The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 28: The strongest plan begins!

Book 2 Chapter 28 The strongest plan begins!

Since a female clan members could marry outside the family, if the Tiger Fist was taught to girls, it would cause the clan’s unique technique to be spread easily throughout the land.

“Qingshan, how are you going to teach it to us?” Teng Yunlong and everyone else in the room looked at Teng Qingshan. In their hearts, Teng Qingshan’s reputation and value increased once again. Being able to create a technique that could cultivate inner strength, what would the future bring for this kind of genius? For Teng Qingshan, the sky was the limit..

No matter what, in Teng Clan history, Teng Qingshan’s name would forever be remembered in the most dazzling manner.

Pondering for a while, Teng Qingshan said, “Grandfather, it’s not possible for me to teach so many people at the same time. It’s better to select the best 20 to 30 people to start with. Starting from tomorrow, let them come with me in the forest to train in the Tiger Fist during the morning exercise.”

“Alright, we’ll do it your way.” Teng Yunlong smiled and nodded. “If I wasn’t too old, I too would also want to learn Tiger Fist from you.”

“Grandfather, your bones are still healthy and can withstand training the Tiger Fistt. If you produce inner strength, it will also prolong your life,” Teng Qingshan said with a smile.

“Haha, alright. Your grandfather normally doesn’t have anything to do, so I will go learn as well.” Teng Yunlong burst out laughing.

“Qingshan, can I learn it as well?” Teng Yonglei hesitated before he asked in a concerned tone.

After losing his arms, Teng Yonglei might have looked cheerful on the surface, but his heart was in pain.

“Of course you can learn it,” Teng Qingshan replied. In the history of the modern world, there existed many one-armed Tiger Form Fist masters.


The Tiger Fist was set as the clan’s unique technique.

Starting the following day, 32 talented people from within the Teng Clan were selected, the oldest being Teng Yunlong and the youngest being Teng Qinghai, who was only 8 years old. Even Teng Yongfan, Teng Yongxian, and the one armed Teng Yonglei started to immerse themselves in training.

Each one of them started to learn in extremely seriousness, knowing that by practicing Tiger Fist, they could produce inner strength.

“Qingshan, how come the breathing is sometimes slow, sometimes deep, and often alternates between shallow breaths and deep inhalations? It’s extremely cumbersome to coordinate it with the movement.” During the first day of learning Tiger Fist, they all felt uncomfortable and awkward, and Teng Qinghu was the first one to complain.

“Listen to Qingshan and learn from him.” Teng Yunlong shouted at Teng Qinghu, who immediately shut his mouth.

Teng Qingshan smiled while saying, “Cousin, you might feel uncomfortable now, but it will fade away once you learned the technique. By practicing this Tiger Fist, it will make you feel like a tiger later on, especially when breathing rhythm synchronizes with the movement. Therefore, you must listen well right now and not get sloppy.”

For Xing Yi Martial Arts, the form was only secondary, while the meaning behind it was more important.

However, this rule was only for Masters of Xing Yi Martial Arts. The clansmen were just beginning to learn it and had to focus on taking small steps without slacking off.

“For now, don’t expect to immediately be able to imitate a tiger. The Tiger Fist needs to be taken step by step. The movements as well as the breathing are all necessary. Only after you have the foundation will you be able to learn the Tiger Fist.” Teng Qingshan taught them slowly and patiently.

One day, two days, three days…. Half a month, a month….

After three months and eight days later.

Within the forest west of Teng Jia Village, a group of people were practicing Tiger Fist.

“My bones grown slightly stronger overnight and the growth rate is still accelerating. I should have fully stepped into my growth spurt right now,” Teng Qingshan thought to himself as he watched the group of people training. “Now, I can finally start my plan. The problem is that Father and Uncle aren’t able to produce inner strength with their Tiger Fist yet, so I still need to look after them.”

Teng Qingshan had already reached this growth spurt, which would normally last three to four years.

