountered an unexpected success.

“Follow me outside,” the Young Master instructed.

“Yes.” The small mustache man bowed.

Some passersby in the distance saw this scene and immediately began discussing—

“That small mustached man is really lucky. Young Master Li actually accepted that guy and made him a henchman.”

“Becoming a follower of Young Master Li means that this person will have brilliant prospects. Young Master Li didn’t even ask what ability that person has. That man is so lucky.”

Teng Qingshan, Li Jun, and Little Ping were also off in the distance.

“Henchman?” Teng Qingshan knitted his brows while Li Jun whispered, “Little Ping, what are henchmen?” No henchmen existed in the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

Little Ping then answered, “On the entire Duanmu Continent, many clans fight against each other. Because of that, all clans need talented people. Therefore, some of the talented people join clans. They become the henchmen of these clans and serve these clans. In this way, the clans provide for their needs and allow them to lead a better life.”

“Oh.” Li Jun nodded as she listened.

“Let’s go. The Rising Sun Restaurant is up ahead.” Teng Qingshan smiled.

Immediately, the three people headed towards the Rising Sun Restaurant.

As for Young Master Li, he was leading Chang and his other two subordinates and was also walking towards the Rising Sun Restaurant.

“Eh?” Young Master Li’s eyes fell on the profile of Li Jun, who was in the lead. A smile slowly spread across his face as he remarked, “That lady is not any ordinary person. Fang Hong, take a look. Doesn’t that lady look like the Female Martial Saint of the East Flower Region? Especially her temperament.”

Dressed in a black-colored, thick leather coat, the man behind Young Master Li scrutinized and nodded in shock. “Young Master, that lady does look like the Female Martial Saint of the East Flower Region! Especially her temperament…. It is indeed very peculiar.”

“Many people probably wish to sleep with a Female Martial Saint. Since it’s impossible to touch a Female Martial Saint, it would be good to get my hands on this lady in front,” said the Young Master while smiling calmly. Meanwhile, Fang Hong sniggered, “It’s fine if you can get your hands on that lady. However, we must get some information first.”

The Young Master Li smiled and glanced at Fang Yong. “Do you think I would act that rashly?”

“If it’s successful, I will give her to you after I grow bored of her. How’s that?” Young Master Li said with a smile.

“We will talk about this if it is successful.” Fang Hong smiled.

“Eh? They are also going to the Rising Sun Restaurant.” Young Master Li smiled and said, “We were originally going to eat lunch…. Yes, let’s go to the Rising Sun Restaurant. Being able to have Chang as my subordinate is a happy event. This is worth celebrating.”

When Chang heard this, he felt a warmth spreading in his heart.


On the second floor of the Rising Sun Restaurant.

“The two rooms on the third floor have been booked by someone. Please dine on the second floor.” Dressed in a red, double-layered jacket, the capable and experienced girl tidied the table enthusiastically. Teng Qingshan placed the huge bundle on the ground, making the hard, stony floor quiver.

However, Teng Qingshan couldn’t read many of the words on the menu.

So he ordered the best: “The Feast of Southern Flowers and Warm Sun.” This feast cost a total of around sixty silver taels. Normal people definitely couldn’t afford it.

“Great Master Liu, this way please!”

Along with a high-pitched and enthusiastic voice, another girl dressed in the red, double-layered jacket led five people up the second floor. The leader of the group was a black-cloaked, silver-haired elder. Of the other four people, three were men, the last a woman.

“Great Master Liu, the third floor is full. Only this table is available on the second floor,” the girl said.

“That’s alright. I will just take that table,” the black-cloaked, silver-haired man responded.

The four youngsters immediately moved the table and chair and said respectfully, “Instructor, please sit!”

“Ah, Great Master Liu!” Immediately, the people dining at the other tables on the second floor stood up and cupped their hands in greeting.

The black-cloaked, silver-haired elder nodded with a smile.

“Great Master Liu, it has been a long time.”

On the second floor of the Rising Sun Restaurant, at least six people stood up to greet this “Great Master Liu.” The other people probably had no relation with this Great Master Liu, and didn’t want to attempt to form a connection.

Teng Qingshan and his companions sat at a table at the side.

“This Great Master Liu seems to be greatly respected,” whispered Li Jun.

“Yes, he must have some powerful skills to be able to be called Great Master.” Teng Qingshan glanced over and then immediately lowered his head and continued eating.




