The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 10: What is that?

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Book 7 Chapter 10 What is that?

Teng Qingshan stared at the Whole Gale Eagle in the air.

With pleading eyes, the Whole Gale Eagle also stared at Teng Qingshan.

"As expected of a demonic beast that possesses human intelligence, it even knows how to use its eyes to gesture." Teng Qingshan was in a happy mood.

With a Whole Gale Eagle accompanying them, the voyage will indeed be less troublesome.

"So Big Brother Teng, do we agree?" Li Jun asked. Although she was in favor, she still needed Teng Qingshan’s approval.

Teng Qingshan raised his head and looked up as he said, "Tell it what I said! The Iron Leaf Fruits are in the cabin. If it wants to come with us, it can only rest on the deck. It is prohibited from entering the cabin, and it will be given an Iron Leaf Fruit a month."

Li Jun rejoiced and immediately let out a series of cries towards the Whole Gale Eagle.

Teng Qingshan then put all the scattered Iron Leaf fruits on the deck into the fish net and rolled it. Using the Internal Supreme Force in his hand, Teng Qingshan stretched his hand through the cabin entrance, and with a hurl, the fish net that possessed Teng Qingshan’s force went past the entrance, spinning as it fell into the cabin.

"Hua!" Teng Qingshan shut the cabin door.

A gust blew as the Whole Gale Eagle descended upon the deck of the tungsten wood vessel. Once it arrived, it stood straight up. Even if the Whole Gale Eagle didn't spread its wings, it would still be about the same height as Teng Qingshan.

"Screech~~" The Whole Gale Eagle faced Teng Qingshan and let out a cry. It clearly remembered that… with just a single move, the person in front killed the despicable Blood Shadow Wolf whose strength was on par with the Whole Gale Eagle itself. He had also heavily injured the mighty Blackgale Divine Condor! Either way, it would have to be careful from the human in front.

Otherwise, just a slap from this human would be enough to kill the Whole Gale Eagle itself.

"Big Brother Teng, it is expressing goodwill to you." Li Jun laughed.

"Mm," Teng Qingshan looked at it and smiled, "This fellow is quite interesting! You can go ahead and chat with it, don't let it disturb me with trivial matters. I don't understand those bird cries."

Li Jun covered her mouth and laughed, "Yes, understood!"

Teng Qingshan wasn't interested in bonding with the Whole Gale Eagle, instead, he walked to the other side of the deck and began practicing his fist arts, producing gusts of wind as he moved his fists.

Hu! Hu!

At the side, Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle were happily chatting. The Whole Gale Eagle was complaining about its life when it lived in Iron Leaf Island, and t would also occasionally glance at Teng Qingshan ----- It realized that this powerful human was the same as some powerful ones amidst all demonic beasts, extremely prideful.

The Whole Gale Eagle made up its mind to not meaninglessly disturb the powerful human in the future. It looked at Li Jun who was by its side and thought to itself, “This girl is better. She could even communicate with me.”

"Big Brother Teng, what do we call it in the future?" Li Jun suddenly shouted.

Teng Qingshan didn't stop practicing his fist as he said, "Aren’t the other two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles called Blacky and White? This Whole Gale Eagle is only at Innate Hollow Dan, and it is not much weaker than the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles. Its body isn't much smaller either, and its feathers are grey, so let's call it 'Little Grey'."

Li Jun stuck out her tongue.

"Little Grey?” Li Jun immediately told the Whole Gale Eagle. Although the Whole Gale Eagle didn't like the name "Little Grey", but when it heard from Li Jun that it was Teng Qingshan who thought of the name, it actually immediately agreed to the name.

“Little Grey!”

“Screech~” Whole Gale Eagle replied with a cry.

“Little Grey! Little Grey!” Li Jun shouted twice.

“Screech~~” “Screech~~” The Whole Gale Eagle also replied back in the same sequence.

Teng Qingshan, who was practicing his fist, casted a glance at Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle and his face revealed a smile. This Whole Gale Eagle was quite interesting. With the addition of the Whole Gale Eagle, the voyage on the North Sea would certainly be more entertaining.