These three to four years were the most important period for physical growth.

Although later, his body would continue to grow, but it couldn’t be compared to the speed of these three to four years.

“For now, I will look after Uncle and the other while doing some simple training for the time being. Later, I will go into the mountain and intensify my training,” Teng Qingshan decided. “Moreover, this world is unlike my previous one and has an abundant quantity of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. Uncle and the others should be able to quickly cultivate inner strength.”

According to Teng Qingshan’s view, without training the Tiger First for a few years, it would have been impossible to cultivate inner strength in his previous world.

However, in this ancient era where there was an abundant amount of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, it was possible to cultivate inner strength just with the breathing method.

“Haha! I cultivated inner strength!” Ecstatic laughing came from the people practising Tiger Fist.

When Teng Qingshan turned around, he immediately saw Teng Qinghu jumping in excitement.

“Teng Qinghu, you managed to cultivate Inner strength?” Everyone gathered around him.

“Yes, I can feel it,” Teng Qinghu nodded his head, “But, I don’t know how to use it.”

“You can’t use it? You dolt! Qingshan was able to use it and even managed to break the wooden bench!” Teng Yonglei said.

Chief Teng Yunlong said, “I have heard that people who haven’t practiced inner strength have closed meridians. Cultivating inner strength allows one to open the body’s, but it’s almost impossible to forcefully open all of them.”

As the Village Chief, Teng Yunlong was very knowledgeable and knew many things.

Teng Qingshan came close before saying, “Cousin, don’t worry. Once you continue practicing, your inner strength will be able to circulate through your arm, and you will be able to use it. Moreover… while practicing inner strength, your body will be strengthened even further.”

The Teng Jia villagers knew nothing about inner strength and simply thought that it was amazing.

“It can increase our strength?!” The clansmen were joyous.

“Yes, of course it will increase the body’s overall strength. Right now, Cousin was able to cultivate inner strength and if you all work hard, you should all able to do it,” Teng Qingshan said.

Even though he said it with his lips, Teng Qingshan knew deep inside that not everyone would be able to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to cultivate inner strength. It all depended on individual potential. Although the people choses were the best from within the clan, he estimated that only a fraction of them would be able to cultivate inner strength.

However ,Teng Qingshan kept quiet about it.


Half a month later, the one armed Teng Yonglei unexpectedly became the second one to cultivate inner strength. Teng Qingshan knew that, although he lost an arm, Teng Yonglei secretly practiced at home day and night. Hence, there was no surprise that he became the second one to succeed.

Another half a month later, both his father, Teng Yongfan, and the eight year old kid, Teng Qinghai, also managed to cultivate inner strength.


A group of people practised Tiger Fist while Teng Qingshan stood upside down, supporting his body with his right index finger. By lifting his body from the ground with a single strength, he practiced his finger strength. Although Teng Qingshan was only ten years old, he had already the strength of a thousand Jin. The reason why he managed to train this way was because he was still young and light in weight. Coupled with his immense strength, this task required little effort.

Single Finger handstands were a part of his basic training.

“Hu.” Teng Qingshan dropped to the ground before standing up.

The clansmen stopped practising.

“Grandfather, Father….from tomorrow on, everyone will practise Tiger Fist by themselves,” Teng Qingshan said.

Alright, everyone already knows the movement and meaning of Tiger Fist by now. Qingshan, you are free to do as you like,.” Teng Yunlong said with a smile, “Seeing you practicing alongside us all this time, I finally know… that your strength is much stronger than I had originally guessed.”

Teng Qingshan revealed a humble smile. “Grandfather, Father, I feel that it is not very suitable to study the technique and train inside the village for me anymore. I decided that from tomorrow onwards, except when leading the hunting squadron, I will stay in the mountains to practice during the daytime and come back at night.”

“Training in the mountains the entire day?” The clansmen instantly began to talk with one another.