Loud sounds rumbled like thunder, the countless of roars resonating above the entire Danyang City.

“Where is this sound coming from?” Teng Qingshan was shocked.

“The sound is coming from over there. It seems to be coming from the… Fang Residence.” Li Jun looked outside the window and said with confidence. The Fang Residence and the Rising Sun Restaurant were quite near, thus the roar sounded rather loud.

“Why does that Fang Residence’s ferocious beast always roar?”

“The ferocious beast always roars when it’s mealtime. I hope someone can kill that ferocious beast.”

The sounds of discussions buzzed on the second floor.

“Tap! Tap! Tap!”

The sound of footsteps came from the staircase, and as a handsome man dressed in a white fur coat walked up the second floor, the sounds of the complaints disappeared. It suddenly became very quiet. “Eldest Young Master!” “Oh, Young Master is here.” On the second floor, some of the people with somewhat high statuses immediately stood up and cupped their hands.

Young Master Li nodded at those people, his gaze sweeping past Teng Qingshan’s table and falling upon Great Master Liu in the end.

“Great Master Liu.” Young Master Li cupped his hands.

“Eldest Young Master.” Great Master Liu immediately stood up; he didn’t dare to put on any airs.

“It’s rare to meet Great Master Liu,” Young Master Li said with a smile.

The owner of the Rising Sun Restaurant, who was off to the side, said respectfully, “Eldest Young Master, would you like to dine on the third floor?” Although it was full of guests, according to Eldest Young Master’s status, he could dine on the third floor.

“The second floor will do. I haven’t talked to Great Master Liu in a long time.” With a faint smile, Young Master Li scanned the surrounding. His eyes fell upon Teng Qingshan’s table in the end. He then said as he smiled, “Brother, I rarely see Great Master Liu, and your table happens to be beside Great Master Liu’s table. Can you let us sit here?”

The owner stared at Teng Qingshan and his companions and said with a smile, “Your meal will be on the house. Can you three dine downstairs?”

At Teng Qingshan’s table.

Little Ping appeared slightly restrained. When Li Jun heard that, she frowned and stared at Teng Qingshan. She had determined that Teng Qingshan would make all the decisions.

“Eldest Young Master?” Teng Qingshan smiled and replied, “Won’t there be empty seats when we finish our meal?”

Hearing this reply, Young Master Li was stunned.

On the second floor of the restaurant, the other people who were watching the scene burst into an uproar. No one expected that… these three people could actually be this tough and wouldn’t even give Young Master Li any respect! Young Master Li was the successor of Fang Clan. Nowadays, many conquests were personally planned by Young Master Li.

“Interesting.” Young Master Li smiled.

One of the three subordinates behind Young Master Li was a slightly plump man with squinty eyes. When Young Master Li gave him a meaningful glance, he took a step forward.

The squinty-eyed man walked close to Teng Qingshan’s table and said with a smile, “You three. The Young Master has tried persuading with kind words, so I ask that you three show some respect. The restaurant owner already said that the meal will be free.”

“I ask that you all stand far away. If you stand too close, my little sister won’t dare to eat.” With a smile, Teng Qingshan glanced at Little Ping and Little Ping’s face immediately reddened.


The squinty-eyed man’s face darkened. He stretched out his hand, and a gold ingot tumbled onto Teng Qingshan’s table, dazzling the eyes of everyone. The squinty-eyed man then said with a superior tone, “You three, let us have the table.”

“Gold?” Teng Qingshan was startled.

“Yes, one hundred percent pure gold,” the man with squinty eyes said.

At this moment, Young Master Li and the Great Master Li were also watching silently. The other noble guests on the second floor were also staring. Desire arose within many people.

“Let me check if it’s pure gold. If it is, I will leave immediately.”

As Teng Qingshan grabbed the gold inglot, a smile crept onto Li Jun’s face.

“Eh? What happened?”

Teng Qingshan raised his head and looked at the others with a confused expression. “When I grabbed it, why…”

“Shasha~~” Golden flakes could be seen slipping continuously through the closed right hand that held the gold inglot and falling onto the ground. When Teng Qingshan opened his hand, there was nothing in his palm.

Including Great Master Liu, everyone on the second floor of the restaurant had a stunned expression.

Even Young Master Li, who had been watching with a smile, was also stunned.

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