On the tungsten wood vessel, Teng Qingshan practiced fist art, while Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle communicated with the cry of birds. Everything seemed natural.

Whew! Whew!

A sea breeze blew and the sail of the vessel swayed. The tungsten wood vessel was drifting further into the boundless dusk and disappearing into the depths of the Northern Sea.

As time elapsed, the days of drifting through the sea was tranquil. In the blink of an eye, three months had passed since they left the Iron Leaf Island.

On the sea, Teng Qingshan was using his utmost effort to cultivate.

The relationship between Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle got increasingly more intimate. Indeed, Li Jun was an expert at taming demonic beasts. In the beginning, the Whole Gale Eagle thought Teng Qingshan was hard to approach which was why it often conversed with Li Jun. But after a long time...the Whole Gale Eagle realized that being beside Li Jun was indeed a good thing.


In the North Sea, the tungsten wood vessel was motionlessly floating on the surface. An iron anchor was already hooked in between some rocks in the sea.


On the deck of the tungsten wood vessel was a brazier with wood burning in it. On top of it was a blazing iron plate with a few fish being grilled on it. Li Jun was sitting at the side as she occasionally poured ingredients onto the fish. The ingredients on the barbecue was from the ship's resources.

They had brought along a large quantity of resources, enough to last for a few years.

"Little Grey, be patient." Li Jun laughed and glanced at the Whole Gale Eagle at the side. The Whole Gale Eagle was eyeing the grilled fish as saliva dripped down at the side of its beak. In the past, it would eat raw fish, but it had never expected that… the flavor of grilled fish would be this delicious and delicate.

The Whole Gale Eagle was hooked after eating it once!

Li Jun had also realized that this Whole Gale Eagle was a very voracious fella! Last month, the tungsten wooden vessel accidentally encountered a barren island. With the foraging skills which he had developed as he grew up in the mountains, Teng Qingshan could easily find some delicious wild fruits and wild vegetables. Most of the wild fruits were then eaten by the Whole Gale Eagle.


This was the Whole Gale Eagle! In the past, Teng Qingshan used to be the one catching fish, but now, the Whole Gale Eagle would take the initiative to catch fish by itself. Although its ability to catch fish wasn't as great as Teng Qingshan’s, it could catch up to 10 to 100 fish in one go.

"Big Brother Teng, it's time to come up." Li Jun looked towards the sea through the railings of the vessel.

"Screech~~" "Screech~~" At the side, the Whole Gale Eagle became impatient as it emitted several cries, which meant—If the captain doesn't come, then we should eat first; if we don't eat now, then it' would get burned.

With a smile, Li Jun glanced at it and said, "Haha, alright, you can eat first." She took two grilled fish from the rack and placed it on the iron bowl in front of the Whole Gale Eagle. The Whole Gale Eagle excitedly grabbed one of the fish with its sharp beak, forcefully ripping it into half and swallowing it.

Soon after, it had also swallowed the other half, without worrying that the fish bones would get stuck in its throat. It ate excitedly.

The Whole Gale Eagle increasingly felt that the decision it made in the past was very wise. If it was still on the Iron Leaf Island, how could it possibly eat a grilled fish this delicious? It was so happy that it emitted a happy cry towards the sky.

"Bang!" The waves violently splattered.

A figure holding an anchor flew up and landed on the deck. It was Teng Qingshan. Water dripped from his hair.

Teng Qingshan put the anchor and its chain to the side and looked over while laughing, "Little Grey sure eats fast."

"If I hadn't given it anything to eat before you came back, I reckon its patience would run out and dive into the waters to find you." Li Jun laughed. The Whole Gale Eagle beside her had a fish dangling on its beak, and when it saw Teng Qingshan on the deck, it spread its wings and flapped a few times.

Teng Qingshan laughed, "Look at you being so cheerful just because you ate before me!"

After three months of living with each other, the relationship between Teng Qingshan and the Whole Gale Eagle was considered good. Teng Qingshan had also realized that… although the natural instincts of a demonic beast were savage and cruel, their character was still simple. They would kill those whom they considered enemies, and they would be friendly towards those they consider as friends.

