The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 11: The Strange Region of the Sea

Book 7 Chapter 11 The Strange Region of the Sea

Teng Qingshan looked up at the Divine Bird, Blue Luan, feeling perplexed.

TLN: Luan is a mythical bird related to phoenix.

Why did the Blue Luan stop above the tungsten wood vessel? He himself and Li Jun hadn’t offended the Divine Bird Blue Luan.

High in the air, the Blue Luan was staring at Teng Qingshan with its beautiful eyes.

“Little Jun, ask the bird why it is here,” said Teng Qingshan.

Li Jun immediately emitted a series of bird cries, causing the Blue Luan to look at the woman below in astonishment.

“Screech~~” The Blue Luan let out a melodious cry.

Li Jun turned her head and looked at Teng Qingshan, astonishment showing on her face . Seeing such an expression, Teng Qingshan immediately asked, “What did it say?” Li Jun hastily answered, “Big Brother Teng, the Blue Luan just said that it had seen you practicing spear arts and had felt the aura of the Heavens and the Earth in them. It wants to compete with you!”

Teng Qingshan laughed in surprise, “It wants to compete with me?”

“Interesting! Interesting!” Teng Qingshan stared at the Blue Luan as he laughed.

“Screech~~screech~~” Blue Luan let out several more cries.

Li Jun continued saying, “Big Brother Teng, the Blue Luan said that it won't hurt you. It just wants to compete with you. It hopes that you can use the spear arts that you were practicing just now.”

Teng Qingshan laughed, “Little Jun, it looks like this Blue Luan also wants to comprehend the Dao of the Heavens like us humans! When a Blue Luan reach adulthood, it would step into the Golden Dan of the Innate Realm.After that, if it wanted to attain a breakthrough, it would have to comprehend the heavens and earth. Yes…. was practicing the ‘Toxic Dragon Drill’ which contained the concept of the 《Water Element Fist》. Maybe it sensed this concept. This Blue Luan has sharp eyes!”

“Comprehend the Dao of Heavens?” Li Jun was also slightly marvelled and surprised.

“Tell the Divine Bird that I am willing to compete with it.” Teng Qingshan laughed and said, “The mythologies and legends said that the Blue Luan is a Divine Bird! I don’t believe that humans that haven’t reach the Emptiness Realm were no match for a Blue Luan.”

Li Jun immediately lifted her head and told the Blue Luan that Teng Qingshan was willing to compete with it.

“Screech~~” Blue Luan immediately emitted a excited screech.

Immediately, a fiery red shadow streaked across the midair and dashed directly towards Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan didn’t dare to be careless as he gripped the Reincarnation Spear in his hand and waited carefully and alertly.


Teng Qingshan could only see a pair of blurry claws as a fiery stream of air pervaded towards him.

“So fast!” Teng Qingshan immediately began performing the Transmutation Unity Law, transforming the tip of the Reincarnation Spear into an illusion as it moved. With a “Clang” sound, Teng Qingshan quivered and backed away several steps. Every step of Teng Qingshan caused the tungsten wood vessel to violently tremble. Fortunately, Teng Qingshan controlled the strength of his feet, otherwise, he would have cracked the deck of the tungsten wood vessel with just one step.

The Blue Luan also backed away.

“Screech~~” Blue Luan was very excited.

“Let’s go down and fight!” Teng Qingshan shouted and leaped down bare footedly from the tungsten wood vessel.

If they fought on the tungsten wood vessel, Teng Qingshan was worried that after the fight, the tungsten wood vessel would be destroyed! Teng Qingshan’s worries were not groundless. The vibration caused by the shockwave during the recent clash had already left a mark on the mast. The vast was the hardest and toughest part of the entire ship, and it was built by the sturdiest and oldest tungsten wood,

“Big Brother Teng!” Li Jun hastily dashed to the bow of the vessel and looked down. Beside her, the Whole Gale Eagle was also looking. It seemed to have noticed Li Jun’s worries and nudged Li Jun softly with its head, intending to comfort her.

“Eh.” Li Jun looked below with a nervous expression.

Teng Qingshan was standing on the surface of the sea with just his ankle submerged in the water. The waves beneath his feet continuously rolled, and it was as if an extremely powerful force was acting upon the waves.

In all actuality, an ordinary person with good swimming skills could easily “tread water”. In Teng Qingshan’s case, with his unbelievably powerful physical strength, the force from his feet treading on the water could easily produce a strength which surpassed a thousand jin. It was too easy to support the weight of a person to stay on the water with this strength.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!” …..

