The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 17: Assisting Your Own Blood But Not Justice

Book 7 Chapter 17 Assisting Your Own Blood But Not Justice

Dressed in a loose white cloak, the Lord of the Sword Tower stood on the railing of the tungsten wood vessel with eyes like the beam of a sword. As the wind of the sea blew, the cloak of the Lord of the Sword Tower fluttered along with the wind.

“Tower Lord!” The high-ranking officer pathetically ran on the beach while shouting with a hoarse voice, “We don’t know where this young foolish man came from! The soldiers of the House of Generals expended great effort and obtained the boat from the sea, but this young foolish man said that the boat belongs to him! Through a super powerful ability, he took it from my many brothers and even destroyed my Dantian. He destroyed my inner strength! Tower Lord!”

“Tower Lord, please seek justice for us!” The high-ranking officer widened his eyes to the point where they were as if about to split open and shouted with all his might.

“Tower Lord, please seek justice for us!”

Immediately, the few hundred soldiers began shouting. The voices rumbled and resounded above beach. The soldiers stared at the Tower Lord with eyes filled with a hint of admiration and veneration! The legendary Lord of the Tower was the most powerful existence of the entire island.

The Bright Moon Island was only this big, thus, many people have seen the Tower Lord.

“Rest assured,” The Tower Lord’s cold voice rang as he said.

Immediately, complete silence took over.

The Tower Lord stood on the railing of the tungsten wood vessel and stared at the young man with dishevelled hair and a face full of stubbly beard. The Tower Lord was slightly surprised. The ability that the few hundred soldiers possessed should be obvious. With the pride of the soldiers, if someone were to force them to yield and submit to defeat, that someone would have to possess the ability of an innate expert!


Besides the high-ranking officer whose Dantian was destroyed, only a few of the soldiers were hurt.

“Without injuring a few number of soldiers, he caused the crowd to fret and fear. This young man should be very strong.” A sense of curiosity aroused in the heart of the Lord of the Sword Tower. Of course…. At this moment, the Tower Lord did not care about Teng Qingshan. As the number one expert of the Bright Moon Island, the Tower Lord had been the unequalled existence for a very long time!

“Why did you take this boat from them?” the Lord of the Sword Tower said in a condescending and cold tone.

Before Teng Qingshan spoke, Li Jun, who was at the side, said in dissatisfaction, “You are so unreasonable. Why didn’t you ask and understand the situation clearly. The boat belongs to us! Those soldiers of the House of Generals covet our boat and wanted to take it from us. The boat belongs to us, and of course we have to get it back!”

“It belongs to you guys?” The Lord of the Sword Tower spoke as he scrutinized the tungsten wood vessel.

“Yes, the boat belongs to us.” Teng Qingshan smiled. “It belongs to us, so it’s not wrong for us to take it back! Many soldiers tried to stop us just now, and they even fought against us. The high-ranking officer spoke rudely to us, thus, I punished him slightly, but I didn’t kill him. Lord of the Sword Tower, therefore… you shouldn’t ask us. Instead, you should ask those soldiers.”

The Lord of the Sword Tower scrutinized the tungsten wood vessel and turned to look at those soldiers.

The group of soldiers were all hesitating and none of them spoke.

“Tower Lord!” The high-ranking officer’s eyes reddened as he said, “We have checked the boat already. The materials used to build the boat are not from the Bright Moon Island! Also… there are fist-sized green gems in the cabin. The gems are also things that has never existed in the Bright Moon Island!”

“Therefore, I am sure!”

The high-ranking officer stared at Teng Qingshan and said, “Since this boat doesn’t belong to the Bright Moon Island, it is a boat from the outer regions! If this boat really belongs to the two, then these two man and woman are not people from the Bright Moon Island! They are outsiders!:


The Tower Lord narrowed his eyes and casted a glance at the silver inlaid mark at the edge of the boat and the materials of the entire boat. He even checked the sail under the mast. A strange smile then crept up the Tower Lord’s face as he turned to look at Teng Qingshan and Li Jun and said, “Since the boat belongs to you, then you guys must be from the foreign lands?”

Li Jun and Teng Qingshan casted a glance at each other.

