The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 16: Cloud Piercing Arrow

Book 7 Chapter 16 Cloud Piercing Arrow

The high-ranking officer was furious.

“Oh, it’s the two green fist-sized gem in your hands.” Carrying a big fish net, Teng Qingshan strided towards the high-ranking officer.

The soldiers in the surrounding area that were holding a trenchant sword didn’t dare to move without permission. Everyone occasionally looked at the high-ranking officer; after getting into contact with Teng Qingshan for a short moment, everyone knew that this strong young man possessed terrifying power. If they really started fighting, even if they were able to kill Teng Qingshan, they would still suffer great losses.

It has been a very long time since the Bright Moon Island suffered such a great number of casualties.

The soldiers slightly hesitated.

“The House of General is working; do not interfere!” With a stern expression, the high-ranking officer angrily pointed at Teng Qingshan as he shouted, “The gems also belong to the House of General. Put it down!” Although the high-ranking officer already realized that the person in front is an extremely powerful expert, the House of General was already used to acting tyrannically. Plus, this area belongs to the Northern Yan Town!

“Hmph! I gave you face, but it was you yourself that rejected it!” Teng Qingshan’s face sank.

His body swayed.

“Stop him!” The high-ranking officer threw the two Iron Leaf Fruits on the beach and was about to draw the sword on his waist.

“Stop!” Dozen soldiers that were drawing close angrily roared and thrusted the trenchant sword in their hand.

After Teng Qingshan performed the “Crossing World”, he moved like a ghost. Within the small area, only two people among dozens of soldiers had managed to stab Teng Qingshan.

“Clang!” “Clang”

Two sharp and clear sounds were heard as the two trenchant swords broke.

“Bang!” Teng Qingshan moved his right leg which moved so fast, that it caused the high-ranking officer who had reached the peak of the Postliminary Realm to have no means to defend as he was kicked into the air. “Pu—” The high-ranking officer spat out blood as he crashed into the sand.

Teng Qingshan picked up the two Iron Leaf Fruits and rapidly headed toward the tungsten wood vessel.

As for the high-ranking officer that fell into the sand, he lifted his head. A trickle of blood could be seen on the corners of his mouth. His eyes widened to the fullest as he glared; he furiously roared, “Prepare for formation! Supreme Sword Formation!”

“Kill!” With reddened pupils, the few hundred soldiers gathered with the purpose of forming a formation.

Whew! Whew!

The ghost-like figure flashed past the soldiers and leaped over twenty Zhangs high and thirty Zhangs away, transforming into a small dot when he was high up in the air, causing the soldiers to have no choice but to look. Teng Qingshan then descended onto the deck of the tungsten wood vessel and placed the fish net which was filled with the Iron Leaf Fruits into the cabin.

“Officer, what should we do?” The group of soldiers became anxious.

The sword formation was indeed powerful, but the target would need to be within the formation for the sword formation to show its power. However, Teng Qingshan’s speed was too fast, and he had already boarded the boat. How would it be possible for the soldiers to block and surround Teng Qingshan?

“F*ck!” The general stood up and glared into the distance as he shouted, “Brothers of the Aquatic Treacherous Current Barracks. Surround that boat, don’t let him get away!”

The dozen soldiers that were pushed into the sea by Teng Qingshan immediately encircled the tungsten wood vessel when they heard the order, and each and every one of them drew their trenchant sword.

“If he wants to escape, then destroy this boat. Destroy it!” the high-ranking officer roared.

“Yes, sir.”

The dozens of soldiers simultaneously shouted.

On the tungsten wood vessel, Teng Qingshan stood on the bow of the vessel.

“Big Brother Teng.” Li Jun’s face revealed a hint of menace as she said, “These people are unreasonable, we should’ve been harsh from the start.”

Teng Qingshan frowned before he looked at the bloodstained officer with a face filled with rage. He also felt that the matter was getting complicated. “The hundreds of soldiers surrounding the tungsten wood vessel, the boat’s body is hard, as tungsten is much sturdier than steel! However, it is still impossible for it to defend against the sword of an inner strength expert!”