Teng Qingshan was now standing on the surface of the sea several zhangs away from the tungsten wood vessel as he fought against the Blue Luan.

The Reincarnation Spear in Teng Qingshan seemed to have transformed into a silver dragon, while the spearhead transformed into a concentrated illusion. No matter how fast the Blue Luan was, and no matter how fierce its attacks were, it couldn’t break Teng Qingshan’s defensive spear art. After Teng Qingshan had cultivated the second stage of the 《Earth Element Fist》, performing it with the use of of the Reincarnation Spear would provide him a flawless defense. This defense of Teng Qingshan was truly terrifying.

“The Blue Luan is indeed a Divine Bird!” With eyes as sharp as knives, Teng Qingshan said to himself, “The subtle movements that happened within a zhang were too terrifying.”

As the Blue Luan’s talon slashed forward, it could move one chi in an instant.

This kind of subtle movements often caused Teng Qingshan to be unprepared!

The first glance might be the Blue Luan slashing towards his neck, but with a blink, the talon appeared to be attacking his chest. The figure of the talon seemed to have divided into two. Such strange, terrifying and subtle changes in movements were something Teng Qingshan had never encountered.

“Terrifying! No Wonder the legend said that if a human has not reached the Emptiness Realm, he would be no match for the Blue Luan.” Teng Qingshan was clear he was able to defend against those moves because his 《Earth Element Fist》 had reached the second stage and had already reached deep within Dao.

If it was another Golden Dan Innate Expert, he would definitely be able to defend against this series of attacks.

‘Screech~~~” The Blue Luan seemed to be fighting with excitement as it emitted a loud screech.

“Whew~” “Whew!”

Through the subtle vibrations, movements of the wings and the control of the fire enveloping its whole body, the Blue Luan could repeatedly move within a small area and continually change the attacking location. The movements and the changes were so fast that Teng Qingshan’s eyes blurred as he saw three to four figures of the Blue Luan. It was impossible for Teng Qingshan to locate his opponent with his eyes.

“Clang!” “Clang!” …

Teng Qingshan’s series of defense were flawless. When the Transmutation Unity Qi was performed, Teng Qingshan could feel this shapeless energy encircling his surrounding. One could call this the energy of the heavens and earth which was of the Earth Element. By relying on this energy of this heavens and earth, Teng Qingshan was able to block against the attacks of the Blue Luan and he did it very easily.

It was impossible for the Blue Luan to continuously attack crazily. She needed to adjust too.

“Toxic Dragon Drill!” The moment Teng Qingshan was able to target the Blue Luan, the spear art suddenly turned and changed into the move of the Toxic Dragon Drill.


The space seemed to have been drilled and bursted and a silver lightning flashed!

“Whew!” The unprepared Blue Luan’s wings quivered and instantly moved two chi away. The tip of Teng Qingshan’s Reincarnation Spear scraped past the Blue Luan’s wing. The thrust of the Reincarnation Spear missed.

“Screech~~~” Blue Luan immediately took the chance and slashed its talon forward!

Teng Qingshan’s spear revolved and the moves instantly changed into the Transmutation Unity Qi!

It was flawless!

“Clang!” The spear forcefully blocked against the fierce talon of the Blue Luan.


The man and demonic beast fought for a very long time on the surface of the sea and finally separated.

“Screech~~~” The Blue Luan looked at Teng Qingshan and nodded its head. After a very long time of fighting, it also admired this human’s spear art.

“You are very powerful.” Teng Qingshan smile.

The Blue Luan is the Divine Bird indeed. The subtle movements or instant movements were incredible.

Along with a screech resounding to the heavens, the Blue Luan whose body was enveloped in spreaded its wings open and with a quiver, it transformed into a fiery red figure and disappeared in the northern horizon.


Teng Qingshan continually tread water with a leap of over ten zhang, he descended on the deck of the tungsten wood vessel.

“Big Brother Teng, the Blue Luan said you are very powerful and your spear art is also extraordinary.” Li Jun hastily said.

Teng Qingshan gazed at the northern horizon and said, “The Blue Luan is very powerful. From the beginning to the end, it moved as fast as lightning within an area of one cun. Plus, it only attack me with its fierce talons. The flames of this Blue Luan is extremely powerful, but it didn’t attack me with the use of those flames.”