If they said they were from the Bright Moon Island, then this boat didn’t belong to them, since the tungsten wood vessel cannot be built with the materials that the Bright Moon Island possessed. The Bright Moon Island didn’t even have tungsten wood, thus, how could anyone from the Bright Moon Island build a boat like this?

“We are from the foreign lands!” Teng Qingshan nodded.

Teng Qingshan didn’t care about the Bright Moon Island.

An island with a population of ten million would only have a total of one hundred thousand powerful soldiers. It would already be considered good if there could be two or three Golden Dan innate experts. Even if all of them came to fight Teng Qingshan, Teng Qingshan wouldn’t be scared at all. Plus, the Tower Lord was publicly known as the number one expert.

However, judging from his Qing Gong and other skills, it was obvious that the Tower Lord was yet to reach the Emptiness Realm!

Since the Tower Lord hadn’t even reached the Emptiness Realm, why would Teng Qingshan fret?

“Oh, you guys are really from the foreign lands,” the Tower Lord remarked as he scrutinized Teng Qingshan.

“Tower Lord!” The high-ranking officer was in the shallow waters beside the shore as he nervously shouted, “They have admitted that they are outsiders now. They are not people from the Bright Moon Island! Yet, they acted so arrogantly in our Bright Moon Island, thus, it is obvious that they looked down on Bright Moon Island. Such people must be punished severely!”

Teng Qingshan smiled as he glanced at the high-ranking officer who was screaming in the seawater.

The high-ranking officer was right… Teng Qingshan did look down on the Bright Moon Island.

“Shut up!” A cold voice rang.

The high-ranking officer, who originally had a mad expression on his face, froze; he looked like a duck whose neck was being squeezed. The high-ranking officer then lowered his head and didn’t dare to make any more sounds. He finally remembered whom he was talking to—The Lord of the Sword Tower! The most powerful expert in the entire Bright Moon Island. The Tower Lord wouldn’t need him, a high-ranking officer whose inner strength was destroyed, to shout what to do next.

“The Bright Moon Island hasn’t had foreigners for a long time. The last time someone from the foreign lands came was over one hundred years ago.” The Tower Lord stared at Teng Qingshan and asked, “Where are you guys from? Heavenly Pan Island or Azure Wood Island?”

Teng Qingshan and Li Jun froze slightly.

The Heavenly Pan Island? Azure Wood Island?

“Right.” Teng Qingshan suddenly understood as he thought to himself, “I started sailing in July and drifted northwards from the land of the nine prefectures! When drifting along with the wind, one could travel at a speed of eight or nine hundred li to a speed of over a thousand li within twenty-four hours! The speed at the end of the three-month voyage drastically decreased, but we have still traveled a distance of approximately seventy to eighty thousand li."

“This place is seventy to eighty thousand Li away from the northern region of the Great Prairie! Plus, it was a voyage of tsunami, hurricane and demonic beasts. If one has not reached the innate realm, it would be impossible to make it here.

Teng Qingshan was clear of the danger of the three-month voyage.

If it were some submerged reefs, the tungsten wood vessel would still be fine. However, other people who was sailing might not possess a boat as nice as that of Teng Qingshan.

If Teng Qingshan encountered something dangerous like a hurricane, he could dive in the sea and grab the iron anchor to stabilize the tungsten wood vessel.

Many dangerous situations were nothing in front of Teng Qingshan!

Even the Nine Rhythm Treacherous Currents, which the Bright Moon Island had trouble dealing with, was not a problem to Teng Qingshan. In his eyes, all these were not dangerous! However, even though Teng Qingshan could arrive here safely, it didn’t mean that others could get here safely! The land of the nine prefectures was too far from the Bright Moon Island.

Which innate expert would be so bored that they would continuously sail towards the North Sea?

“It looks like there are other islands in the Bright Moon Island,” Teng Qingshan said.

“Tower Lord.” Teng Qingshan opened his mouth and said, “Now, everything is clear. This boat is ours. I don’t want this matter between us to become too big! I ask that you come down from the boat. We are going to leave.”

“It is fine to come to my Bright Moon Island, but if you want to leave… Of the people that came here, none of them were able to leave!” the Lord of the Sword Tower coldly said.

Teng Qingshan’s eyes turned cold. “Why? You guys caught all those outsiders?”