“Qingshan, feel free to tell me what kind of tools you will need for your training. I can help you get obtain whatever you need,” Teng Yongfan said. “Why would you want to train in the mountains?”

Teng Qingshan continued. “I actually wanted to study wild tigers to perfect my Tiger Fist. Perhaps I can create a more powerful method. Regarding the tools I need for training, Father, I will tell you when I return home. “

After witnessing Teng Qingshan’s spear art, Teng Yongfan was not worried about his son facing any life-threatening danger in the mountains.

Teng Yunlong said, “Alright, no need to continued talking about this.Even that Li Jinfu from Li Jia Village spent a few years in the mountain. Furthermore, Qingshan is returning every night, so you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, not even the big tigers, wolves packs, or bears are a threat to Qingshan.”

After the Chief spoke, everyone stopped arguing whether Teng Qingshan should train in the mountain.

The hunters enter the mountains every second day, and dawn had just arrived on this day.

Inside Teng Qingshan’s courtyard.

“Qingshan, be careful once you are inside the mountains.” Mother Yu Lan still told Teng Qingshan to watch out for himself, worried that he might run into trouble. She helped him pack his bag, and inside was the disassembled Damascus steel spear and several of Teng Qingshan’s training tools.

“Don’t worry, Mother.” Teng Qingshan picked up his bag and patted his younger sister’s head while saying, “Qingyu, listen to Mother and Father.”

“I won’t cause any trouble, Brother,” said Qingyu in a crisp voice.

While watching his own parents, Teng Qingshan took a deep breath and slightly grinned. “Father, Mother, I will now go into the mountains.”

“There are many poisonous vipers in the mountains. Be careful,” Teng Yongfan finally opened his mouth.

“Ah.”, Teng Qingshan nodded, no longer hesitating. He walked out of the yard, leaving Teng Jia Village.

A world of silence appeared as Teng Qingshan arrived at the foot of mountain. Taking a deep breath, Teng Qingshan inhaled the fresh and cold morning air.

“Finally, finally,……finally, it’s time to start the ‘Strongest Plan.’” Teng Qingshan’s blood was boiling, as he had prepared for this for a long time.

Once a human had squeezed his potential, his future development would slow down. Teng Qingshan was still young and hasn’t yet pushed his body to its full potential.

It had always been a process of self-cultivation, increasing his strong physique and blood essence while strengthening his vitality.

“Puberty is a person’s fastest growing stage. Whether it’s height, bones, muscles or internal organs, it’s the best stage to push one’s potential. However, it’s also the most dangerous stage.” Teng Qingshan understood very clearly that increasing his body’s height by ten centimeters during this growth period was an extremely feasible feat.

However, once the bones of the body were set, it would be extremely difficult to increase it by another ten centimeters.

The opposite was also disastrous. If one pushed the body too far during this growth period, it would led to an irreparable lifelong regret.

“As someone who reached the Grandmaster Realm, I have some leniency since I can adjust my muscles and bones at any time I wish. The physical growth period is the ‘golden’ stage to increase once potential, and if this chance is missed, it will never appear again.” Teng Qingshan looked towards the mountains. “There is a massive amount of energy stored inside my body, enough to nourish by growing bones and muscles. Actually, considering my body control as an Internal Martial Arts expert, I don’t know to what extent my body will grow!”

In the history of the previous world…

There was never an Internal Strength Expert that was fortunate enough to live in an era with such abundant Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, there was never an Internal Strength Expert that consciously started strengthening his body just after birth.

It could be said that Teng Qinshan never took a detour to improve his body during the past years. His growth was a model of the human body’s limits, or rather the lack of.

“Once I finish with the ‘Strongest Plan,’ I will finally know just how strong my body is.” Teng Qingshan was already anticipating his future several years from now.

“Let’s begin!”

Teng Qingshan carried his bag and entered the Great Yan Mountains to start his ‘Strongest Plan.’

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