They admire the powerful ones, and they act tyrannically towards the weak ones!

Although they have the intelligence of a human, they lived in a different environment that was less complicated than human society. As their characters were simple, the demonic beasts’ needs were not many. For example, this Whole Gale Eagle was voracious.

"Little Jun’s cooking is getting better and better." Teng Qingshan sniffed and laughed.

"After doing it for a while, you’d learn the trick." Li Jun and Teng Qingshan had been together for a long time, being with each already other felt natural, unlike how they used to blush at every turn.

After Teng Qingshan removed the anchor, raised the sails and adjusted the direction of the sail, he walked over and ate the grilled fish with Li Jun and the Whole Gale Eagle.

Bathing beneath the sunlight, drifting across the sea, a man, a woman and a demonic beast were eating grilled fish together.

In the afternoon.

Teng Qingshan held the Reincarnation Spear and practiced his spear on the deck, while Li Jun cozily laid on the chair, basking in the sun. The Whole Gale Eagle was hovering above the vessel, working off the adrenaline from excitement of eating grilled fish.

“Hu! Hu!”

Teng Qingshan, using the Reincarnation Spear, continuously practiced the same move 'Toxic Dragon Drill', but the current “Toxic Dragon Drill” was not the same as the one in the past, now it would tear open a space for an instant with every use. The current Teng Qingshan could easily shift to Transmutation Unity Qi Spear Arts after using the “Toxic Dragon Drill”.

Transmutation Unity Qi into Toxic Dragon Drill, and Toxic Dragon Drill into Transmutation Unity Qi.


This was the achievement Teng Qingshan had reached after more than three months of bitter cultivation. From departure till now, three months had already passed, and Teng Qingshan had finally developed the first move of《Water Element Fist》, thus, giving the ”Toxic Dragon Drill” a slightly gentle and mellow concept.

"The 'Toxic Dragon Drill' is now flawless, I can finally use it against an opponent with ease." Teng Qingshan was in a good mood.


"You~" A sharp cry came from a high altitude. Li Jun, who was originally sleeping on a chair, immediately opened her eyes and looked towards the sky. Teng Qingshan also raised his head and looked. After being in contact with the Whole Gale Eagle for a long time, Teng Qingshan was able to determine from its cries whether the Whole Gale Eagle was happy or angry, or warning them about enemies and so on. The cry now clearly meant an urgent warning.

In midair, a glowing fiery phantom was rapidly shooting towards them from far away.

The Whole Gale Eagle immediately fled to the deck from the midair.

"What is that?" Li Jun stared at the midair in surprise.

Teng Qingshan also looked carefully. Only when the originally glowing fiery figure stopped did Teng Qingshan and Li Jun see its appearance clearly —— Its body was covered by blue feathers, and the feathers above its neck were the colors of the rainbow. It had a golden corona, and the long feathers on its tails were also rainbow-colored.

The opened-tail of the bird resembled the opened-tail of a peacock.

However, the bird in front of them was even more beautiful and breathtaking. The naturally formed golden corona seemed like a celestial crown.

"Blue Luan, the Divine Bird, Blue Luan!" Teng Qingshan gasped.

TLN: Luan is a mythical bird related to phoenix.

"It's actually the Blue Luan, the legend is true!" Li Jun also widened her eyes in shock.

The beautiful and dreamy Blue Luan stopped in the midair; its blue feathers had a distinct flame prancing around it, and the rainbow-colored feathers seemed even dreamier under the sunlight. Its pair of breathtaking eyes were looking towards the tungsten wood vessel beneath.

The Blue Luan was renowned.

The legendary Blue Luan, it was said that as long as it could reach adulthood, it would naturally reach Golden Dan Innate level, and it would be at the peak of this level! Its speed was exceptionally frightening, its attack was excessively fierce, and regardless of the amount of injuries, the Blue Luan could quickly recover.

Only humans that have reached the Emptiness Realm could be the opponent of the Divine Bird "Blue Luan".

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