“Yes.” Li Jun stared at the northern horizon and replied, “The Divine Bird Blue Luan is indeed only just competing.”

“Moving within an area of one cun.”

Teng Qingshan was extremely shocked as he exclaimed, “This is a very terrifying Qing Gong! Whoever that can master this kind of Qing Gong can move and change one’s direction within an instant. If one reached the level of the Blue Luan…...then that would be considered powerful!” Teng Qingshan has never seen anyone, or even any other demonic beasts perform such Qing Gong.

Maybe—only the talented Blue Luan is able to do it.

“If the thrust of my Dragon Toxic Drill could be faster, the Blue Luan probably won’t be able to dodge.” Teng Qingshan pondered.

When compared to the Divine Bird Blue Luan, even Teng Qingshan felt himself lacking.

Teng Qingshan had only comprehended the first move of the 《Water Element Fist, while he had comprehended two stages of the 《Earth Element Fist》which is a total of six moves, showing a great difference. After this fight, Teng Qingshan took cultivation even more seriously as he strived to make the thrust of the Toxic Dragon Drill faster. He would rather have the attack strength of the Toxic Dragon Drill weaken so that the speed could go even faster!

With Teng Qingshan’s physical strength now, even if the attack strength of the Toxic Dragon Drill weakened around twenty percent, the Golden Dan innate demonic beasts and humans still wouldn’t be able to defend.

He would rather have the attack strength of the Toxic Dragon Drill weaken so that the speed could go faster!


It might sound easy, but it is hard to achieve! Teng Qingshan’s whole heart was immersed in cultivation.

On the night of the sixth day after the fight with the Blue Luan.

In the tungsten wood vessel, it was extremely calm and quiet.


The sound of the sea came from outside the cabin, while Teng Qingshan sat cross-legged on the cotton rug as he cultivated in silence.


The waves of the sea outside the cabin were very noisy. Normally, Teng Qingshan wouldn’t care, because many things happen on the sea. However, today—Teng Qingshan opened his eyes.

“Something isn’t right.” Teng Qingshan said with a frown, “The speed of the tungsten wood vessel is extremely fast and then it slowed down. After that, it became fast again and slowed down again…..Such process has repeated for three times! And it is very rhythmic!” Teng Qingshan felt that something wasn’t right. The tungsten wood vessel drifted on the sea, thus, it wasn’t weird for the speed to become extremely fast. However, the rhythmic decrease of the speed is weird.

Teng Qingshan stood up and opened the cabin door. “Creak—”

“Big Brother Teng, what is happening outside?” Li Jun’s voice came from within the partition curtains.

“Should be fine. I will go out and check.” With this,Teng Qingshan closed the cabin door.

On the tungsten wood vessel, the Whole Gale Eagle curled beside the mast and slept soundly. The moment Teng Qingshan came up from the stairs, it stood up.

“Screech~~~” The Whole Gale Eagle immediately approached.

“Don’t play.” Teng Qingshan smiled and glanced at the Whole Gale Eagle.He then stood at the bow of the vessel and began scrutinizing the surface of the sea.

With Teng Qingshan’s vision, even if it was night time, he could still see extremely clearly. The sea water on the entire surface of the sea was extremely turbulent.

“The speed is increasing!” As Teng Qingshan scrutinized, he began feeling the speed of the tungsten wood vessel.

After a long time, suddenly—

Teng Qingshan could distinctly see that the speed of the flow of water on the surface of the sea was decreasing.

“This is the fourth time!” Teng Qingshan scrutinized with his brows furrowed.

A fast speed at first and alternated with a slow speed. This rhythm continued for a distance of over ten li. Although Teng Qingshan felt it was weird, he wasn’t scared that it might be some kind of peculiar region in the seas; he was brave because of talented and powerful skills. Even if it’s dangerous, they could just ride the Whole Gale Eagle and ascend to the sky. Therefore, Teng Qingshan scrutinized the strange region of the sea with ease.

Although the flow of the seawater had a fast and slow rhythm, the so-called “slow” speed was just a fast speed in comparison with a faster speed.

When Teng Qingshan counted to the seventh time.

“What is that—” Teng Qingshan gazed northward at the almost endless horizon that spread open.

Teng Qingshan froze in shock.

“We have only been sailing for over three months. Based on my estimation, it’s unlikely that we arrived the Northern Sea Continent!”

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