The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 29: Four Years Later

Book 2 Chapter 29 Four Years Later

As the seasons continued to change, four years had passed.

On the Great Yan Mountain that had towered over the earth since ancient times, thick, huge trees and messy grass and thorns grew, while decayed leaves carpeted the ground and numerous beasts inhabited this mountain. It was the same as four years ago, with nothing different.

It was now the beginning of summer, and the atmosphere of the forest of the Great Yan Mountain gradually became sweltering.

There wasn’t even a breath of air. The forest was so hot and sweaty that it gave people a suffocating feeling.

“Whish Whish~~” The soft sounds of leaves fluttering suddenly rang in the originally silent forest. The volume of the sound gradually increased.

“Whew!” A shadow suddenly appeared in the forest at a distance and as the ground shook slightly, the shadow had already traveled ten or more zhang (over 3m).

This was a topless teenager wearing only a pair of short pants. The most shocking part was that this young man was actually lifting a terrifying huge rock that was a lot bigger than himself. The arms of this young man was as thick as the thighs of an ordinary teenager. At this moment, the muscles of his arms were like steel bars, lifting this enormous rock steadily with an outpouring of terrifying strength.

Simultaneously, the strong and powerful legs of that young man was thick to the point that they were terrifying. Every kick exerted a frightening strength of over ten thousand Jin. The legs trampled on the ground of the forest, and caused the earth to quaver as the young man dashed about in the forest.

Whether it is crushing the dead twigs or leaping over the deadwood on the ground, the young man lifting the enormous rock was as nimble as a monkey and darted forward easily.

After a long time…….

“Phew!” The young man who was like a prehistoric monster finally halted and threw the huge rock to the side.

“Bang!” The huge rock drew a long curve and crashed onto the ground at the side, causing a thundering sound. The branches and grass around where the rock landed were crushed, and a hole was made on the ground.

The weird thing was……

The prominent muscles and horrifyingly thick arms and legs actually experienced changes. The degree of the thickness of his arms and legs decreased, shrinking to the degree of the body of an ordinary sturdy man. It wasn’t as horrifying as just now, and even the clear and obvious muscles hid themselves.

Nothing could be perceived by just looking at the appearance, but under the skin of those arms and legs hid the horrifying muscles.

“Two hour of long-distance running ended.” Teng Qingshan looked up at the double peak. Four years passed by like a day. During these four years, Teng Qingshan challenged his limits every day. Simultaneously, he examined every parts of his body through the skills of the Grandmaster Realm. Teng Qingshan had also never gone beyond his physical limits or caused any injuries to himself.

Long-distance running was something that Teng Qingshan did every day.

Endurance was one of the most important physical qualities and long distance running was one of the best ways to train it. Additionally, long-distance running in the forest can train flexibility. Human bodies really do have too many muscles. Just relying on equipment, it would be impossible to train every muscle because strengthening specific muscles would stifle the growth of the other muscles.

This scenario was unacceptable.

Flexibility and speed were the two qualities that Teng Qingshan valued most.

The enormous rock just now weighed at least ten thousand Jin. In his previous life, Teng Qingshan could only just lift such a weight when he reached the Grandmaster Realm, but now……Teng Qingshan could even run in the forest for two hours while carrying the ten thousand Jin enormous rock. This meant that his endurance would remain fine even after battling against an army of a thousand men for a day and a night.

Plus, he was able to be as nimble as a monkey while lifting a ten thousand Jin huge rock. Therefore, if the rock was cast off, one could imagine how great his agility and speed would be.


Teng Qingshan leaped upwards, and that one leap was several Zhang high. Jumping from place to place, occasionally using his hands,he rapidly darted towards the peak of the Twin Peak Mountain as if he were flying. If the hunters in the clan wanted to climb up the Twin Peak Mountain,, they would need to walk along a small path and go around the mountain, which would take a long time.

However, Teng Qingshan reached the peak within a short length of time.

There was a large amount of rocks littered about the peak of the mountain.

Teng Qingshan swung his arm forcefully and struck a huge rock as tall as an adult. The instant his arm approached the huge rock, the speed of Teng Qingshan’s arm increased drastically as the bulging muscles on his arms became obvious. With a “Pa” sound, his arm hit the huge rock like a whip.

Immediately, cracks appeared on this enormous rock, which had stood on this mountain for numerous years.

“Pa!” “Pa!” “Pa!”……..

Teng Qingshan’s steps were nimble as he moved around the rock. At the same time, his arms hit continuously on this rock, and every strike caused large cracks to appear on the huge rock. He continued striking until the number of hits became unknown.

“Peng!” “Peng!” ……

The sound had changed because Teng Qingshan started attacking with his legs.

Teng Qingshan lashed out with sweeping kicks. The shadow of his legs fell on the huge rock, and every strike caused the rock to tremble. Deep cracks appeared as huge amounts of gravel fell from the besieged rock.

Teng Qingshan suddenly roared and smashed the center of the rock with his right fist. As a “Bang” sound rang out, many crevices immediately appeared. Simultaneously, his right fist changed into a palm and touched the surface of the rock, while he sent out a heavy left fist, smashing onto the center of the right palm. This brought forth a trembling force that was transmitted to the core of the huge rock, causing the internal areas to crack. As pieces of stones fell from the rock, a thunderous sound rang out, and the rock collapsed entirely.

“Crash” Numerous pieces of stones fell away and tumbled about.

