The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 17: Bloody

The Nine Cauldrons Chapter 17: Bloody

It was about eight or nine p.m

The Moon Lake was covered by darkness and there was nobody there, there were only some street lights emitting a little glow. In that thick darkness, the bald brawny man named ‘Shiva’ was extremely aggressive.

“Haha..” Shiva laughed loudly, his legs were moving like two big swords cutting towards Teng Qing Shan.

Teng Qing Shan managed to fold his arms in front of his chest.

“Poof!” Shiva’s right leg quickly kicked.

Teng Qing Shan’s arms had to bear such a strong attack, that they were pushed to his chest.

Teng Qing Shan immediately stood on his feet and used his strength to fall back.

“Wolf, your strength is not bad, it is considered to enter the Heaven Realm, which is the ‘higher realm’ as mentioned by the Chinese. However, looking at your age, perhaps you have just reached the Higher realm for a short time, haven’t you? What’s a pity, haha….” This bald brawny named ‘Shiva’ said in English.

Teng Qing Shan had already known that ‘Heaven’ was the greatest realm of the Ancient Indian Yoga, which was similar to the higher realm of interior arts.

If there had not been ‘Tiger Shaped Magical Arts’, his own energy would not have increased double and perhaps today, Teng Qing Shan would be killed.

After all, these two enemies had both belonged to SS level of masters for many years.

At that time, Teng Qing Shan exposed his own strength that he had just entered the higher realm for a short time. He did not show his real strength.

“Quickly, do not waste time anymore.” The man in white named ‘Vishnu’ standing on the other side of the battle shouted.

“Okay, brother.”

After replying, Shiva shouted loudly, all of his body muscles immediately folded, bloated, even his spine also folded curling. His body became longer and taller, regardless of hands, legs, belly or neck, everything expanded double in size. Shiva now was like a devil.

“Being able to make me show out all my strength, if you die, you should be proud of yourself.” After saying, Shiva immediately stood on tiptoes, and dashed towards Teng Qing Shan, all his body was like an arrowhead.

Teng Qing Shan immediately ran away because of fear.

“You can not escape.” At this time, Shiva’s speed was increasing dramatically, quickly got closer to Teng Qing Shan.

Teng Qing Shan roared loudly, turned round and sent out a skill of the Ice fist.

“Haha…” Shiva naturally kicked Teng Qing Shan’s hand, simultaneously, kicked Teng Qing Shan to a big tree outside. In a glance, by the time Teng Qing Shan crashed into the tree, he could easily realise Teng Qing Shan ‘s outfit bloated.

After crashing into the tree, Teng Qing Shan suddenly fell on the ground.

“Poof.” A little blood leaked from his mouth.

“Ha ha…” Shiva was fully satisfied again, he quickly plunged.

“It’s about time.” Teng Qing Shan whispered to himself, that little blood was made by him biting his tongue. From the beginning to now, what he had done was his purpose to deceive Shiva as well as Vishnu. Till now Teng Qing Shan now only showed out the strength of a master who had just entered the higher realm for a short time.

That also coincided with Shiva and Vishnu ‘s prediction about Teng Qing Shan’s ability, so they were not doubtful at all.

“You will die.” Shiva said as he decided the death of his opponent, directly using his legs to cut from the air. “Chi chi…” This most ferocious kick brought along whistle when piercing the air, and directly turned to Teng Qing Shan.

This kick was moving towards Teng Qing Shan, he felt the force on his head from a strong air pressure.

Immediately, Teng Qing Shan ‘s body moved, his left hand was like a dragon leaving the water, brought along a strange interior strength and faced Shiva’s leg, his right hand began to gather energy.

“Poof.” Teng Qing Shan ‘s left hand touched Shiva ‘s right leg, which made the force of the opponent suddenly decreased by half. However, Teng Qing Shan also managed to turn to the right side. At a same time, his right hand was like a shooting star flying in the sky, attacking the opponent’s chest.

“Ha ha…” Shiva laughed wildly, he did not pay attention to this skill from Teng Qing Shan. He directly kicked his leg to pierce the space and attacked Teng Qing Shan.

At this time, Teng Qing Shan ‘s right hand was used to attack so in a short time, he could not use the right hand to hamper his opponent’s left leg.


Teng Qing Shan’s right hand flexed his muscles, when this strong fist in a glance was about to touch Shiva’s chest, the energy suddenly increased sharply. Normally, the interior arts masters only sent out the strongest fist when they were close to opponents. Among them, there was the one-inch punch of Wing Chun. The one-inch punch looked mysterious but the real principle was not complicated at all.

The main principle was making force go through the joints, constantly flowing to the end of the ‘fist’, therefore, in a glance, the strongest strength could be sent out.

Of course, the strength could be sent out to the muscles, which was only considered one skill of a normal master.

As a great master, Teng Qing Shan started to do this skill and did not reveal any traces to make Shiva not pay attention too much, but finally, in a glance, it was —


Teng Qing Shan’s skill directly attacked Shiva.

“Kill!” bones cracking sound resounded, a strong interior strength directly went through skin and the organs of Shiva.

Teng Qing Shan’s strength was revealed completely in a flash!

He had just used the strongest Skill in the Five Elements Fist- Cannon Fist!

“Whew.” The strong body of Shiva was like a devil, but it was also attacked, a mouthful of blood came out his mouth.

“Bahadur!” The man in white named ‘Vishnu’, standing quietly on the other side of the battle and observing, suddenly changed the emotions and worriedly shouted loudly.