A palm strike from an inner strength expert was enough to crack steel.

As the attack strength gathered on the tip of the sword, its piercing strength would become even more astonishing! Although the tungsten wood vessel could withstand collision with the reefs, it most definitely cannot defend against the thrusting swords of these soldiers!


On the beach, after the high-ranking officer had hastily given his order, he looked toward the young impetuous man on the bow of the ship.

“Haha…” On the bow of the ship, the young man’s laughter filled the sky, “Soldiers, this boat is mine, and the things on board of the ship are mine as well! So who are you to obstruct me?”

The high-ranking officer scowled at Teng Qingshan who was on the bow.

He had already guessed that this ship most likely belonged to the mysterious expert, however, so what if it was his?

“When you say it’s yours, then it’s yours?” The high-ranking officer laughed in anger, “Oh, today you come here and say this boat is yours, then tomorrow, another expert comes and say that it’s his! The day after tomorrow, perhaps a certain general also appears and wants this boat. Haha… you tell me, what should I do?”

“This sea area belongs to my Northern Yan Town, everything on this sea area belongs to the Northern Yan Town’s House of General!

Each and every one of the hundreds of soldiers fixated their eyes on Teng Qingshan.

“Xiu!” An ear-piercing sound suddenly rang in the sky.

Teng Qingshan looked up, and with his incredibly good eyesight, he instantly saw a whistling arrow shooting towards the high altitude.

“A whistling arrow?” Teng Qingshan’s facial expression changed. His eyes turned cold as he stared at the high-ranking officer.

The high-ranking officer smiled confidently as he said, “In this Northern Yan Town, the House of General is the heaven! Even if you are an innate expert, you still have to behave. Let me tell you… the support will come from all directions soon!” The high-ranking officer didn’t mention one thing. The whistling arrow that was fired was the highest-level of arrow used to call for help—Piercing Cloud Arrow!

Once the Piercing Cloud Arrow was shot, the ones that saw it would gather here.

“I gave you face, but you were the one that rejected it!” Teng Qingshan’s face sank as a flow of light flashed past.


He darted directly into the crowd.

“Embattle!” A loud and sharp shout rang, and the already prepared soldiers immediately separated into two huge sword formation. The moment Teng Qingshan dashed into the crowd, he was surrounded by one of the large sword formation.

“This Supreme Sword Formation is quite interesting.”

Teng Qingshan instantly realized that this sword formation was formed by thirty-six soldiers and the thirty-six people were divided into three layers, the inner, middle and outer section. When each section attacked Teng Qingshan, the sky and the land seemed to be blotted out. Each section attacked like the violently surging waves of the sea. The twelve people and twelve swords attacked simultaneously!

“The superposition of the power of the twelve swords is a piercing strength of over ten thousand jin! Even a Hollow Dan innate experts would have to deal with the attacks in full strength.

“Plus, the twelve people immediately backed away after thrusting once, allowing the attacks from the second section to come again. The three layers, the inner, middle and outer sections, formed a continuous state.

As Teng Qingshan was amidst the formation, he felt that the thirty-six people had transformed into waves, and the coordination of the thirty-six people was ingenious, causing their attacks to be endless! If it was really an ordinary Hollow Dan innate expert, he might really suffer if he was just careless once. If there were five to six sword formations in the surrounding, the innate expert’s Innate True Origin would eventually be exhausted.

“Haha, interesting!” Teng Qingshan laughed loudly. HIs arms were like two iron stick as he swung them fiercely.


Over a dozen figures that were hit flew up.

“Sou!” As the sword formation was messed up, Teng Qingshan took the chance and leaped over twenty zhangs high and descended towards the high-ranking officer.

“Oh no.” The high-ranking officer didn’t even have enough time to escape.

Teng Qingshan had already caught his collar and lifted him up.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to catch me?” Teng Qingshan looked at him.

“You, you…..” The high-ranking officer was slightly shocked and furious as he said, “I am a member of the House of General…..”

With a knee kick, Teng Qingshan hit the high-ranking officer’s chest. “Ah!” The high-ranking officer’s face turned ashen as his eyes widened.

