The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 16: Parties converge

“Congratulation, you are now free.” Teng Qing Shan smiled.

Lin looked at Teng Qing Shan. A woman whose background was from a poor family could reach this point with just a little amount of money. Lin was good at observing people, she felt that Teng Qing Shan was a giant standing at thousands of miles away, never has considered her as a friend till now.

“Teng Qing Shan.” Lin hesitated, but she tried to take all courage to ask, “I want to ask you, if I pursued you, would you accept it?”

As a women, asking like this definetly needed a lot of courage.

“Sorry.” Teng Qing Shan answered without any hesitance.

Lin’s face was white slightly, she joked: “ I’m too dirty, aren’t I?”


Teng Qing Shan shooked his head, “In my heart, except for my wife, there is no other women that I can put in.”

Lin tried to smile.

“Lin, you should go back.” Suddenly, he said.

Lin was flabbergasted.

She found that Teng Qing Shan’s eyes glanced the darkness far away. Was anybody there? Lin also suspected or looked at the darkness, in the slightly light there were two human shadows gradually approached. In the light of the street lamp, Lin reluctantly saw the appearance of those two.

From their looks, they obviously seemed like people from South Asia!

One of them wore a loose white T-shirt, white pants. His hairs were curved naturally, plaited into a long braid, and with a friendly face. His eyes were like two black jade.

The other one’s height was nearly two meters, his bald head was illuminated by the reflecting lights. His eyes emitted the ferocity like the eyes of a python that made others’s heart pounding. These people were two of Big Three of ‘kingdom of God’ – Vishnu and Shiva!

“Ah.” Lin was scared.

“It seems that the performance of the Dark World is very normal. Only now, you have found me.” Teng Qing Shan said it in Chinese.

“Looking to you, you must die!” An India men wearing white clothes said. Apparently, his Chinese’s level was bad.

“Die?” Lin jumped, looked at Teng Qing Shan, lowered her voice: “Teng Qing Shan, we can call police.”

Although she lowered her voice, two of them could hear clearly with thirty meters away. ‘Vishnu’’s face revealed a smile and ‘Shiva’ simply did not understand Chinese.


Three strong masters of the world were fighting, could the police intervene ?

“Lin Qing, you should go back.” Teng Qing Shan’s body suddenly moved.

“Ha ha, come here if you want to kill me.”

Teng Qing Shan quickly hid into the darkness of the Moon lake.

“You want to escape?” The strong man shouted, all his body was like a ray of thunder, rushed ,but the white man ‘Vishnu’ smiled as if he had been going for a walk, but with each steps he covered four to five-meters.

Lin Qing was observing the scene.

Their speed made her bewildered.

“It is not okay, they want to kill Teng Qing Shan.” Lin Qing was very confused.

She was in a state of panic, although Teng Qing Shan didn’t allow Lin Qing to call the police but in her mind, whenever she was in a danger, she wanted to call the police. At this time, Lin Qing still chose calling the police.

After Lin Qing and Teng Qing Shan met each other at Willow Tea House and were detected by Qin Hong, the Special Operation Group had always sent people to keep trace of her. At that time, at a rockery which was not far from the Moon lake, there was a short-haired woman wearing a jacket, she took out her phone and called : “ Yang , all of a sudden, there are two Indian people. Perhaps they are Vishnu and Shiva. Wolf started to escape but they still have been chasing him.”

In an ordinary house in the ancient town of Yangzhou, there were up to 20 people.

“Now, two leaders of ‘God Kingdom’ are about to fight the Wolf at the Moon lake. The situation is very urgent so we need to get there.” Yang Yun immediately dialed a number, ‘Director Liu, it’s me. Just a moment ago, there was a person calling the police to inform that at Moon lake, there was an Indian man wanting to kill someone? Okay, we will be responsible for this situation. You don’t need to do anything.”

If an ordinary person had wanted to take part in this war, they would have been affected themselves .

“Xiao Jun, you stay here to help me take care of your sister-in-law. I’m worried that Shen Yang Ming would come here.” Qin Hong was wearing an armour and a series of equipment and entrusted the mission to his disciples.

This time, 16 soldiers were the best men of Special Operation Group in Jiangsu. Qin Hong’s group only had one man joining.

“Brother Qin, don’t worry.” The rest of soldiers staying in headquarters said.

At the same time, Li Ran carried her belly and came out her room. Qin Hong warned : “Little Ran, you should take a rest. We will come back soon.”

“You should be careful.” Li Ran was also a member of this organization so she knew clearly the danger of this situation.

“Don’t worry.” Qin Hong said.

“Go.” Yang Yun ordered.

“Hurry up, Qin Hong.” Seeing others go out, Qin Hong unhesitatingly followed his teammates. They divided themselves into 4 group and got in 4 Jetta cars, then quickly came to the Moon Lake in West area.