Teng Qing Shan guessed that ‘Bahadur’ was perhaps the real name of one of three leaders of God Kingdom – Shiva. Actually, Shiva’s ability was quite as same as Teng Qing Shan’s. Shiva reached the ‘Heaven’ realm for 15 years, Teng Qing Shan also practiced ‘Tiger Shaped Magical Arts’.

However, at the beginning, the opponent assumed that Teng Qing Shan had a weak ability, they didn’t even cooperate to encircle Teng Qing Shan.

Finally, ‘Shiva’ learned the relevant lesson because of his carelessness.

Teng Qing Shan’s congruence was master having the same ability to him, moreover, he used the strongest skill named ‘Cannon Fist’, in addition, Shiva was too confident to use his body to hamper the attack so the consequence could be known easily. In his mouthful of blood, there were some pieces of organs.

“Big brother.” Shiva fell on the ground, he knew he was in a dangerous situation, he wanted to run away. Shiva was ‘a great master’ of the ancient yoga, therefore, regardless of his skin, bones or organs, they had been practiced highly incredibly. Even though his organs were injured, he could not die easily.


Teng Qing Shan bent down, two hands and legs propped on the land like a ferocious tiger. Hearing the ground’s moving, Teng Qing Shan jumped up ten meters, his sharp look turned directly to ‘Shiva’, which was like a cruel tiger coming down the mountain and vowing tearing the opponent up .

‘’Wind.” The man in white named ‘Vishnu’ saw his brother be injured, immediately rushed Teng Qing Shan.

At that time –

Members of Special Organization departed from the headquarters in the ancient city, were on the way, with more than 100 kilometers/ hour speed, they arrived at the Moon Lake. By having the sixth sense, Teng Qing Shan as well as two leaders of God Kingdom could easily realize brakes’ sound and many footsteps.

“Ha ha, members of my sect came.” Teng Qing Shan laughed loudly,

“Today, all of you can not escape.”

“Sect?” This statement made Vishnu and Shiva startled.

They are most afraid of interior arts’ sects in China, such as Xing Yi Quan, Wudang, etc… big sects. Were there any sect that did not have some masters? Coming to kill ‘Wolf’ this time, they predicted that even though they would meet dangerous situations, they also could withdraw without regret.

In the bottom of his heart, he actually did not care about ‘Wolf’.

After all, that ‘wolf’ was an S-level Killer.

Even though the ‘wolf’ had become a master, he only had entered the higher rea;, for a short time, that was not worth mentioning.

But, the reality was too far from what they had expected.

The word ‘Sect’ made Vishnu and Shiva‘s mood have a little change.

Whenever a master fought, his mood as well as momentum was really vital. The mood changed, which meant the energy would decrease by 20 percent.

“Whew.” Shiva was desperate to escape. Even though he knew his big brother ‘Vishnu’ was standing behind but he did not dare to turn around. He did not dare to turn around because if he had been a little hesitating, Teng Qing Shan , who was not far from him, would have taken the chance to kill him.

Shiva jumped over the rocks, he ran across the road as if he was flying.

“Stop.” The man in white ‘Vishnu’ ‘s speed was astonishingly quick, even though, Teng Qing Shan’s speed was not slow either.

“You want to kill me?” The bald brawny man named ‘Shiva’ screamed, angrily roared and kicked. The ability to do this action led to a serious injury so the blood continued to come out from his mouth.

Concerning ‘Shiva’ ‘s confidence, Teng Qing Shan really detested. He felt confident that only by one of his fists, he could make Shiva severely injured, this time, Shiva just appeared to be strong, but actually he was weak. Teng Qing Shan rushed like a whirlwind, crazily attacking the opponent.

The Ice Fist was like arrows. Now, Teng Qing Shan constantly sent out some Ice fists to attack ‘Shiva’ ‘s head, which made Shiva’s head utterly divided, like a watermelon after being cut.

Teng Qing Shan stopped in a flash so ‘Vishnu’ could catch him up.

“Puchi.” Vishnu angrily and ferociously sent out his fists. His fists were like the beginning of the world, brought about endless power towards Teng Qing Shan.

“Chi chi…” Teng Qing Shan’s back suddenly sunk strangely, which did not make the opponent’s fist touch.

The man in white ‘Vishnu’ immediately opened his right hand and turned into jaw, like an American lion tearing up prey, ferociously scratched Teng Qing Shan’s back, directly scratching a part of his body. Teng Qing Shan simultaneously killed Shiva.

A big part of Teng Qing Shan’s back was damaged, this pain was extremely hard to imagine.

“Be dripping wet with blood!”

In a glance, the muscles of Teng Qing Shan’s back moved, the blood stopped dripping. Teng Qing Shan used the energy of the muscles to temporarily control the wound.

“Not good, my back muscles were torn up. The strength of my shoulder must have been influenced strongly, the strength of my two hands have also decreased by 20 percent.” Teng Qing Shan almost did not pay attention to the pain, but losing his strength made him dizzy. After all, the strength of fist is related to the muscles in his back.

If this was the back of a normal person, such a big part of flesh being cut could have made him or her not be able to raise their hands.

“However, it is acceptable, I have sacrificed a little injury but finally I have killed Shiva. If he did not die, I would be anxious whenever I fight with Vishnu, as he would attack sneakily.” Teng Qing Shan looked at Shiva’s corpse. Such big masters of the ancient yoga like Shiva, it only took them a short period of time to recover from the injury, at least, they could have 70 to 80 percent of energy. By that time, it could be sure that Teng Qing Shan would be threatened. Therefore, Teng Qing Shan did not care for anything, apart from killing Shiva.

The man in white ‘Vishnu’ took a deep breath. His white outfit, suddenly bloated.

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