Currently, breaking a rock into pieces with his fists and legs was not difficult for Teng Qingshan. Even if a hundred people smashed a huge and lofty rock crazily with the use of large iron hammers, their destructive speed wouldn’t be as quick as Teng Qingshan’s. Just the destructive force of Teng Qingshan’s fists and legs had already exceed the destructive power of a large iron hammer.

“I should get some rest.” Teng Qingshan smiled and jumped down directly from the mountaintop towards the bottom of the mountain.

His whole body was falling down from the sky at lightning speed.

“Pa!” “Pa!” ……

As he was falling, Teng Qingshan patted the mountain rocks with his hands and brushed them with his feet occasionally, causing his falling speed to remain in a tolerable range. Otherwise, the speed down the mountain would truly be too fast.

Teng Qingshan suddenly kicked the mountain walls and leaped off forcefully like a fish, darting towards the lake in the mountainside.

With “Plop!” sound, Teng Qingshan dove into the water, causing water to splash in all directions. Teng Qingshan then came up to the surface of the water.

“Ah. This feels so good.” The bone penetrating coldness caused Teng Qingshan’s muscles to shudder. He lay on the surface of the lake comfortably and actually floated on the surface of the water.

While training assiduously in the Great Yan Mountain, this Frost Jade Pool was Teng Qingshan’s temporary residence. His bag and clothes were placed at the side of the Frost Jade Pool. If Teng Qingshan wore normal clothes during his tough training, with the strong level of Teng Qingshan’s training, he would have to change to a new set of clothes everyday. There was no other way, which was why Teng Qingshan had to train in shorts.

“This Frost Jade Pool is really peculiar.” Teng Qingshan stared at the reservoir and sighed with emotion, “The density of this water is actually higher than the density of the human body, humans won’t even sink. Just like the Dead Sea in my previous world.”

The water of this Frost Jade Pool is indeed peculiar.

Humans would naturally float in this water, so it was obvious that the density of the water was higher than the density of a human body.

Secondly, this temperature of this area remained very low throughout the year. Based on Teng Qingshan’s experience in his previous life, the temperature of this place was fifty or sixty degrees below zero. Frost even formed in the surroundings of the Frost Jade Pool. Summer had just arrived and the other places of the Great Yan Mountain were hot and humid, yet it was extremely cold here. This difference caused puffs of steam to form around the Frost Jade Pool.

However, at such a low temperature, the water still did not freeze. Such an occurrence truly could astound anyone.

Usually, your whole body would be sweaty and feel hot during training.

Even if it was Teng Qingshan, he only dared to jump down into the icy cold reservoir with the temperature of fifty or sixty below zero, under the circumstances of the body feeling extremely hot, last year. Such extreme heat and extreme cold stimulation would cause ordinary people to experience a seizure and die immediately because their heart was unable to withstand the pressure.

When Teng Qingshan was ten years old, his physical quality was already extremely good. With internal strength protecting his body, he wouldn’t die immediately when he jumped into the cold reservoir suddenly with a body hot from training. However, seizures and cramps would still affect his body.

“Such hot and cold stimulation would stimulate both the skin on my body and the smallest, most hidden muscles and so could accelerate my improving speed.” Teng Qingshan lay on the water and said to himself. He no longer needed inner strength to defend against this low temperature of ten degrees below zero, as just his skin and muscles is able to protect him from such low temperature.He then said to himself again, “However, it is obvious that the best stage has passed as the improving speed of my body has already decelerated drastically.”

The ‘Strongest Plan’ had been in progressed for four years.

You can say that the strongest plan had now ended.

Because of the physiological growth period of the human body, the first three years would show unbelievable improvements. After that, although the body will still continue to grow, but the growing speed and other things would began to decelerate.

“However, the improvement progress over these four years is slightly higher than what I had expected.” Teng Qingshan recalled h improvements during these four years and felt overjoyed.

The results of the four years of training were astonishing.

Teng Qingshan’s physical qualities were a lot stronger than when he reached the Grandmaster Realm in his previous life. The current him could kill Vishnu and Shiva with two moves. His body could be called ‘Iron bones’ and ‘Almighty.’ You could say he was now a monster in human form, and even the bullets in his previous life couldn’t pierce through his skin.

Lifting a rock weighed ten thousand Jin was not a difficult thing. Of course, it would be extremely difficult for Teng Qingshan to walk while carrying a rock weighing ten thousand Jin. Therefore, he chose to use the ten thousand Jin rock for his long-run training.

His fists and legs were as tough as steel.

In his previous world, Teng Qingshan’s hands could defend directly against the metal gloves of Body Crusher Dolegoterov. As for now, his fists and legs were even more powerful.

If it was in the previous world, the Teng Qingshan today would definitely be an invincible existence.

What about in this world of the nine prefectures?

What level was Teng Qingshan, this monster in a human form?

“Living in this world filled abundantly with the Spiritual Qi of the Heavens and Earth, the achievements are a lot better in comparison to my previous world. Regarding my meridians now, only the tiny meridians on my face have not opened up.” Teng Qingshan said to himself. In these past four years, Teng Qingshan had focused all of his energy on the improvement of his body while the speed of opening up his meridians slowed down.

“When the meridians are fully opened, I can practice the 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》and improve my body again. In my previous world, 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》 improved the qualities of my body within a short time. I wonder what degree the effect of the 《Goldy Tiger Form Technique》 could reach in this world with abundant Spiritual Qi.”

Teng Qingshan’s improving speed had decreased radically, but……

He has the 《Goldy Tiger Form Technique》!

One could only practice the 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》 when every meridian of the body was open.

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