Staying home, Li Ran couldn’t help being so nervous.

“Little sister Ran, you should be careful, don’t stand outside, quickly come into your room. Did you forget the phone call a few days ago?” Other members of this headquarters immediately advised Li Ran.

“I know.” Li Ran reminded herself of that phone call.

At that time, she was standing next to Qin Hong so she could hear clearly the content of that phone call. The adversary warned him that Northeastern ‘Shen Yang Ming’ wanted to kill him, moreover, he asked ‘Li Shan’ to help. Li Shan hired a outlaw named ‘Chun Tian’. Chun Tian had rented a room in the ancient centre.

Later, they found the corpse of him. In this morning, they also knew the corpse of Li Shan was found in the secret street in his reading room.

Now, they definitely confirmed that Shen Yang Ming really wanted to kill Qin Hong.

Moreover, Qin Hong did kill Shen Yang Ming’s big brother –Wang . Therefore, Shen Yang Ming wanted to take revenge on Qin Hong, that was logical. Thus, Qin Hong took his wife to the headquarters to live.

“Who made that phone call? Why do the person wanted to help us?” Li Ran and Qin Hong was doubtful but the person making that phone call didn’t tell them his or her name.

That person was Teng Qing Shan. Shen Yang Ming wanted to kill his brother so he obviously wanted to kill the enemy. Thus, he asked ‘Elena’ to help him investigate traces of Shen Yang Ming.

However, investigating traces of someone needed much time, so Teng Qing Shan only could stay in Yangzhou and look forward to Elena’s news.

The problem was, he had not received any news from Elena, and two leaders of ‘God Kingdom’ appeared.


Shen Yang Ming and his three disciples were staying a rentable room in the ancient town.

“Oh, Qin Hong left home? Did he go to the West area?” Shen Yang Ming contacted ‘Dark World’ , “Okay, I will immediately start to go. I will contact you as soon as possible.”

In the evening, thanks to ‘Dark World’, Shen Yang Ming knew that Qin Hong was hiding at the headquarters of ‘Special Operation group’, so he could only wait for the chance. He never thought that Qin Hong appeared now.

“Okay my brothers, we only have one purpose, kill Qin Hong!”

Shen Yang Ming said as if he had been a cruel brute, he ran his eyes over three people who listened to him.

“Big brother, don’t worry.” Once all of them chose to come and help Shen Yang Ming, all of them were outlaws.

“Don’t forget to bring guns.”

Shen Yang Ming and his disciples, each of them hid guns in the body then immediately left the rentable room. There was an available Passat car outside. After getting in the car, they turned themselves to the West area.

A short time later —

“Shen Yang Ming, Qin Hong and his group came to the Moon lake in the West area. Now, Wolf and two leaders of ‘God Kingdom’ are also there. That area is very dangerous, I suggest you not go there.” A member of the Dark World called.

“What?” Shen Yang Ming was startled.

Wolf and two leaders of ‘God Kingdom’? All of them were people whom Shen Yang Ming really admired.

“Thank you, but this is a rare chance. Even though I will die, I want revenge for my big brother!” Shen Yang Ming immediately ordered his driver, “Hurry up, go to the Moon lake in the West area.” On the way, there were signposts to the Moon lake so Shen Yang Ming ‘s group quickly passed other cars to rush .

The Moon lake became a place of gathering for all factions.

Teng Qing Shan ran quickly to a wasteland which was 800-metre from the Moon lake and stopped. Two great masters were here, too.

“Wolf, you only know how to escape?” Shiva said in English fluently, with rage.

“Dealing with two people as well as winning them is almost impossible. I only could make them careless.” Teng Qing Shan escaped but he quickly made a plan for himself. Suddenly, Teng Qing Shan waved his hand and threw out an arrowhead while he was running.

In the dark sky, a ray of starlight directly flied to Shiva’s throat.

Its speed was too fast for Shiva to hamper it.

The head of the bald tall man ‘Shiva’ suddenly folded strangely. His neck stretched to the other side to move easily so he could avoid this arrowhead with great ease.

Being a ‘strong master’, Shiva practiced an ancient yoga and reached the higher realm so his head could easily turn 360 degrees.


A sharp sound resounded.

Teng Qing Shan came closely to Shiva, quickly like thunder, he used his fist and attacked. The bald man named ‘Shiva’ dragged a half-smile out of his lips, his fist was like cannon.


Teng Qing Shan was suddenly startled, simultaneously, he consecutively took a few steps backwards.

“Brother, his strength is not bad, haha … Let’s observe.” Shiva seemed to be very excited. In Indian legend, ‘Shiva’ was one of three supreme gods, he was a Destructive God. This bald man could be called ‘Shiva’ so he let everyone know a fact —

He was very aggressive!

The white man named ‘Vishnu’ stood quietly in the other side and observed all. Maybe later, he would suddenly take an action.

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