“No.” The Tower Lord shook his head as he said, “All the sea regions a few hundred li away from the Bright Moon Island are the regions of the Nine Rhythm Treacherous Currents. The seawater rapidly flowed, while the undercurrents surged even more violently. The boats could easily drift along with the seawater and sail inside, but going out… it is impossible to go against the current!”

“That is not something you should worry about.” Teng Qingshan calmyly said, “Tower Lord, please leave the boat!”

“Tower Lord!!!” The high-ranking officer, whose Dantian was destroyed, couldn't stop himself as he shouted again.

The few hundred soldiers stared at the white cloaked Tower Lord who was standing on the railing of the tungsten wood vessel.

“Outsider.” The cold voice of the Tower Lord rang. “This is the Bright Moon Island and I, the Lord of the Sword Tower, is the one that makes the decision! You are an outsider. Even if the vessel is yours, you can't hurt the men of the Bright Moon Island. Since you injured the men of the Bright Moon Island, then the Bright Moon Island will definitely punish you severely. Come to the Sword Tower with me!”

“You are arresting me without distinguishing the right from wrong?” Teng Qingshan smiled while casting a glance at Li Jun. Seeing Teng Qingshan’s glance, Li Jun immediately understood and looked up at the Whole Gale Eagle who was hovering in the sky.

“In my Bright Moon Island, outsiders are not allowed to act presumptuous!” Coldness beamed from the Tower Lord’s eyes as he said, “If you resist again, then don’t blame me for acting mercilessly.”

The common saying was assisting justice but not your own blood. However, what Teng Qingshan saw today was assisting one’s own friends and family but not justice.

“Screech~~~” A bird cry suddenly rang.

The Whole Gale Eagle suddenly darted down from a high altitude, and the powerful force of air current even swayed the Tower Lord’s body. The Tower Lord immediately stabled himself, but the entire tungsten wood vessel began shaking. Many soldiers could only bow their heads and bend their waist. Simultaneously, someone hoarsely shouted, “It’s a demonic beast!”

“Demonic Beast!”

“Everyone, watch out!”

Screams of terror rang. Bright Moon Island had suffered more than one attacks from demonic beasts passing by the island, which was why they were so careful.

“Unbridled damned beast.” The Tower Lord waved his hand and a cold and white beam of swordlight flew out.


An earthy yellow glow shot out from Teng Qingshan’s fist. With a “Bang!” sound, Teng Qingshan’s Internal Supreme Force hit against the white swordlight in midair, and the chaotic energy dissipated.

“Whew!” The Whole Gale Eagle descended near the tungsten wood vessel and Li Jun leaped up and descended on the Whole Gale Eagle. Immediately, the Whole Gale Eagle ascended… and soon, it left the surface of the sea, reaching an extremely high altitude.

“Big Brother Teng, becareful.” Li Jun’s voice sounded from above.

Li Jun had already discussed with Teng Qingshan that if they encountered danger, Li Jun would ride the Whole Gale Eagle and hide somewhere farther first, while Teng Qingshan himself will fight alone. If it was too dangerous that even Teng Qingshan couldn't handle it, then Teng Qingshan would also get on the Whole Gale Eagle’s back.

“What? This Demonic Beast belongs to you guys?” The Lord of the Sword Tower was astonished! No one in the Bright Moon Island was able to control demonic beasts since demonic beasts did not inhabit the Bright Moon Island.

“That is none of your business.” Teng Qingshan casted a glance at the Tower Lord and said, “Tower Lord, I ask that you leave my tungsten wood vessel now! Otherwise, I will have to beat you up until you leave!”

Here's a sneakpeak of [Apocalypse Summoner]:

"It smells good... Tastes good... Fun... I need more stockings..." All of a sudden, the Dark Octopus, who was engrossed in its own world, spoke in the human language.

"I... I want... More stockings, give me more... I- I'll get excited... Get more powerful... If nice-looking creatures pee on my head directly... Even better..."

"What?!" Upon hearing its words, Li Jiayu rolled his eyes. Staring oddly at the Dark Octopus, who brought him nothing but disgrace, he yelled,

"Do not ever tell anyone that you're my summon! You disgusting creature. Oh, my god. My honor as a summoner is ruined by you!"


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