“Who do you think you are!” Teng Qingshan sneered and threw the high-ranking officer away.

The high-ranking officer fell on the sand. His eyes were filled with shock and fear as he mumbled, “My Dantian….” The knee kick just now had destroyed his Dantian. Teng Qingshan was not someone that would act kindly and leniently towards someone that have repeatedly rejected courtesy.

He simply did not care about the three hundreds of soldiers.

He wasn’t afraid of hundred thousands of soldiers, much less three hundreds of them.

“You——” The high-ranking officer still couldn’t believe that the opponent would be so unrestrained.

He was wrong, extremely wrong!

The Eighteen House of Generals have thousands of years of history, and their roots are certainly deep. However, what does that have to do with Teng Qingshan? Teng Qingshan was from foreign lands, even if a General from the House of Generals would come here, Teng Qingshan would still punch him to death.


On Northern Yan Town, inside an ancient mansion that occupied a large land.

“Honorable General.” The barrack at the southern seaside has sent a Piercing Cloud Arrow, requesting for help.

A soldier urgently reported.

A elder was sitting cross-legged beneath a pavilion and cultivating with his eyes closed; he had white hair and a youthful face. He opened his eyes after hearing the report, “Piercing Cloud Arrow? Hurry up and request for the Great Master Lin.” The elder immediately stood up with his face showing a serious expression, “Unless it is an urgent situation, it is not allowed to use the Piercing Cloud Arrow. Is it an attack from a foreign demonic beast? Or is there a traitor?


On the Bright Moon Island’s Nine Rhythm Treacherous Currents, in the region of the south sea.

“Clamor~” A ghastly deep and unmeasurable sea water current was violently surging.

A reef emerged from the surface of the sea, and a middle-aged man was seen sitting cross-legged on this black reef. Dressed in a loose white cloak and with hair draping over his shoulders, the middle-aged man had shaved pale face with long narrow eyes. On his back was a Divine Sword in an azure sheath.

He just sat on the reef with his eyes closed.

‘Hu, hu~~~”

The weirdest thing was that the seawater around the reef where the middle-aged man was sitting on actually diverted when it was about to touch the reef. It was as if a shapeless strength was controlling the seawater.

“Whoosh!” A loud and clear sound reverberated in the distant high altitude.


The white cloaked middle-aged man with a shaved pale face opened his eyes, and his eyes seemed like two beams of swordlight, appearing very terrifying. “Cloud Piercing Arrow? Don’t tell me there’s another foreign demonic beast causing trouble in my Bright Moon Island?” thought the middle-aged man.

Whew! The middle aged man suddenly flashed and disappeared from the reef, leaving an illusion-like afterimage behind. With a frightening speed, he sprinted on the surface of the sea towards the location where the Piercing Cloud Arrow was shot from.

The sea beneath his foot was like dry land.


After Teng Qingshan broke through the Supreme Sword Formation and destroyed the high-ranking officer’s Dantian, the numerous soldiers were also suppressed. He then quickly got back to the tungsten wood vessel. Now, the soldiers located below Teng Qingshan had no audacity to threaten him again.

Even the Sword Formation was useless, so there was nothing they could do.

“Big Brother Teng, one of the anchors got chopped off.” Li Jun hastily said.

“Forget it, don’t bother with them. Start sailing, we’re leaving.” Teng Qingshan immediately walked up to the two oars and forcefully gripped them with his two hands before he started to row.


“Hm? Out of the corner of Teng Qingshan’s eyes, he discovered a white shadow rapidly flashing along the beach, and soon enough, it arrived at the location of the numerous soldiers. Teng Qingshan was secretly alarmed, “What a fast speed!”


The high-ranking officer with a broken Dantian immediately let out a indescribable radiance as it saw the incoming man; he hastily yelled with a coarse voice, “Tower Master!”

“Swish!” The figure in a white gown moved, from a twenty-thirty Zhang away, it leapt into the sky and directly descended on the railing of the tungsten wood vessel; he stared at Teng Qingshan with a cold gaze.

Seeing this person, Teng Qingshan grinned, “Great Qing Gong”

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